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27 March 2010
  LULU Week 12

LULU, Chapter 1, page twelve. Click page thumbnail below on the left.

You'll find the whole chapter, by the way, in

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26 March 2010
  What I Did In 36 Hours

A graphic that's part of a commission(client confidential, but note to others, this is the turnaround if you pay upfront) that came across me very quickly this week. Haven't slept much in the past 36 hours. Click to embiggen Sergeant Susie here.

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23 March 2010
  LULU On the Ladder: This Sickness #7 Cover, Pencil Drawing

A pencil drawing on Bristol board of Lulu, used for the cover of This Sickness #7. Click to enlarge.

Also, the 11"x 14" original can be yours here at Ebay!




MARTHA on sale now!THIS SICKNESS #6 with LULU and GLASS HOUSE on sale now!

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22 March 2010
  Brightest Day

It is accomplished.

Not even slightly perfect, but a good and necessary start that was hard-won.

A rupture is also now out in the open on the right, courtesy more traditional conservative David Frum.
"We followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat. There were leaders who knew better, who would have liked to deal. But they were trapped. Conservative talkers on Fox and talk radio had whipped the Republican voting base into such a frenzy that deal-making was rendered impossible. How do you negotiate with somebody who wants to murder your grandmother? Or – more exactly – with somebody whom your voters have been persuaded to believe wants to murder their grandmother?"
This is an indescribably stupid mistake the GOP made, continuing to pursue this tactic that has brought them defeat after defeat, and ruined their public image to everyone except the lowest, most brutal of their voters, the basest of the base, who, I will repeat, are fewer than those that got Obama elected.

Especially since it means there is now nothing owed to them, they have not established a seat at a table that would have been there eventually anyway. They have no favors they can use, nor any common ground established. There will be no reason to listen to them, even if they are listened to. They gambled everything and lost. Unless they really do intend to use violence or overthrow, and never rely on elections again, the Republicans have shot themselves here in both feet and the face, by my count over the past four years.

It's happened and was going to happen, if the thing was pressed, and nobody can deny with a straight face the Democrats haven't seen something through to the end, at last. I realize, given the track record of Democratic spine, it's possible to believe they wouldn't have, but they did. They earned this. It's baffling the Republicans, in a minority that will probably now really start to feel like one, would put themselves in such a corner. Do they really want to run to repeal this?

The rest of us should be able to take a breath now. I hope.
"Why can't people just be nice?" --Garth Ennis.

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21 March 2010
  I Wouldn't Keep Hitting You If You'd Just Do What I Say.

Rep. Nunez from California, missing a chance to keep the cries of "nigger" and "faggot," and the gun threats, from sticking to the GOP.

That's right, they claim the Democrats who have been supposedly "totalitarian" in...trying to curry their favor and wasting time on the effort for a year, angering the Democratic base at their cowardice in challenging the GOP, have somehow nevertheless driven the people to a regrettable, but by the GOP, understandable state of frenzy. Nunez is trying to legitimize the sort of thing that happened in DC yesterday, when he could easily have denounced it unequivocally with no political cost, simply dismissing them briefly as a fringe the way they have been when this sort of thing has happened in political rallies that started before the Democrats even had a chance to do anything.

No. It is never justified. Racism and violent threats, and bricks through windows, are never a legitimate political tactic. GOP, you have invalidated yourself, and I don't want to hear any defenses of it now. You own it.

But why? Why do they want to? Do they want violence? Do they want this atmosphere? What are they trying to convince people of? And why are they sore losers to this degree? Does fixing America, in any way, matter to them?

Can they imagine their beloved Ronald Reagan embracing this sort of thing openly? Or Buckley? Or even Goldwater?

And are they really so content to only have people who did and will still vote for them anyway? They will gain no new voters with this. It seems like an implosion, and worse, the mainstreaming of certain parts of the right that should never be out in the sun. Which the mainstream right used to understand. It seems insane as a tactic, not even from a moral POV, but a practical one.

I venture to say that these Teashirts, if not officially Republicans, certainly are not independents who would have voted Democratic, at least not any time recently. And these people were set off originally by the McCain campaign. The racist attacks started then, and these people were already making threats then. And they either voted Republican or may not have even voted at all, and if they were so agitated then but did not vote, why would they now? In any case, these were not the people who got Obama into office. They lost, implying that perhaps their numbers were and are, well, smaller than those who would vote for him? Or is someone going to suggest to me these are disgruntled Obama voters?

So how will repulsing away any independents who would not have already voted GOP help?

I mean, do they think their already-mobilized base can overcome their lesser voting numbers by, I don't know, voting HARDER or something?

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20 March 2010
  Teashirts, Desperate and Panicking, Come Out Of the Closet

The fascist closet, that is. Today, on the eve of a healthcare vote they(the Teashirts) will almost certainly lose, the Teashirts, not content to have attacked a person with Parkinson's, marched in Washington shouting "nigger" and "faggot," carrying signs saying "If Brown Can't Stop It A Browning Can" or "Vote No Or Else." Threats. Racist and homophobic epithets. Guns. Proudly declared. This is what they sound like when the gloves really come off.

They have already begun with a brick.

This is a way to convince Congress? Threatening with assassination? Are your side proud to act this way? And are you now going to turn around and deny this?

Please do not tell me these are merely concerned citizens or anything like that. Please do not tell me these are anything but fascist thugs. Please do not tell me their voices should be heard. If we have descended to a point where this kind of thing is considered legitimate politics, America has already become the worst nation on Earth. Would we listen to the KKK or the Aryan Nations or the Army of God? What is someone who tries to get their way through threats of violence...

but a terrorist?

How long before they use real bullets, real bombs? And if they did the GOP would call it the rightful outrage of citizens, and not condemn it any more than they have any of the rest of this so far. Because this is what they want.

Fuck the Teashirts. Fuck these pieces of shit. That is my response and the only one that is merited. We need an America where such people do not feel emboldened. This is what Glenn Beck and his ilk have brought us and I am quite sure they are proud. This never had anything to do with anything at all but the fact that they lost and they cannot take it, as most spoiled children can't.

This is the right wing of America with the gloves off. Some choice pics of your "fellow Americans" below.

Why look. The fascist salute comes out to play. Complete with matching black shirt.

Proud of yourselves, Republicans? Of course you are. This is the America you really want, where racism and violence are the rule of the day. Here is your Fox viewer. Here is your Bush voter. Here is their tantrum when they don't get their way. Here is their idea of fun on a Saturday.

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19 March 2010
  LULU Week 11: She's Entered, And So Forth

Saturday. LULU, Chapter 1, page eleven. Click page thumbnail below on the left, you know the drill.

You'll find the whole chapter, by the way, in THIS SICKNESS #6, which took some trouble to publish, but it's been available a few weeks now, if you click on the cover at the bottom. The best thing I've done to date, so one or two of you might give it a try just for giggles.

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  The Daily Beast and Terry Richardson: An Upper-Class Club Protecting Its Own

It's not that the Daily Beast, and Jacob Bernstein, the writer of this article, seem to doubt that Terry Richardson uses his powerful position as a fashion photographer(he's sleazebag Tom Ford's favorite; that's not an inconsiderable influence to have) to serially coerce models into sex as a precondition of employment. Not at all. It's that he's supposedly a "genius" and has been doing it for years, and any woman who works with him ought to know it, so he should be exempt from the standards all sexual predators in workplaces are held to.

Says one person who’s worked with Richardson: “It’s just impossible for me to see him as a sexual predator. What he does is completely out in the open.”

Er. I'm sure you wealthy folks have lawyers among you who understand the criterion is not whether everyone knows it. There were plenty of well-known date rapists in my high school and college(who got away with it because Daddy was rich). That would be what makes it so awful they're defending him. They're not even pretending it isn't true. They just think he should be allowed to do it. They try to pretend this is just Richardson being cheeky. It would be one thing if he were simply sleeping with these models, but he makes it an obvious precondition of work. That happens to be evil.

And for that matter, should be allowed to destroy the careers of models who object or speak up about it. And they're making sure to mount a campaign against the latest model who has spoken out, though not the first. Chief among their responses? Why, that she's a whore, of course. How daring and cheeky!

Tell me, how would that fly in any normal workplace, except maybe in the time of MAD MEN? And why is the Beast living up to its name this way? And isn't this proof of what I've said since its inception, that the Daily Beast is less a news website than it is a club of the wealthy of the northeast talking amongst themselves, with no idea what century they are in? And such people always protect their own.
"I am different from other men. I should be allowed to run over as many urchins as I like!"--Mr Burns.

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18 March 2010
  A Teastain Is One Shade From Brown

If you have any doubts left about the real color of the Teabaggers' shirts, please watch them mocking an elderly Parkinson's victim and tell me you can see their side, or their point, and then get the fuck out of my country, because we don't need fascist thugs in it. And if you think they have any kind of point, I have nothing to say to you. It's obvious what you are. Why not start dressing the part?

Update: who were these people anyway? Why, from Americans For Prosperity, as usual. As you can see from the sign in one hand.

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15 March 2010
  How Did Glenn Beck Start Crashing So Fast?

I suppose I should have assumed Glenn Beck's half-life couldn't be longer than Morton Downey Jr.'s was, way back when. It's obvious he's not a sane man, and not a patient one when thwarted. He has the eyes and attitude that some would call the markers of a psychopath. If that's an act, as some say, it's an odd one to put on.

It was a most peculiar moment that time he interviewed Sarah Palin and read to her from his diary, and even she--who I think is just an old-fashioned charlatan trying to milk the GOP and its base for as much money as she can--found herself overwhelmed by being trapped with this obsessive psycho, much like Jerry Lewis' discomfort with Rupert Pupkin. It was the most lovely look of, "What the fuck have I gotten myself into" frozen in a polite rictus on her squirrelly PTA face. It looked like the most awkward blind date ever.

Then Massa began Beck's fraying. Beck, handed what he thought was a perfect opportunity to throw crap that would stick to the Democrats, instead ended up like Attila in 1900 in the scene where the peasants, er, throw certain things that come from horses at him.

Beck, panicking, decided to go extra-paranoid, lauded McCarthy nonsensically, and then tried to sever Christians from the concept of compassion. He tried to convince Christians to leave churches that talk about "social justice." And claimed Nazis believed in the concept. He claimed it's code for...commusocialnazism or whatever he's calling it this week.

The latter accomplishing something I've rarely seen: near-universal agreement between Christians of all stripes, except maybe whatever Fred Phelps is. In revulsion, at him. Including his own faith, the Mormons.

Beck is heading toward a wall right now and thinks if he speeds up he can go through it like the Flash.

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13 March 2010
  LULU Week 10: At Last She Enters!

Saturday! You've waited and waited, and finally Lulu appears in person. Chapter 1, page ten. Click page thumbnail below on the left.

Some of you might have noticed that the previous pages are no longer up, but that's because something better is available: THIS SICKNESS #6, with the whole first chapter complete(plus more stories, and extensive sketches and notes regarding the development of Lulu) in a comic you can actually hold in your hands, was released this past week, and you can only buy it here. After your taste, click here to enjoy the meal.

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10 March 2010
  Stop Thinking The GOP Is Scary or Powerful.

I had to laugh at this hysterical post at Huffpo by Gabriel London, before Massa's disastrous(for Beck) interview happened. In light of how it turned out, which was to reveal Beck to be nothing more than a ridiculous amateur, I wonder how dumb London feels for verbally wetting himself over this. But it's typical of the Huffpo to whip up hysteria among liberals over nothing. It increases their traffic.

No, London, they are silly. They are laughable. No more any real threat than a circus clown. What they've been doing is no different than what a frightened animal does when cornered: puff itself up to look bigger and more scary.

That's all.

The truth? The Republicans have done all they can do and it'll just be repetition from here. But we've heard all the birther stuff,all the Nazi Socialist Communist blather, all of it. And what has it gotten them? Little if anything; Scott Brown has already shown himself more concerned with his constituents--largely liberal--than the RNC, so that was no real victory despite the hype.

When you think of the GOP, think of them like this.

And that's what the cringing, self-doubting Democrats have been buying into, and the GOP know that doubt is their weak spot. I think the time has come to stop pretending we play this game on their board.

And they've already played all their worst invective out, and everyone is sick of it. We know to expect it by now and so it falls flat. They might as well be the Spice Girls for all the effectiveness and currency their attacks have now. All they have is that and a propensity to bring the government to a halt. That can't get you very far. They've made a lot of noise, but don't buy into the illusion that it has ultimately made any real difference, except among people who were already on their side. This is "entertaining the children," i.e. the base, and that's all it is. It's a sideshow. Nobody who matters gives a damn. This really is the best they've got and they've used it all.

The Republicans are not scary. They want you to think that because they know the weakness in Democrats is their doubt reflex. They want you to think of this entirely within parameters they define. The truth is they have no real power, they are laughable, and all their attacks are based upon a fantasy world. Stop thinking of all this on their terms.

I repeat this: they are not scary and, like Eric Cartman, you get one good zetz back at them and they cave, like any blowhard or bully. Don't believe the hype. That's the only moment they do have any power. Go around them. Go past them. Go over them. It's not actually that hard. Obama seems to finally be waking up to that, though pretty damn late in the game for my liking.

They know if they lose this--the GOP--they're destroyed. It's THEM that are scared and panicking. Let them. If they're ignored, they will burn themselves out.

Also, think about this: if they really believed passing healthcare would hurt the Democrats? They'd let them do it, then attack them for it.

Don't be tricked. Stop being scared. Move past them. They are nothing.

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Censorship couldn't kill it, nor could my laziness. THIS SICKNESS #6, featuring LULU, as well as stories written by Janet Harvey and Shane Durgee, plus previously unprinted material(all drawn by me), is now available for purchase, all 48 pages of it! And you will not find it in stores. Unless you give the ISBNS below to your retailer and demand it, that is.

Best thing I've done to date. You must have it.

Click here to buy it today, and show the censors your middle finger!

(ISBN: 1451517432 / 9781451517439)

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06 March 2010
  “Always Allow For the Happy Brainfart”: Attempt at Advice to a Younger Cartoonist

Last week, a young cartoonist named Stephanie wrote me and, in a perhaps mistaken assumption I know what I’m doing, asked some questions about cartooning, which I tried to answer as best I could from my own perspective and experience. Which I’m not sure was so great, but she seemed to find a lot of it useful, so I thought perhaps others might.
So, with her permission, edited(in the case of my own words) slightly for brevity, and with some bits revised because of other things that occurred to me later, here are some of her questions alternating with some of my answers. I emphasize this is only the view from here and do not claim this advice to be universally applicable, but there may be some interesting ideas in here somewhere with which to play. (I should also mention that some of these links to my own examples I’m referring to will be to some of my 2003-07 work, much of which is NSFW)
Well, this is pretty involved, so bear with me.
Read more »

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  Last Remaining Copies of THIS SICKNESS #1-2--Get 'Em Here!

Surprise! Just happened to find a few remaining copies of THIS SICKNESS #1 and 2 I'd forgotten about. These are the first and, so far, only printing, thanks to the recent excommunication from Cafepress. Which by the way, has been replaced, and issue 6, with part 1 of Lulu, will soon be released via a more enlightened printer/distributor, unless something really weird happens. (more on that here)

One issue of each have already gone to a very nice gentleman who claimed them, should I find them, a while back. There are three copies left over.

These appear to be proof copies, as they have very slight production flaws. I have two (2) copies of #1(with STORY OF OH!, written by Jabberwocky & Brazil's Charles Alverson) with slight bleed errors on the edge of their covers, and one(1) copy, with a bottom staple that's slightly off-center, of #2(with Rosa & Annalisa in SOFT CEILING).

Both are very much for adults only, and I am offering both for sale. Technically these are now rare collector's items, though balls to that: I'm offering them at cover price, $7.99 apiece, plus $6 postage & handling. (US--international will depend on the country; Paypal only) Signed. Sorry I haven't got more than these on hand, but here's someone's chance to snag 'em.

So: two copies of #1, one of #2, which you won't find anywhere else till whenever a next printing happens(not soon). They go to the first people to claim them--well, and then pay, obviously. You can buy both, but you can only have one copy of each issue apiece(there's only one of #2 anyway, after all). After that, that's all there is and there ain't no more. Payment only after I confirm your claim.

Write me at john.roberson@gmail.com and claim them; I will update here when they are gone.

THIS SICKNESS 1 coversickness_print_02_thumb

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05 March 2010
  LULU Week 9

Saturday! Here's yer LULU. Chapter 1, page nine. Click page thumbnail below.

And I am currently awaiting a proof copy of THIS SICKNESS #6 to approve(or redo), through a less juvenile printer/distributor, so while I do not know when the other five will be in print again, the sixth will be available probably very soon. Keep checking back here for release news! Hell, just keep checking back here anyway.

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03 March 2010
  THIS SICKNESS #6 Rises From The Grave (Hopefully)

Just to update y'all: as you may recall in our last episode, Cafepress did a very bad thing and censored me off their site, not only getting rid of the whole Bottomless Studio back catalog but preventing the release of the utterly finished new issue, #6, which will feature the whole first episode of "Lulu," as well as both the previously unprinted "Glass House"(written by Janet Harvey, from 2003's Working for the Man), "Comic Shop Experience,"(written by Shane Durgee), and more. That made me very irked.

Well, it appears I've found a much better replacement for them. Even better, the Cafepress edition was going to be 40 pages and saddle-stitched, while this one will be 48 and squarebound. So it may be for the best I'm no longer working with those holiday-decoration hacks.

I am currently awaiting a proof and will let you know when it's released. I expect to see the proof in 1-2 weeks.

Keep watching this space, and thanks to all the people who have expressed interest in buying it. You will still have your chance!

Hi diddly dee, an indie's life for me...

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  All The More Reason To Vote Against Them: GOP Vows To Repeal Health Reform Should It Pass

Obama showed an incrementally better degree of spine today, and of course the Republicans respond by trying to create fear. Mitch McConnell said, in essence, If healthcare passes and the GOP win seats in November, they'll repeal it.

If the Democrats have any sense, they will pass it and then keep reminding everyone who will then have healthcare coverage just who has promised to take it back from them.

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02 March 2010
  Republican Party Reveals Its Support for Bunning

DeMint calls Bunning his "hero." Kyl says unemployment benefits only make people lazy. Cornyn blamed healthcare. They could have kept their mouths shut. They didn't. They own this now. And if the Democrats don't use this in ads, they're fools and cowards. But because they are, they won't.

Had enough of humoring them? Had enough of Reid and Obama doing so as well? Too bad; what are you going to do about it now that you know for sure your vote changes nothing and that majorities mean even less if it's a Democratic one, as they lack the spine to do anything with it?

Can you imagine a single senator--whom his own loser party is forcing out and who could not be more isolated--managing to do this under the bastard GOP? No. But the GOP has no scruples, and the Democrats have no balls.

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01 March 2010
  Vladrushka, However, Is Still In Print

...from Eros/Fantagraphics, which is why it has not been added to my comics page along with the others. At this link is her "secret biography" that I wrote as a text piece for her issue of THIS SICKNESS, #3.

On the page you will find a link to the Eros edition, still very much in print, of her epic "Gulag Gangbang," the pornoganda film that was the real reason for the fall of the USSR.

Buy several! I can use the royalties!

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  Updates to Comics Page: MARTHA, STORY OF OH!, and more

Some of the stuff that is now out of print thanks to Cafepress is now back up, such as MARTHA, STORY OF OH!, and SOFT CEILING. All NSFW(at least these pieces) of course. Click here to check 'em out.

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  1997-2007: Some California and Chicago Nudes

More sketches from life. Some drawings I did of women whom I knew while in Berkeley, and Chicago (the second time around--well, I mean, I had to stay sane somehow during those five hellish years!).

I'm not much of a sketcher, tending to only do it much when (a) I'm preparing for an actual project, or, in this case (b) having a powerful motivation. So here's some of the latter.

Click each to enlarge. These are, by the way, not in chronological order.

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  1990: My First Nude Life Drawings-Angel

Twenty years ago, my good friend Angel (who was 22 at the time) let me spend an afternoon drawing her so that I could learn how to draw women properly. I did little with this for the following seven years. But it was a most pleasant afternoon, given that she was one of the most beautiful women I've ever known and I was all of 21. The worst problem was to avoid sweating on the sketchbook, I'll be honest.

While these may be pretty clumsy now, they have a lot of sentimental value for me. So here they are. Click each to enlarge.


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  Senator Jim Bunning: "Tough Shit"

That's what Bunning keeps saying as he blocks unemployment benefits, COBRA, and more for the suffering people of America--including his own state, Kentucky--all because the GOP won't back him for re-election. Funny given his record of skipping votes, how he can find the time and energy to block this one. But he's a spiteful, evil man, considered one of the worst in the Senate even by his own side.

This piece of garbage is doing this simply to be a bastard, and really, no other reason, despite all his talk of concern over the deficit. And he's embarrassing his party. Or more accurately, he's showing us, overtly, what the Republican party really stands for, which is "getting in the way," and nothing else. He's demonstrating that the party represents no one human in this country, and wants to do nothing for the people of this country who have no other options.

Waste that filibuster, Bunning. Illustrate for us all what your party really is. In an election year, there will be many who will show their gratitude to your party. I think you know that. I think you're trying to ratfuck your own party. They may be letting you do this, in a miscalculation viewing you as a sacrificial figure who, with nothing to lose, can be allowed to do this thing that no other senator would dare do in an election year, just because it gets in the way of the Democrats. But it also gets in the way of the voters, and maybe they'll realize that all of the GOP's obstruction is doing the same.

Update: And now the idiot GOP thinks it has an issue, as another senator, John Kyl, decides to stick his foot into this, saying that unemployment benefits make people lazy. No, Kyl, there aren't any damn jobs. Going to do something to fix that? Of course not.

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