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I Didn't Write That!
31 January 2009
  "The Tudors" Season 2 Finale

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  Galactica: "The Oath"

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30 January 2009
Chicago: Who Needs History?

They struck down their city landmarks law, in force since 1968, today, paving the way for...well, paving the way.

Which is fine. Let that city become even uglier. Let Daley get his dream of a yuppie downtown. Whatever. I'm never going back.


29 January 2009
  The Tudors: Season 2/Episode 2

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  Internet News...In 1981

By way of Sullivan, this:

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  Blago Now Not Governor

The Illinois legislature just removed his ass from office.

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  Red America, the Remnants

Behold the permanent Republican majority.
(According to Gallup)

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JP Morgan Chase Knew About Madoff?

Sure looks that way, as they pulled out all their investments with him just before his fraud was exposed.

Meanwhile, Obama takes Wall Street to the woodshed.

Guess it's time Wall Street learns just how over the Bush era is.

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  A Little Bit Different...


27 January 2009

Obama Disappointed Cabinet Failed To Understand His Reference To 'Savage Sword Of Conan' #24

A holdover from the Bush administration, Gates told reporters he may have gotten off on the wrong foot with the new president, citing an occasion when Obama asked him what he knew about 1984's Secret Wars, a 12-issue limited Marvel release. Gates then handed a visibly confused Obama 1,400 classified pages on covert CIA operations in El Salvador.

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  Blago Audio

Listen to the tapes here.

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  "The Demise of a Civilization"

For those who don't think business people conspire against us...

They do.

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26 January 2009
Limbaugh's Top Ten Racist Quotes

In light of Rush Limbaugh's recent wish that the Obama administration will fail(more proof that he gives not a shit about America, as this would entail America collapsing), not to mention his "magic negro" crap, here are some of Limbaugh's previous statements on the subject of race. A sampling:

1. I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.

2. You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.

...7. They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?

8. Take that bone out of your nose and call me back(to an African American female caller).
I think it's a great sign that Limbaugh looks so terrified about Obama. And an even better one that other cons are backing away from him.

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  Blago on the View

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24 January 2009
  Galactica: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"

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22 January 2009
Bush Employees Back To Their Natural Level
Just contemplate the multitudes that are contained in this single depressing sentence: "One outgoing Treasury employee had already landed a job as a manager at Abercrombie & Fitch."


  A Pretty Good Present

Obama signs an order to close Gitmo and the CIA "black sites". Now that's something lovely to see on my birthday.


  I'm Goddamn 40 Today

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20 January 2009
Journey: First Cartoon Out

If you get AAA's member magazine, Journey, please turn to the last page of the newest issue, and David Volk's Last Stop column, and there'll you see my first illustration for the magazine!

Which you'll see here at some point.

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  YES! Grant Morrison's Seaguy Returns!

Now that's how you use having limitless power at a major comics company.

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  And Now A Goodbye Message From the White House

My last words to Bush and Cheney, and all their henchmen, as they laugh off into the sunset, having gotten away with it all?

You claim to be Christians. So I hope that you're right. I hope there is a Heaven and especially a Hell. Because that means the bunch of you, for eternity, will be used, and re-used, and shared and hopefully never even washed, as condoms by hordes of big, warty demons as they continue their thousand-year-gang-rape of Hitler and Stalin.

Rot and die. And please, let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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  Godspeed You! Black Emperor: "Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls" & "Storm"

Godspeed You Black Emperor - Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls
Uploaded by meurglyse

Godspeed You Black Emperor - "Storm"
Uploaded by fab2609

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  Alexei Balabanov: "Of Freaks and Men" (1998; excerpt)

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  William S. Burroughs on Dreams (Lecture)

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  Burroughs/Cobain: "The 'Priest' They Called Him"

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  Die For Darkseid!

The tract that converted me to the one true way.

And always remember!
loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

(page from Final Crisis by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones (c) 2009 DC Comics; scanned by Doop)


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19 January 2009
Cafepress Censors Me

I suppose I should have expected it. But you know, I think it's ridiculous and I'm sure you do too. I'm talking about Cafepress, after a year of not one complaint, banning This Sickness because they don't like the covers.

Well, I've got a brand new issue, #4, featuring the reprinting of the now-unavailable "October Surprise." It's been reaady to go since the beginning of December. But thanks to Cafepress being censorious douchebags, you can't see it, either through them or at Zanadu Comics, as I can't print 'em up now. Even though nobody is offended by this book! And you can't get issues 1-3 either.

But I refuse to change these covers. Though I might shift on that if I get impatient enough.

Does this piss you off as much as me? Then click here to demand that Cafepress change their minds. Be polite but firm.

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  Godspeed You! Black Emperor: "East Hastings"

Which you may recall from 28 Days Later. I'm falling in love with this band. And naturally, their output has been very, very small and, apparently, they're over with...always the way.

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17 January 2009
  Dave Sim/Russ Heath: "The Shadow of the Axe"

(Click image for more.)

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  Craig Yoe Gives You Herriman

...georgeherriman.com, to be exact!

Krazy, man. And Ignatz too, for that matter.

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  Roberson Makes the Seattle Times!

Those of you who live in Seattle: check out Saturday's(1/17/09) Times.

Because I'm on its front page today. Above the fold. Good lord.

Just in time for my birthday this week! (Jan. 22)

The article, by Erik Lacitus, is about people who've tried to make friends in Seattle through Craigslist. Why would one do that? Please familiarize yourself with the Seattle Freeze.

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  Only Tom Friedman's Teeth Are Green

And what's in his bank account. The writer himself? Not so much.
Beautiful, I thought. Just when you begin to lose faith in America’s ability to fall for absolutely anything—just when you begin to think we Americans as a race might finally outgrow the lovable credulousness that leads us to fork over our credit card numbers to every half-baked TV pitchman hawking a magic dick-enlarging pill, or a way to make millions on the Internet while sitting at home and pounding doughnuts— along comes Thomas Friedman, porn-stached resident of a positively obscene 114,000 square foot suburban Maryland mega-monstro-mansion and husband to the heir of one of the largest shopping-mall chains in the world, reinventing himself as an oracle of anti-consumerist conservationism.


16 January 2009
  Fraud And Theft: It Goes Back In The Madoff Family

Specifically, his mother, 40 years ago.

It's the family business!

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  Battlestar Galactica: "Sometimes A Great Notion" (premiere)

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Grand Theft America Continues

Thank you! say all the bailed-out companies! Thank you for giving us all your money for two generations.

And then they take the money we didn't want to give them in hopes that it'll revive the economy, and more, and more. From you. From me. And yet the economy continues to die. So we throw more, like throwing one virgin into a volcano after another, hoping to placate the gods and stop an eruption.

But you know what they do?

They just take the money offshore and keep it, and let their companies and our economy continue to die.

And we keep giving them money. This may be a moot question, but: how stupid are we?

Before Bush we had a massive surplus, and he and his friends have spent the last eight years stealing it from us. Several times over.

We had the means to avoid this but we let it happen, and happen, and keep happening.

If America dies, we deserve it for being so fucking stupid.

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  Watch This Free Online

Niall Ferguson's "The Ascent of Money."

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That's What I Said For Over Five Years!

The Chicago Tribune asks Chicagoans: why the hell do you live here, as wind chill drops the temperature past -20 degrees? I remember how horrifying it was my last couple of winters there, and to think this one is actually worse...well, it makes me feel a bit whiny for bitching about the comparatively brief, if heavy, snow here in Seattle that has already melted.

A few responses:
Krista Markowski of Palatine pointed a frozen finger at her ancestors: "Because my family settled here generations ago. I blame them!"

Paul Bauch of Park Ridge hit a little closer to home: "My wife makes me. I want to move to New Mexico, but she has this silly idea that it's good to live near her family."

There were staunch defenders of Chicago—"Best city in the U.S."—and those who called it a "frozen, inhospitable, arctic hellhole of a city." One person said that at least "it's better than Canada," while another said he lives here "because I'm an idiot."

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15 January 2009
  Coolest Thing Ever For Today

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  Patrick McGoohan 1928-2009

Be seeing you.

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14 January 2009
  BART Cop Caught

An update on that Oakland BART cop who murdered a suspect: apparently he refused to cooperate with the investigation into what he did and fled to Nevada. Where the bastard was caught. So I have to compliment the authorities for acting swiftly.

I should remember that not every place is Chicago, where this sort of thing gets you promoted.

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13 January 2009
This President

...needs a punch, right in the face, more than any other man who has lived in the past fifty years.

We will try so hard to forget you when you're gone. On my birthday, you'll have been gone two whole days. Oh, will that be nice.

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12 January 2009
  New Ebay & Amazon Items!

Collection-clearing time! Help me reclaim space. I have over 500 comics, books, CDs and videos (and toys) newly up on Amazon.

I also have some new comics items up on Ebay, with more to come. Go check it out!

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  Tighten Your Chests

The cosmetic surgery industry continues its wonderful decline.

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  Why Did He Have To Be Right?

Warren Ellis, December 16, 2000:
Let me first congratulate my American readers for finally having a President selected for them. My contacts in the American political power structure inform me that the American national anthem will be changed in January to "Duelling Banjos" from the film DELIVERANCE.

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10 January 2009
  Fuck The Police: The Execution of Oscar Grant by the Coward Officer Johannes Mehserle

I remember working as a dispatcher for a Novato security company, and my conversations with the guards, who aspired to become police, many of whom later did. I remember how some were talking about a "coming race war," and how all of them bemoaned not being allowed to carry guns(because the company wouldn't spring for a permit). Why? To protect themselves? No, because "then we could get into some real shit," one said with a grin. Meaning they'd get to shoot people. Particularly ones that were black and brown.

Not all cops are like this, but police work attracts this type given few other professions have moments where killing without reprisal is as possible, and times being what they are, forces around the country are recruiting who they can, much like the Army.

So of course something like this cold-blooded police murder of a helpless, subdued suspect face-down(named Oscar Grant) on the ground at the Fruitvale BART stop in Oakland should come as no surprise.

Look at it. The cop pulls out his weapon with zero provocation, once the suspect, Oscar Grant, is face-down on the ground. No danger at that point to anyone, and cops all around. But for no apparent reason, once the suspect definitely can't fight back, Officer Johannes Mehserle fires directly down, and the man's head is jelly.

Is this what cops are for? In South America, perhaps.

And I know cops moan all the time that they don't get respect. You know what? Until you punish bastards like this one, humiliate them publicly, send them to jail and remove them from your ranks, you're all potential murderers till proven otherwise. If you want to protect psychopaths like this, and turn police work into just another way to enable murderers, then enjoy the shoe because it fits.

This one resigned. Not good enough. He belongs in jail. This was in no way justifiable--this was first-degree murder. He did it because he wanted to.

"Serve and protect" is what it says, not "terrorize and execute".

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  Alan Moore's Advice To Young Artists

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09 January 2009
  The Forbes 15 Richest

Apparently Tony Montana still lives. Who'd have thunk it.

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Our Geek In Chief

Seriously, I do love that we have an admitted comics geek in the presidency. Who will soon be in one of his childhood favorites, Spider-Man. Below is an old picture from his Senate website, taken in Metropolis, Illinois.

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07 January 2009
  Your Aqua Teen For Today

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  Galactica: "The Face of the Enemy" #1-3

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06 January 2009

Country Music Stars Challenge Al-Qaeda With Patriotic New Song ‘Bomb New York’

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05 January 2009
  Again. Again With This

The Jimi Hendrix Statue, Seattle.

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04 January 2009
  Franken Wins

Welcome to the new Al Franken decade, Minnesota.

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03 January 2009
  For God's Sake, the Recruiters Are Killing Themselves

I think it's time this war was done, don't you?

Andersson says his son had trouble delivering the required two recruits a month, especially after his experience in Iraq.

"How could you be over there and see some of the things he saw and dealt with, and try to hire people to go over there and do that?" he says...

Chris Rodriguez, a friend who worked with Aron Andersson as a recruiter, says no one wanted to lie, but pressure on recruiters is intense during wartime. Recruiting is considered one of the most stressful jobs in the military.

"A soldier doesn't want to get down and beg a person to join the Army, but I think often at times these recruiters, myself, we felt like we were begging them and trying to do anything to convince them to give it a try like we had," Rodriguez says. "We often sat in the recruiting station, sometimes really late, and talked about how we'd rather be in Iraq than recruiting."


Jack Kirby & Dave Sim

From the late 1980s, in a documentary by Ken Viola called "Masters of Comic Book Art." And yes, that is Harlan Ellison introducing them, and yes, that is a hideous jacket he's wearing. And I love what Sim says about "two people talking," though I had a VHS of this once, and I thought even then that his connection of that to David Byrne is a little odd.

But anyway.

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02 January 2009
  Krugman: "Party of Whiners"

Paul Krugman offers his thoughts about what led the the GOP implosion.

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  Oliphant on the Bailout

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01 January 2009
  Lay Channels Feiffer

As Feiffer can't give us a dance to the new year, Carol Lay has taken it upon herself.

(click to see properly)

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  Local Woman Dies of Lost Cell Phone

Had to happen eventually.

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