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30 April 2012
  Your Random UK Comedy For Today #2: Viewers complain to Stephen Fry

I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen's viewpoint as expressed here.


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  Bin Laden: Goofus and Gallant

A brief reminder, for the youthful and confused.

Goofus lets over 3,000 Americans get killed and launches two irrelevant wars, while adopting a "live and let live" policy toward the actual culprit, saying so only 6 months after 9/11. But using the fear of his still being there to make all his opposition quiet.

Gallant has the motherfucker killed.

And rightfully reminds us of it. Not crowing, but reminding, and he has every right. But the people who brought us "Mission Accomplished" banners have the nerve to say it's wrong for him to do so. Or even try to take credit. The people who said in 2004 that we'd get hit again if we voted them out now think it's wrong to use such things politically.

The same people who would be reminding us every minute of every day they killed Bin Laden, if they'd ever even intended to do so, which they did not.

Pure comedy.

And then Mitt Romney says any president would have made the same decision. Well, two things: one, this one did. Two, why didn't yours? Not a single person on earth was arguing for mercy for Bin Laden. No one.

But had they killed him, they would have had to work harder for an excuse for the wars they actually wanted to fight.

Live with it, GOP. You failed. Actually, you didn't even try. Just shut up.


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  New Vladrushka Sketch (Possibly NSFW)

Click to enlarge.


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28 April 2012
  LULU Chapter 3, p. 57

This week's LULU. Questions of belief are not Lulu's thing.

Chapter 3, p. 57. Click and read!
Plus: Original art for chapter 1 and the cover art for THIS SICKNESS #7 for sale or auction here right now.

Also as usual: original art for chapters 1 & 2 for sale at Sketchmaven! Don't forget: chapters 1 and 2 available in THIS SICKNESS 6-7 at Amazon and Createspace. (now for Kindle as well)


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27 April 2012
  Melinda Gebbie Interview, and All I Have To Say 'Bout "Before Watchmen"

An interview with the co-creator of LOST GIRLS, underground comics legend Melinda Gebbie, from the MINDSCAPE OF ALAN MOORE extras. Especially essential listening for any artist. Also includes clips of two signings for the book, with her completely unknown collaborator and husband. Kind of her. He looks kind of dodgy.

BTW, friends of Bottomless Studio, Deconstructing Comics, just did an excellent show on LOST GIRLS. Check it out here.

Also, in reference to BEFORE WATCHMEN: Fanboys everywhere applaud DC's willingness to destroy something beautiful for their buck. Fuck fanboys, and fuck DC, and compliments to Chris Roberson (pre-emptively: NOT RELATED) for standing up for something. Which apparently takes a lot of guts at DC nowadays.

Sorry to say this, but most mainstream comics fans are ungrateful pigs who care nothing about the people who have worked and sacrificed and been screwed to fill their entertainment trough. They just want the trough filled with more muck, and their relationship to DC, who rapes(literally; think IDENTITY CRISIS, the moment when DC became unsalvageable, Vertigo excepted), tortures, twists and kills the characters they claim they love, is not unlike that of a client to their dom.

I just do not understand what compulsion impels people to read most DC comics anymore, despite the excellent work there right now of Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Cliff Chiang, Jeff Lemire, Yanick Paquette, Steve Pugh and scattered others, all of whom are far better than to work for the current, hollow, false DC as it now stands. Those guys alone plus Fraction & Brubaker or others, all of them together, could make their own company, and do work as good as Tundra and as big as Image(which is a great company now but I mean the original one). if they wanted. And with POD and digital, are the big companies needed anymore if the artists can simply aggregate together?

These corporate franchise fun machines which aren't even fun are NOT the only comics. And they're mostly not even good comics. When Archie Comics look enlightened by comparison, and with the Kevin Keller and Occupy Riverdale stuff they do...something's happened. DC doesn't seem a fun place to work. It seems more like a tiny, geeky North Korea.

Forget WATCHMEN. Just let it go. DC has murdered it. Go read FROM HELL or something else creator-owned instead and starve DC of your dollars. They'll only spend it on hookers anyway.

Here is Alan Moore reading from his new novel JERUSALEM.

For my own part: Alan Moore is one of the prime movers of much of who I am as an artist and writer, and sometimes I think comics does not deserve him and we should be grateful someone like him ended up there. DC does not understand what it had and fine, if it ruins it, because it belongs to DC. They screwed over a man who saved them, and gave them so much, that they're still plundering as much as Marvel still picks over Kirby's bones, and was responsible for a good part of the prestige they coasted on for years(though some like the great Karen Berger and Axel Alonso made great use of it, the right way--not ripping him off but using the path he opened), and now this is their final fuck-you to him. They are ruining something lovely, and well, fine. They do not deserve it, or Superman, and it should turn to shit in their hands.

And I will not be reading the work of the scabs doing it, a few of which I actually used to like till I found out they were willing to violate a fellow creator for so little. Mediocre quarter-bin event shit, and this is worth their reputations. It really is sad.

Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Wales?
--Robert Bolt, A Man for All Seasons

And when Jim Lee claims they believe they can better the original, the arrogance, stupidity, and complete missing of the point does not even enter his or Didio's head.

I hope the false DC ends. Or maybe this was always what DC was, and the time of Jeanette Kahn, Karen Berger, Paul Levitz, and others who actually tried to build something good was just a blip.

We love you and understand what we owe you, Mr. Moore, even if they do not.

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21 April 2012
  LULU Chapter 3, p. 56

This week's LULU. She's a bit bored with this crap. And cold, as you may imagine by now.

Chapter 3, p. 56. Click and read! Plus: Original art for chapter 1 and the cover art for THIS SICKNESS #7 for sale or auction here right now.

Also as usual: original art for chapters 1 & 2 for sale at Sketchmaven! Don't forget: chapters 1 and 2 available in THIS SICKNESS 6-7 at Amazon and Createspace. (now for Kindle as well)


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20 April 2012
  Suzy Spreadwell: New Sketches (NSFW; Updated)

Oh yes, she's still upcoming, I hadn't forgotten her(and an awful lot of you seem to be looking at her). But she's still in development--I'm scripting it out, for one thing. In the meantime, here's some 11x14 pencil sketches of her I'm currently doing, some of which might end up actually being the pencils for the story. I'll be adding more here as I draw more, so keep checking back.

First, captured in all her chaste, God-fearing, and patriotic purity. (click to enlarge to actual drawn size) Previous here.

And receiving important and wholesome instruction from her good pastor.

Bringing back the fine tradition in smut of slanderous clerical satire. Seems the time for it.

And I managed to dig this up: I'm pretty sure seeing these pictures of Kim Egler years ago (around 1990-91), was the seed that eventually grew into Suzy(with more than a dash of Betty Cooper). Credit where it's due always.

(photos (c)circa 1990-91 Playboy Enterprises.)

Also: Recent Vladrushka sketches I posted a few days back, if you missed them. One of which again made the Eros Art blog. (update: as well as a number of Suzy ones)

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  Your Random UK Comedy For Today #1: Monty Python's Flying Circus-"Royal Episode"

Starting with this episode ("Royal Episode") of Monty Python's Flying Circus, from which, along with Woody Allen, I've been ripping off for over two decades. Oh, incidentally, if you've heard of that Holy Flying Circus thing that the BBC just put out, don't see it. I did. I'd rather have let ants eat my brain. A few of the impressions are okay, and god knows there's nothing as entertaining as a Monty Python impression, is there? Really, it's horrible. And a sign of just how much smarter we're not now.


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13 April 2012
  LULU Chapter 3, p. 55

This week's LULU. An epiphany for our plucky heroine.

Chapter 3, p. 55. Click and read!

Also as usual: original art for chapters 1 & 2 now for sale at Sketchmaven! Don't forget: chapters 1 and 2 available in THIS SICKNESS 6-7 at Amazon and Createspace. (now for Kindle as well)


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  Vladrushka: New Pencil Drawings (NSFW)

...that I may or may not later build into something more inky and colorful. For now though, click to see her bigger:

And then this one, actually the third in the "Fixations" series, but I haven't put up the second yet:

Update: No longer part of that series. See new color version here.

...and this pretty routine study.


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07 April 2012
  LULU Chapter 3, p. 54

And no clever remarks this week, just exhausted from the amount of work in the last month. So, this week's LULU.

Chapter 3, p. 54. Click and read!

Also as usual: original art for chapters 1 & 2 now for sale at Sketchmaven! Don't forget: chapters 1 and 2 available in THIS SICKNESS 6-7 at Amazon and Createspace. (now for Kindle as well)


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02 April 2012
  Trayvon Martin: What The Hell, One Has to Ask Oneself

There's something truly disturbing being revealed by this case, and that's this: if you're black in this country, you have to justify why you have a right not to be murdered. Even when walking back to your own father's house on a sidewalk in a gated community.

Look at this video of O'Donnell interviewing the Martins. Imagine the positions were reversed, and this was a white family, being asked what they think of George Zimmerman, the man who chased down and murdered their teenage son, and his view of things.

It wouldn't happen. The media would not treat it that way. Because this family is black, they have to justify why their son should not have been shot, while Princess Zimmerman does not have to answer for having shot him.

Well, maybe, if he consents. They have to consider the gentleman's feelings, I suppose.

This thinking seems to come very easily to the media, and the public. One needs to step back and question the angle all this is at.

And all that is wanted here is for Zimmerman to be tried for this. Which he could win, conceivably, or lose, but at least, the least they could do would be done. Whether there was a scuffle or not. And why does it diminish Martin if he fought back against a stranger who was pursuing him? And for those who claim Martin pursued Zimmerman, as far as his truck: neat trick when the sidewalk where he was killed is nowhere near the streets.

What the living hell is wrong with us?

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