VLADRUSHKA by John Linton Roberson (c) 2022.
I Didn't Write That!
28 April 2013
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)
This is a very internally-looking book, with numerous mental asides in between dialogue, demonstrating Roberson's understanding of how the play can be translated by the techniques of comic storytelling. As an adaptation Lulu is an education on the strengths of comics; as a dialogue on sex across the years between Wedekind and Roberson, this is a thrill. 

 Emmett O'Cuana
Read the whole review here!


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  Shut Up And Draw Something: It's 1995, and Your Excuses Make Dave Sim Sad

A Moment of Cerebus published a very useful speech Dave Sim (who, as I think I've mentioned before, was a very important influence on my work in many ways) gave in Savannah in 1995.

These were some of the words, which I believe were first reprinted in Sim's GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING, that drove me to making comics back in 1997. So I share them with you.

But this passage in particular you, as a creator, should drive home into your brain with a huge hammer.

Be reliable. Whatever they want done, however unreasonable the deadline, push yourself past your perceptions of your own limitations. Build creative muscle instead of feeding the flab of lies, rationalisations and excuses. 

Deep down, deep deep down inside of you in the guts of your creative instincts, how do you think you're doing? Are you giving a hundred and ten percent three hundred and sixty-five days a year? Or are you giving seventy-five percent of your best efforts for a period of a week or two and then five or three or NO percent for a month after that? You were sick. 
That's a lie and you know it. You had a cold for two days that you stretched into three weeks. Your spine wasn't broken. You had a cold. Draw with one hand and blow your nose with the other. 

From the home office in Sioux City, Iowa, here's a list of the top ten lies, rationalizations and excuses. 

Number 10: Writer's block or artist's block.This is a failure of will, compounded by fear of failure, centered on laziness. Shut up and draw something. 

Number 9: Strategy and development of a concept.Stop doodling in your little sketchpad and produce something useful. 

Number8: Recharging your batteries.Failure of will, compounded by fear of failure, centered on laziness as an excuse to read comic books and watch television all day. 

Number 7: Communing with other artists.Bitching and whining with other lazy, unproductive people and sharing their lies, rationalisations and excuses as well as a few beers and a joint if any of you are holding. 

Number 6: Getting organized.Shifting piles of useless letters, comic books and fanzines from one side of the room to the other, one at a time so you can read them all and avoid doing any drawing. 

Number 5: Collaborating.Having someone to talk to after you've read all your comics, about pages you aren't drawing until your television show comes on. 

Number 4: Consulting/[Critiquing].Showing the three pages you drew six months ago to the fortieth person and asking them what they think so you won't have to draw the fourth page until Christmas. 

Number 3: The Telephone [or Internet].Productive artists don't have a phone or if they have a phone they unplug it. Unproductive artists take a phone call no matter what they're doing, from anyone. Really unproductive artists take phone calls and MAKE phone calls. The hopeless cases have call waiting so they never have to hang up, swinging from caller to caller through their work day like Tarzan moving up the jungle. 

Number 2: Heartbreak.Get over it. You will get laid again. There are a lot of fish in the sea, blah blah blah blah. Right now, you're right. No one loves you. Lucky you. Get to work. 

And drum roll please---
The Number 1 lie, excuse and rationalisation: Electronic media.Computer games, computer nets, video games, radio, CD players, and the Galactus of electronic media...television. Video games and computer nets are abominable time wasters. They accomplish nothing.  They are the black holes of intellectual and creative life. That giant sucking sound you hear is time and attention disappearing into the ether. Take a short cut and strip mine your frontal lobes by shoving an industrial vacuum cleaner up your nose.
(c)1995 Dave Sim.

Vladrushka motivational poster for artists by John Linton Roberson

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25 April 2013

Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)
I had the pleasure of speaking to Tim Young at Deconstructing Comics once again, this time in-depth about LULU Book 1. Click here and have a listen to the podcast!

By the way, if you missed it, I also talked recently, at length, to Robb Orr at Comics Forge about the book, and you can read that here.


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20 April 2013
  Louise Brooks Society Blog on LULU Book One
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

Thomas Gladysz, probably the foremost expert on Louise Brooks (best known of course as the star of the most famous adaptation of LULU, Pabst's PANDORA'S BOX), has written about my new graphic novel LULU Book 1 at the Louise Brooks Society blog. Click here to read.

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14 April 2013
  In Which I Am Interviewed About LULU By Robb Orr & Other News
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

Robb Orr of Comics Forge (as well as a number of other sites) interviewed me regarding LULU Book 1, and you can read the entire thing, illustrated with many clips from the book, here!

Last night, I also did a talk via Skype with Tim Young of Deconstructing Comics about the book, and the podcast should be live sometime in the next couple of weeks; check back here for the announcement. You can listen in the meantime to a previous talk done while the book was still in progress in 2011, which also goes into the relation of theatre and comics, here.

Be sure to buy your copy at Amazon or Createspace now! As mentioned many times, don't wait for it to arrive in your local comics store, because it's not going to be there.

Also, if you happened to miss the awesome things the famous HELLBLAZER and OUTLAW NATION writer Jamie Delano wrote about the book, have a look here for both quotes and a link to the entire piece he wrote. As well as glowing quotes from Martin Pasko and Steve Pugh. By the way, with Delano and Pugh, that makes two of the best creators on ANIMAL MAN (in Pugh's case a present one as well) who love this book. You will too!


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13 April 2013
  LULU Print Series 2.06 -Aww, Genius Need His Sketchbook? - Now Available at Deviantart!
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

Sixth in the new series of full-color Giclee prints (and available as magnets, mugs, postcards and more) featuring Lulu. 

Here we see Lulu teasing the painter Schwarz in a moment during the events of Book 1. This one is sort of an experiment in minimalist color design over traditional drawing. 

Buy the print, in a variety of sizes, at Deviantart now!
John Linton Roberson-LULU Print 2.06 - Aww, Genius Need His Sketchbook?

Original available for $200 postpaid via Paypal to john.roberson@gmail.com.
John Linton Roberson -  LULU Print 2.06 pencil original art

More work by me, finished and in progress, can be viewed here.

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12 April 2013
  Jamie Delano on LULU!
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

You may know him as the genius behind HELLBLAZER, OUTLAW NATION, 2020 VISIONS, GHOSTDANCING, ANIMAL MAN, and many other great works in comics, and now his brilliant novel BOOK THIRTEEN. Jamie was kind enough to say some very profoundly complimentary words about my first collection of LULU.

Read what he said here (and with a link to the entire thing he wrote beyond the quotes that fit on that page) and be sure to buy your copy now while it's still $2 off, which ends very soon!
A page from John Linton Roberson's LULU


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  Comics Are Not Taken Any More Seriously Than They Ever Were
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

I create comics, and have for over fifteen years. I love the comics medium, and I take it very seriously. But I absolutely loathe the industry and the kind of fans it breeds, in terrible numbers. 

Comics is the most conservative entertainment industry, pandering to adults it treats like children. Those adults are perfectly happy to be continually insulted by said comics industry, rewarding them by buying shit just to tweet about it. 

And that is why the comics industry is only taken seriously when it becomes an IP farm for movies and TV, and never in and of itself. The few works in comics that get taken seriously (MAUS, PERSEPOLIS) are not part of the comics industry and are loved by book readers for their novelty. What is notable about those works is not that they're any kind of achievement in the comics medium, but the freak value of something serious being talked about in a comic at all. To paraphrase Johnson, it's not what the talking dog is saying. It's the very fact that the dog is talking that is notable.

For the most part, you're still perceived as somewhat damaged and negatively weird. Those people on THE BIG BANG THEORY? Nobody wants to be them. They are figures of mockery. Kevin Smith in his stupid hockey jersey doesn't help this with his terrible COMIC BOOK MEN show. 

And stores, focused more on their bottom line than anything, have become more like drug dealers than ambassadors of the medium. Where once alternative comics were on the same racks as mainstream, so that someone might come across something different by chance, nowadays you'll find that stuff relegated to some sad little rack in the back, looking like storage, and the dealers are unlikely to suggest any of them to customers who they'd rather got drowned in the manga, superheroes and toys that otherwise flood the prominent parts of the store. 

Do you know how stuff like Vertigo came about back in the day? Because the big 2 were losing creators and readers to the alternatives. That's not the case anymore. The big 2 have dedicated racks where they only have to compete with each other, and maybe Image--which largely in content isn't really alternative to anything, though at least what it publishes belongs to those who make it. But the big 2 have absolutely no incentive to improve. They have no real competition. So they can simply keep digesting and vomiting one reboot after another. And you'll buy it, just to complain about it. They don't care whether you respect them or enjoy their comics. They don't have to.

So don't fool yourselves that comics are taken any more seriously than they ever were. You're still at the kid's table & will always be, until there's nothing strange about any subject being pursued in comics.

Fuck superheroes; fuck zombies; fuck sci-fi. Let's start seeing creators with true courage pushing their work into the stores.


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09 April 2013
  LULU Print Series 2.05 -He Was Always a Coward. - Now Available at Deviantart!

Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

Fifth in the new series of full-color Giclee prints (and available as magnets, mugs, postcards and more) featuring Lulu. Here we see a scene from the next part coming of ERDGEIST. Buy the print, in a variety of sizes, at Deviantart now!


Here are the other four to date:

And here is the original pencil art, on vellum bristol and available for $200 postpaid to me via Paypal.


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06 April 2013
  Roger Ebert & Russ Meyer

It is sad to learn of the passing of Roger Ebert. Rather than run through all the biographical info or the assessment of his career as a critic, which everyone else is already doing, I'd like instead to briefly call your attention to another aspect of Ebert's career: as a collaborator with sexploitation genius director Russ Meyer. Besides being close friends with Meyer, he wrote two of his films. And was proud of it.

Does that sound odd? Well, Meyer does have a reputation--which is both confirmed and contradicted when you actually see his films. Russ Meyer takes a few films to "get," but once you do, you're hooked into his very strange--and oddly consistent--universe. His films are auteurism defined, with every personal obsession saturated in every frame--obsession which includes breasts of course, but so much more, including, famously, Martin Bormann, who for some reason Meyer always found an excuse to kill.

The Russ Meyer universe--there is nothing quite like it, except maybe some of the comics of Gilbert Hernandez (BIRDLAND is very much a Meyer type of thing and I would be very surprised if it wasn't an influence on Beto there) Oh yes, this is absolutely his happening and it FREAKS ME OUT.

Go find Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, or Vixen. Drop your preconceptions, and do not expect to take a bit of it seriously. DO expect to be surprised there's more to it than appears to the eye at first.

And a lot appears to the eye, admittedly. The work is silly, and shameless, and nothing but fun.

Back to Ebert.

Roger Ebert, who wrote for Meyer BVOD and UP!, once said to appreciate great art, you must be able to appreciate great junk. And Meyer's is some of the greatest junk ever. Hypertrash, if you will. It knows exactly what it is and wallows in it, grandly. Meyer loved what he was doing and it showed in every frame, and Ebert was his very best collaborator--that being said, among the few Meyer ever had (not counting his actresses, who absolutely loved working with him), being as indie a director as you could imagine.

I like to think of Meyer waiting up there for Ebert and saying, "See? Heaven is just like I said: tits EVERYWHERE."

Here is a clip from UP!

And here is one from BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

And a song from the film's band, the Carrie Nations.

Rest in peace, Roger Ebert.


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05 April 2013
  New Freelance Commission: Spirolab

...who asked me to do an illustration (to be placed on an award certificate) of the CEO of a tech company yesterday, and asked that it be turned around in 24 hours. I did it in 12. Below is the result, which made their client very happy.
John Linton Roberson - Illustration of HD+ CEO for Spirolab

By the way, if you'd like me to do any illustration, design(including book covers and interiors--I have designed 5 on my own so far including my new graphic novel LULU Book 1), or related, have a look here at my portfolio and contact me at john.roberson@gmail.com.

Also check out my resume at Craigslist here.


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04 April 2013
  LULU Print Series 2.04 -At the Artist's Sink - Now Available at Deviantart!
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)
Fourth in the new series of full-color Giclee prints (and other stuff too--you can get it as postcards, mugs, and more) with Lulu. Here's the first, the second and the third) Here we see the image that graced the cover of LULU Book 1 (available now at Amazon and Createspace). Buy the print, in a variety of sizes, at Deviantart now!


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03 April 2013
  LULU Print Series 2.01: But Lulu Shot Him Instead-Now Available at DeviantArt!
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)

Brand new full color high-quality Giclee print available now at Deviantart, and in a variety of sizes. This one depicts a scene in PANDORA'S BOX, the second of the two plays. (At present, I'm still in the midst of adapting ERDGEIST) Pencil original sold in 2011. Click here to purchase!

LULU Print Series 2.01 by John Linton Roberson-But Lulu Shot Him Instead

...And of course be sure to buy LULU Book 1 here at Amazon (worldwide) and Createspace!


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  LULU Print Series 2.02 - Lulu On The Ladder Now Available at DeviantArt!
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)
Second in the new series of full-color Giclee prints (and other stuff too--you can get it as postcards, mugs, and more) with Lulu. (here's the first one) Here we see the image that graced the cover of THIS SICKNESS #7 (and also the back cover of LULU Book 1) of Lulu on the ladder escaping from the affections of the painter Schwarz. Buy the print, in a variety of sizes at Deviantart now!

LULU Print series 2.02-Lululon the Ladder by John Linton Roberson

...and be sure to buy your copy of LULU Book 1 now at Amazon & Createspace!

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  LULU Print Series 2.03 -Dancing in Candy Magenta - Now Available at Deviantart!
Buy LULU Book 1 here! (not in stores)
...and third in the new series of full-color Giclee prints (and other stuff too--you can get it as postcards, mugs, and more) with Lulu. Here's the first, and here's the second) Here we see the image that graced the cover of THIS SICKNESS #6, of Lulu dancing in a psychedelic background. Buy the print, in a variety of sizes, at Deviantart now!
Lulu Print Series 2.03 - Dancing in Candy Magenta by John Linton Roberson

...and be sure to buy your copy of LULU Book 1 now at Amazon and Createspace!

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01 April 2013
  Other versions: Lou Reed & Metallica's LULU - Live In Cologne 2011

The first time I heard Lou Reed and Metallica's 2011 version of Frank Wedekind's LULU, about halfway through my work on Book 1 of my own recently-released version, I'll tell ya: I hated it, even though I'm a huge Lou Reed fan (not so much of Metallica, I admit). But I gave it another listen recently, and I have to admit: it's actually quite good. At times.

And this live version rather kicks ass, frankly. At times.Still not a favorite but not without merit, and worth attention.

I still think though that his album BERLIN--a favorite of mine for 25 years--is a lot closer to the spirit of LULU, even if by accident, and I listened to this a lot while working on it.


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"Eternity in the company of Beelzebub, and all of his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me & this pencil."
--E. Blackadder, 1789

JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
Questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson


John L. Roberson at PATREON


LULU Book 2 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Donna Barr
VLADRUSHKA Issue 2 (2021) 

VLADRUSHKA (c)2010 John Linton Roberson
VLADRUSHKA Issue 1 (2010) 

LULU Book 2 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Donna Barr
LULU Book 2 (2020) 
with an introduction by Donna Barr

Amazon | Google Play

LULU Book 1 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Martin Pasko
LULU Book 1 (2013) 
with an introduction by Martin Pasko

Amazon | Google Play

SUZY SPREADWELL Issue 1(2018) 
Amazon | Google Play

Frank Wedekind's LULU
VLADRUSHKA (adults only)
STORY OF OH!(2008) Written by Charles Alverson (adults only)





April 2013: LULU Book 1 Interview at Comics Forge 


July 2017:
Steve Pugh and the Flintstones

Interview of Steve Pugh by John Roberson & Tim Young!

December 2016: Politics in Comics
With Emmet O'Cuana

November 2016: Wonder Woman-Earth One
With Emmet O'Cuana

April 2016: Batman Vs. Superman, an Assassination
With Emmet O'Cuana & Kumar Sivasubramanian

October 2015: 
Erotic Comics, Erratic Censorship

Discussion with Tim Young; also featuring Dale Lazarov & Tim Pilcher.

August 2014:  Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”
Discussion with Tim Young.

April 2014:  Corporate Comics: Love'Em, Hate 'Em
Discussion with Tim Young, Deb Aoki, & Jason McNamara.

April 2013: Lulu”- Staging a classic on paper - interview by Tim Young.
August 2012:
Flex Mentallo - discussion with Troy Belford.
January 2012:
Comics Events - discussion with Tim Young.
May 2011:
Theatre and Comics - interview by Tim Young.

August 2006 at Talkaboutcomics.com

Sept. 2001 at Spark-Online

WHERE IT BEGAN: John L. Roberson's first graphic novel
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