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28 December 2015
  New UNCLE CYRUS @MartianLit: 3:8 - DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?
It's Monday! 

Hope you had a lovely holiday. But Cyrus has been waiting in that line all this time and he's really not thrilled about it. (click image for full page)

UNCLE CYRUS by John Linton Roberson
Previous installments can be found here

And if you missed it, there was LULU on Christmas! Click here to catch up

And also, my last post was, at last, a decent copy(in English!) of Borowczyk's rare, OOP film of LULU, at least till Youtube makes me remove it. It's an update of an "Other Versions" blog entry that gets a surprising amount of presumably disappointed traffic, as every time I find one on the web which I can embed, it disappears.


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27 December 2015
  Other Versions- Walerian Borowczyk's LULU (1980, UPDATED - English Language version complete)

LULU by John Linton Roberson based on the sex tragedy by Frank Wedekind

Anne Bennent in Borowczyk's 1980 film of Frank Wedekind's LULU

Very rare, nearly impossible to find, so I uploaded a not great but adequate copy I don't know where I found in 2009. And here you go. And it's in English! Starring Anne Bennent as Lulu and...well, actually, her father as Schoen. Oddly appropriate. (and you can find the current installment of my version here) Video after the jump...

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25 December 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 78: Genuine

On this lovely day of INSERT LOCAL HUMAN HOLIDAY, relax with a bit of LULU

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  Pier Paolo Pasolini: A Selection of Films From European Literature 1968-1971

Pasolini. Love his films, and rewatch them a lot. 

He's partly amazing to me because of the way he shows you the classics are just stories, and his intense focus on working-class characters grounds his films in a way that connects that age with this one; the characters of DECAMERON and CANTERBURY are not distant but immediate. This is the way I think adaptations should be done, and damn straight it's an influence on mine. Also just my general love for the freedom and guts movies showed about content then. And their look, which we know well now as the "dirty Medieval" approach brought to us via MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL, which they meant to look like... this!

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  Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life (Directed By Peter Capaldi, starring Richard E. Grant, 1991)


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24 December 2015
  Alan Partridge: "Knowing Me Knowing Yule"

And now, a reprise from last year(and a few before)--the Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge Christmas Special, complete. With Steve Coogan, Rebecca Front, David Schneider and Patrick Marber (who, incidentally, is the man who wrote Closer). This is in five parts so you'll find the videos after the jump.

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  Happy, Merry Chrishanukwanzalia: "Sweeney Todd" with George Hearn & Angela Lansbury (1982) + bonus stuff

I hate musicals. Sondheim is nearly always the exception that proves the rule. So here...The famous and definitive 1982 version captured on film...

(more after the jump)

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21 December 2015
  New UNCLE CYRUS @MartianLit: The Line

A bit late again in the day, but here's this week's UNCLE CYRUS at Martian Lit. Click image for full page!

And here's this week's LULU for you to enjoy, which also includes a link to all the LULU and UNCLE CYRUS pages available for sale this fine Christmas season and also a special offer related to that only for readers of this blog. Check it out.

Also a sneak peek at the latest CYRUS pencils here, just finished Saturday night.

Merry Chrishanukwanzalia to all!


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19 December 2015
  My Impression of a Sanders Supporter When Challenged About the DNC Info Theft (UPDATED)

"Typical of a drone for Shillary. St. Bernie is perfect and pure and even when he breaks the rules it's to stop someone who will stop at nothing to beat him so that makes it right! Obviously you're ignorant and unprincipled to defend your girlfriend Hillary against what is obviously the messiah.

WHO OF COURSE SHE WILL CRUCIFY and we will all cry and moan and say of course the system was against it and we didn't plan to win anyway because the whole system is invalid and should be brought down but Bernie is somehow untouched by having been in it for ages. We were only trying to make a statement and now she STEALS THAT from us like she STEALS EVERYTHING and Vince Foster and Monica and skull and bones and what were we talking about again

oh right MONSANTO"


UPDATE: During the debate, Bernie Sanders showed far more integrity than any of his supporters who have tried to rationalize the data theft. He apologized, without excuses, to Hillary. 

Which shows his supporters have completely embarrassed themselves. They should be proud of him, but ashamed of themselves. Because they revealed that while he has scruples, they do not. Good on Bernie. 

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18 December 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 77 - Maybe A Drink (+ Special Blog Reader-Only Offer!)

You know it's Friday. You know it's the new LULU. Because you're very clever. 

You know too, being around Schilgoch makes you really want a drink. Click image for full page.
LULU by John Linton Roberson based on the plays of Frank Wedekind

 Also, here's this week's UNCLE CYRUS from Monday, in which Cyrus meets his deadline, and we see his dating technique. (it's...not wise) 

Also, did you know a whole bunch of originals for both are for sale on Ebay? You didn't? Why then look here, and help me clear space and pay rent. Also, if you buy and tell me you saw it here, you can have a personal sketch by me free with it.


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17 December 2015
  Notes on The Hilarious Arrest of Martin Shkreli (Updated)

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14 December 2015
  New UNCLE CYRUS @MartianLit: "When In Doubt, Black It Out"

Given today's new UNCLE CYRUS is about meeting a schedule, it seems appropriate that I'm late posting it. But it's still Monday where I am, so here it is now! Click on image to see the page at Martian Lit.
UNCLE CYRUS by John L. Roberson
Click 'round hyar...

Also, here's Friday's LULU if you forgot, or if you want to double your pageview...

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11 December 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 76 - Off

Friday, which means it's LULU time once again! Click on image below for full-sized page.

Also, this week's UNCLE CYRUS at Martian Lit, if you missed it. 

Also, some important news for both that you may have already seen. All the lovely published art--or rather, the pencils on 11"x 14" Bristol, because everything after pencils is now done digitally--for the current chapters of both of these are for sale at Ebay (along with a number of pages from LULU Chapter 1, a spiffy Vladrushka ink wash painting, and some other non-art items), because I need the space, and I really need the money. This includes the current page you see here. Please buy, and definitely share. 

Here's the LULU pages...

Here's the UNCLE CYRUS pages...

...and here are all the items listed. Check 'em out! 

And remember, I happily take pledges of any amount at Patreon to help me continue my work, and the larger the donation, the better are your perks!
LULU by John Linton Roberson based on the plays of Frank Wedekind


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07 December 2015
  New UNCLE CYRUS @MartianLit: If It Ruins Your Pace...

Click here for new UNCLE CYRUS
Click image for page

Monday! New UNCLE CYRUS, wherein we see revealed a classic professional inking technique. They say Vince Coletta alone made Artgum millionaires. To catch up on our favorite hack to date, just click here.

Also, if you missed it, and how could you?--new LULU up as well. 

And it is official: Molly Kiely will be honoring me beyond all measure by doing the cover to THIS SICKNESS #8, also to feature the work of Emily Kaplan, Chad Parenteau, and myself. Coming soon. 

In the meantime, issues 6 and 7, and much else, are available in print here. And please support all these comics I've been bringing you by pledging at Patreon. And thanks!


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05 December 2015
  For Fritz Lang's 125th Birthday: "M" (1931)

Today would have been the 125th birthday of the greatest director Germany ever produced. In his honor, his greatest film. You've probably seen it, but M is the very definition of rewatchable.

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04 December 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 75 - Inappropriate

Friday! This week's LULU, in which things take an unwelcome turn with Lulu's mysterious acquaintance. Click image for full size.
LULU by John Linton Roberson based on the plays of Frank Wedekind

Also, more creepy old men!the public clamors, and I hear your cries and mistake them for joy! Click here if you missed this week's UNCLE CYRUS, new each Monday till I'm out of them, at Martian Lit.


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  A Quite Simple Solution to All America's Gun Problems

Everyone in America gets to have a gun and you can use it once you practice on your own head first. Loaded, of course, else what kid of practice would that be?

I mean, if you can't hit THAT, well, you just aren't man enough to own one.

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02 December 2015
  More Death Than Days: Mass Shootings in 2015 America-A Visual (Updated)

Another mass shooting, this time in San Bernardino, more than 14 dead at this writing

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01 December 2015
  Rahm Emanuel: I Suppose He Has To Stay in Office Long Enough to Fire Them All (Updated)

Rahm Emanuel, in firing  Chicago PD Superintendent Garry McCarthy, is doing right, but not making up for jackshit: he's doing his job at last and should not be applauded for doing this, as he should have done this ages ago and only is doing so now to save himself. Absolutely he should fire this bastard. And many more. 

And then himself. Before he goes to jail. Why jail? Let Larry Wilmore explain that in the video at the bottom.

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JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
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