VLADRUSHKA by John Linton Roberson (c) 2022.
I Didn't Write That!
31 October 2008
  "Dressed to Kill" (1980)

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  "Night of the Living Dead" (1968)

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  "The Thing" (1982)

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  "28 Days Later" (2002)

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This Sickness #3: 40 Pages of Vladrushka!
Available Online Now, and at Zanadu Comics in Seattle!

The third issue of This Sickness is now for sale online, and if you live in Seattle, you can purchase all 3 issues of This Sickness(and if you buy 'em, subsequent ones too, so do) at Zanadu Comics in downtown Seattle! In fact, adorning the door to their adult section is a very large poster(also available for purchase) of the image you see here(well, the version with a top)! Planting my flag, as it were. And I'm very happy that they have seen fit to stock my book. Support their good taste and reserve a copy today!

This time around, it's a nearly double-sized issue(in a slightly different format) that collects, in one handy volume, every Vladrushka story to date, both the ones published by Eros (the 24-page epic "Gulag Gangbang", and "Red Star") and the ones you've seen at AWC("Spoiled Rich Brats" and "Friction").

It also includes her improbable biography. And at last, as you can see, the complete and uncensored cover design as it had originally been intended for "Gulag." Of course, #1("Story of OH!" written by Charles Alverson) and #2("Soft Ceiling," with Rosa & Annalisa) are still very much available, and all can be bought at Zanadu, or just click here.

Thanks to all of you! (and remember, available to buyers over 18 only. Sorry, brats. You'll have to grow up first)

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This Sickness: "Martha" Preview At Scans Daily

I'm very sorry to report that adultwebcomics.com seems to be down for the indefinite future. The great Joey Manley informs me that the site was hacked, and they're not certain when it will be resumed. So in the meantime, I've found an alternative way to show some of the newest work. (if you're over 18, and in this case a Livejournal member.)

At Scans Daily, I've posted a generous sampling of the artwork from "Martha," a personal story set in those long-ago golden days of 1997, that will most likely be published in This Sickness #5, planned for the spring of 2009--assuming the world is still in existence. This one is just as much smut as the usual, but meant to be more...nice. You know, as an experiment.

None of these are lettered. That will be in the final, papery version. But it is explicit, and not safe for work. So, y'know, be prudent.

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  Happy Halloween!

In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized?

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30 October 2008
  The Last Spit of Republican Venom

...falls right back on their faces. It burns.

And for comic relief: Bill O'Reilly picks a fight with Family Guy. Jesus, O'Reilly, if Cartman couldn't destroy them, what chance do you stand?

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  The Final End Of The Civil War?

As a recovering Southerner originally from Charleston, SC, I well know the Civil War never truly ended. This Sullivan reader thinks Obama's victory will accomplish its final defeat.

I certainly hope that's correct.

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Norm Coleman's Illegal Money

So this undeclared $75,000 secretly, and illegally, funneled to Senator Norm Coleman must be how he could afford all those "celebs" endorsing him against Al Franken.

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29 October 2008
  Obama's Message

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  How Bad It Looks For McCain

21 years a senator from Arizona, and 5 more a Representative for same before that. And where is McCain using his very finite campaign resources to send out robocalls--which, in other states so far, have mostly served to alienate swing voters--now?

Arizona, about as red and pro-McCain as it gets. Not even slightly a swing state, nor a battleground. Usually.

That's right, McCain's campaign is now worried he might not even win his home state.

(hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)

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Hollywood Z-Listers For Norm Coleman

Victoria Jackson, Stephen Baldwin, Pat Boone, John Ratzenberger(Cliff from Cheers, the first guy I think of when I think "charisma"), and another guy whom I've never heard of, all agree: they needed money and Norm Coleman offered it to them!

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McCain's Fanged Sheep

He says he's proud of these people. At the very beginning is an old man chanting "Bomb Obama!" Uh, there's a secret service and they were present at this McCain rally, right?

Must be seen to be believed.

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27 October 2008
The Republicans: Let's Start Flinging the Crap

And here in Washington, the slimy would-be Republican governor has been trying to distance himself from the party by having the ballot read "G.O.P." Which, as readers of this blog, and most people, know, is in fact a nickname for the Republican party. But he's probably hoping to try to pick off any that are uninformed but unhappy with the current Democratic governor.

This won't help him much, though, as he's possibly guilty of misuse of $6 million in campaign funds, that supposedly belonged to his biggest backer. But he may have been involved much more deeply, attempting to get around finance laws. Laws that, I might add, McCain had a hand in. So McCain screwed them all coming and going.

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  Elizabeth Hasselbeck Now A Palin Advisor?

Barbie's sure treating her that way. And has made it pretty plain that her part of the campaign is solely promotion for herself, looking toward 2012. This campaign, McCain's, is one of the most twisted and dark I have ever seen. And it's a relief that Obama's is pretty boring by comparison, but in the good way: the "Isn't Outraging Me Every Day" way. The "Doesn't Scare Me To Death" way.

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  Senator Ted Stevens Guilty!

On every single count, and he's going to jail.

Down the tubes he goes, along with the Republicans' chances in this election.

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26 October 2008
  Ted Stevens Had $2.7 Million Road Built From His House To His Favorite Restaurant

...not that this should seem surprising.

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In the words of the Republicans themselves: McCain's economic policies differ not at all from Bush's and, not long ago, they were happy to say so. (caveat: this is a DNC ad)

But here he is on Meet the Press, trying to deny his own footage again.
Meanwhile, Senator Norm Coleman thinks freaking out children is the way to win over Al Franken.

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Lieberman "Respects" Obama

Seeing his imminent doom unless he jumps back to the Democratic party, Lieberman suddenly starts speaking nicely of Obama.

Once a sycophantic lickspittle, always one. But given that he would have happily become McCain's VP candidate had the RNC let him, and that he's done everything in his power to betray his former party, I hope he'll be happy with what he'll get, which is utter isolation, or worse.

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Bill O'Reilly Is Right For Once

Obviously, he wants a future beyond this election. So here, he attacks both Ashley Todd and Joe McCain. I hate doing this, but I must give credit where it's due, especially given how quickly the rest of Fox jumped to a race-baiting conclusion on Todd and her backwards "B".

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  "I Can See Russia From My House!"

By way of, who else, Andrew Sullivan.

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  Cindy McCain: Not A Reptile?

I'll need more convincing than this.

Cindy McCain Claims She's "Just Like Any Other Female Human"

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  Republicans: "We're Going To Lose"

And lose big, they admit. And whose fault is that?

Sometimes you have to wait, but eventually there is some justice in the world.

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25 October 2008
  This Week's Stupid Comics

Ghosts? And, uh, other stuff.

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The Epic of Failure

The NYT Magazine's in-depth piece trying to make sense of the McCain campaign. A particularly interesting quote, given McCain's ultimately deadly selection of Sarah Palin(so much a maverick that now, reportedly, she's campaigning only for herself), is:
The flipside to John McCain’s metanarrative of personal valor has always been palpable self-righteousness. In this campaign, his sense of integrity has been doubly offended. First, an adviser said, “He just really thinks the media is completely in the tank for Obama and doesn’t feel like he’s getting a fair shake at all.” And second, another said, “I don’t think John likes people who try to do jobs they’re not qualified for” — referring, in this case, to Barack Obama.

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  Black Tambourine - "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge"

I apologize for the quality; best I could do. This is a great band that nobody ever heard of.

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24 October 2008
  McCain Campaign's Very, Very Bad Week: A Roundup

Courtesy of Rachel Maddow. My favorite is the abuse of 9-11 service by McCain's brother, angry about being stuck in traffic.

And a bit about all those who chose to give the "Backwards B" story credence, Fox News chief among them. Note too that while even Michelle Malkin was, to her credit I give begrudgingly, highly skeptical of this story, Hugh Hewitt jumped right into that meat grinder both balls first. Will he miss them?

And finally, that idea that Palin may have a chance in 2012? Well, maybe by then, but it's not looking that way right now.

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To all those who still try to blame Bill Clinton for 9/11(yes, they exist) because, somehow, of the 1993 WTC bombing, I would suggest this to you: the perpetrators and planners of that attack went to prison, while almost all those involved in 9/11 are dead by their own hand or still free.

So do shut up, failures.

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  Your Wikipedia For Today

Bunker mentality.

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  It'll Be My Fault

My apologies.

(Actually, I already voted by absentee ballot, for Obama. But still.)

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  McCain's Campaign: Death By A Backwards "B"
Ashley Todd, the girl that perpetrated one of the lamest campaign hoaxes ever as described here. The McCain Pennsylvania campaign, that jumped on this to try to take full advantage(with a remarkable amount of details before anyone else knew them) and whip up racist sentiment against Obama.

I suppose it's best that it end not with a bang, but a little pathetic bleat. I have to give credit where it's due, though I refuse to link to her: this was such a flimsy story that Michelle Malkin, for god's sake, didn't buy it, not even when it was first reported, not even if it might have somehow helped the McCain campaign. Which shows us one heartening thing: there is, in fact, a moral point beyond which even she will not go.

Update: video!

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Blood Libel
A McCain volunteer tried to claim to the police a very tall, black supporter of Obama attacked her, robbed her, and scratched a "B" into her face. But now she's being charged with filing a false report, as her story was flimsy to begin with, and she's now admitted it was a lie. She really should have realized that if another person is scratching a letter into your face he probably wouldn't have done it backward, like, oh, in a mirror.
Attributing violence to Obama supporters, and black ones at that, when one merely committed pointless violence to oneself. How can you sum up better what the McCain campaign has descended to? Somewhere below the gutters, I think, and drooling on themselves.
And as though to corroborate my point, McCain's campaign now claims Obama made them go negative. That awful Obama! He made them conduct the worst ever Republican campaign!

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  The Final Death of Ayn Rand

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  Obama's Dying Grandmother: The Republicans Go There

Oh, my god. You fools.

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23 October 2008
  Pinochet & McCain: Their Meeting

In 1985. Without "preconditions!" More here.

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So about the other interesting news, today I was photographed by Thomas Hurst for the Seattle Times, for a piece allegedly to run in November. It's just part of an overall "docu-photo" series, but it was a new and enjoyable experience.

What, you were expecting something more eloquent? Not when I'm in a good mood.

Whole bunch of photos were taken, with pages from chapters 10-12 of Vitriol all spread about, partly because most of those are on stiff illustration board and can stand up by themselves. Most with my face. Some with an impromptu self-portrait he had me draw(some of me drawing it) in front of my face. Some with a gas mask I have on the wall as a macabre decoration on my face. I hope that's not the one they use, though some of you may prefer that.

I'll let you know when to look for it.

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22 October 2008
  McCain's Fascinating Cascade of Verbal Fuckups In Pennsylvania

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God? He's Their Bitch!

How to tell a true Christian? Apparently one that goads and insults his god. One that thinks God doesn't know what he's doing and needs to be reminded. They see McCain losing and what do they think? Do they think maybe, just maybe, God doesn't want them to win because of all the further harm they might cause? Do they see their faults and reflect, and learn, and maybe, I dunno, repent their hatred?

No, they tell God off. They try to taunt him into action, like a spectator egging on someone in a bar brawl, saying, "You pussy! You gonna take that from him, man?" Like Reverend Arnold Conrad here. Watch. And do you hear a single person in the room, who really should, given their beliefs, take their souls and the fate thereof more seriously, tell him off? No, they stand by, and affirm.

Who are you to goad and instruct your god, o man?

They love God, supposedly. I didn't realize it was tough love.

What I was taught, growing up? That this is the very definition of blasphemy. That this is what "taking the name of the Lord in vain" specifically means.

What does this tell me? That they don't think of their god as very "big" at all. And that they only trust in his wisdom when it fits their hatreds and revenge fantasies.

Here are the exact words he said below. Notice the stupid bastard thinks "Hindu" is the name of a god.

"There are millions of people around this world praying to their god, whether it's Hindu, Buddha, Allah, that [McCain's] opponent wins, for a variety of reasons. And Lord, I pray that you would guard your own reputation because they're going to think that their god is bigger than you if that happens. So I pray that you would step forward and honor your own name in all that happens between now and election day."
And in Hell, he will hear an endless loop of this. What will be done to the rest of his senses, I couldn't say.

The fundamentalists are strong believers in the End Times, and a key part of that is the rise of false prophets. My question to them on that is twofold:

(a) What exactly is a false prophet but one that claims to speak for God while knowingly trying to use that to manipulate people toward an otherwise indefensible goal?

(b) I realize they believe false prophets will arise, but do they think that it's also incumbent upon them to play along and follow said false prophets?

I'm just sayin'. You hear as little from the moderate Christians as the moderate Muslims, and so it's the most hateful who taint the image for all. But, just like this audience is consenting by silence, aren't all you non-insane Christians conceding your religion, and people's perception of it, to the violent, racist madmen?

Do you then have a right to complain that anyone "misunderstands" or "stereotypes" you, if you abrogate such responsibility? Why do you defer to lying, hateful psychopaths for whom you should have nothing but contempt? Why do you say nothing?

Are you that cowardly? Do the fanatics scare you that much? Because let me tellya, they scare me, but at least I've always said something about it.

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  MC Chris' Endorsement

McCain! So that we can have a nice, big zombie apocalypse!

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  Fault Lines

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  These People Need To Lose Their Country

I'm ashamed to be in the same nation as these Nazi bastards. Click here but expect to be very offended.

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Al-Qaeda Endorses McCain

Of course they would. He'd drive up their recruitment numbers as well as Bush did.
Update: And McCain takes the bait like a hungry fish, holding a conference call with the press to turn down the endorsement. Which will only call more attention to it. The fool.

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New Gig!

Just a brief announcement that today, it appears I officially became the regular illustrator for the column of humorist David Volk in Journey magazine. At the moment, the first one is to run in November(I think). So now would be a good time to become an AAA member, I guess, just for my cartoon.

I can't, because I don't own a car.

Other interesting news, but that can wait till later...

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21 October 2008
  Real America

Note: If you're reading this, chances are you don't live in it. For one thing, you're reading.

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At What Point Do Palin's Abuses of Power Become Crimes?

Because in addition to having Alaska pay for her family's nights at home, she also had the citizens fund her kids' travel.

How many politicians have had to resign over this kind of frivolous misuse of taxpayer money? (John Sununu is one name that leaps to mind) And given all she says about low taxation, what does it say about her concern for the taxpayer that she's so willing to waste their money?

Oh wait, I forgot, she thinks it's magic money from Fairyland that has nothing to do with taxes at all, and that we shouldn't worry about the government having enough of.

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And McCain Scrapes Through The Bottom

This week's slime tactic: call Obama a "socialist."

Bush 41 tried this, specifically calling Bill Clinton a "communist spy," in the waning days of his own campaign--though prior to their last debate, so Clinton got to call him on it. When they play the Marx card, you know they're defeated.

Of course, there's still time for McCain to accuse Obama of being in the employ of the nefarious British, or even the Spanish--remember, McCain still thinks Spain is an enemy.

Meanwhile, Joe the Plumber's older brother, Bob the Banker, has more to say about the Red Menace.

I'm a typical middle-class American. I run a small family bank in Ohio. I'm no Master of the Universe, no hedge-fund manipulator. I have a couple of dozen employees. I work hard. I obey the laws. I have a family. But if Barack Trotsky Obama wins, I can kiss it all goodbye. I've done well for myself, but $280,000 a year doesn't go as far as it used to, even here in Akron.

The numbers don't lie. So here they are.*

So, as I said, I make $280,000 annually after business expenses. I'm married and filing jointly. Under Obama, my itemized deductions would actually increase slightly — I'd get $49,420 in itemized deductions, while under McCain I'd get $48,975. But my personal exemptions would increase slightly under McCain — he'd give me $6,911, whereas I'd only get $6,132 from Obama.

That leaves my taxable income at $213, 766 under Obama, $213,433 under McCain. Now we have to factor in the bracket cutoff, which for 2009 is $208,850. Anything below that figure for married couples filing jointly is taxed at the fourth tier, 28 percent. Any income above it, until you get up to near $400,000, is taxed at the fifth tier. And this is where the raving income-redistribution scheme of Barack Robespierre Obama kicks in.

As you can see, my taxable income is about $5,000 higher than the cutoff. McCain is going to tax that $5,000 at the current rate, which is 33 percent. But Obama's crazed plan calls for raising that rate to — get ready for it — 35 percent.

And here's what this means. Under McCain, my total tax bill would be $48,254. Under Obama, it would be $48,511.

That's a difference of $257. I'll say it again: Two hundred and fifty-seven dollars.

That's not two hundred and fifty-seven dollars I, or America, can afford.

Things are tough right now. Average working Americans like me are really struggling. They're angry. And when they see the effects of Obama's spread-the-wealth lunacy on an average angry struggling American like me, they'll be even more angry, average, and struggling.

Let me lay it out for you. Right now, I take home about $19,000 a month after the government skims off its share. And I don't have to tell you that $19,000 a month isn't what it used to be.

Take my Jaguar. Do you have any idea how much it costs just to have that thing tuned up? It's like a BMW repair bill on steroids. We're talking $500 just to open the hood.

The hard times are taking a toll on my family life, too. My wife has had to completely cut out having her colors done, and her personal shopper is threatening to walk if we keep cutting back on her hours. We're tightening our belts, but you can only tighten so far before there's no more room to pull.

Then there's food prices. All across America, families are angry and struggling as they try just to get by. We're in the same boat. It's getting harder and harder just to put food on the table. We're only eating filet mignon twice a week, and under Obama's crazed far-left regime, we may have to completely give up Maine lobster and Macanudo cigars.

Oh wait--red? Now who's the ones who've been using that color like they invented it?

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20 October 2008
No House, No Vote

The Republicans, making so much noise about their own crimes. At the same time they make a fuss about the ACORN matter(which probably wasn't even ACORN's fault, but rather that of lazy canvassers), they have been involved in an illegal scheme to deny the vote to victims of foreclosure.

I suppose they think that these particular people might be a little troubled about something when they go into the voting booth.

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Russia Turns Down McCain's Fundraising Request

It may have been a mistake, but that doesn't mean he didn't mean to do it: McCain asked the Russian government for a campaign contribution(which would be both illegal and a bit strange considering his support of Georgia).

Which turned him down. This is all very funny, given that McCain is accusing Obama of being a "socialist."

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  Playing To The Base: the GOP Tries To Appeal To Stupidity

...by trying to create the impression Palin is the head of the GOP ticket.

Update: and Barbie's doing little to undercut that impression.

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  The True Face of the Republican Party

Buchanan runs out of every other possible reason to defend the GOP and to criticize the (from a GOP point of view) irreproachable Powell's endorsement of Obama, just as the McCain camp has run out of every other possible bit of mud to sling. Flat on their backs, it's starting to suffocate them. The attacks have now taken on the quality of a cry for help.

Because, also like the McCain campaign, when pushed into a corner, Buchanan falls back on good old-fashioned race-baiting. He's so often a courtly presence on cable news, it's good to be reminded of the real Buchanan, whose mouth helped cost the GOP the election in 1992 as well.

Particularly amusing is Buchanan's imputation of ingratitude to Powell, that somehow his army career, his promotions, and his job in the Bush administration were the result of Republican kindness, were not earned. That they were gifts, perhaps, in that he probably should be grateful the GOP let him near any power at all? Why's that, Pat? Because he's...black? The thinking this reveals is instructional.

Even more so to Pat, but he should know this, would be the fact that, if anything, the Republicans should be grateful to Powell for providing them victory in the original Gulf War(though they did such a bad job otherwise this didn't help them to another term), and for providing them so much cover, in the case of the Iraq War almost at the cost of his reputation. Ingratitude?

Through Pat, they went there. Let's see McCain also allow the smearing of his good friend Powell. Let's watch as the party goes terminally insane.

It's quite dramatic. Operatic, even. These are death throes. And just to bring that home, a new story bursts from the Times about McCain's very precarious health.

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19 October 2008
  Popol Vuh

A comprehensive piece on one of my favorite bands ever. And some examples below.

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  Maggie Endorses Obama

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  Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Let's see McCain try to tear this one apart.

Here's the best he could do for a counter-endorsement. Game over.

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  McCain Is Proud of These People

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  "Effervescing Elephant"

A lesson from Syd Barrett on the foolishness of letting elephants frighten you. (Also, if you've heard it, one of the best kid's songs ever) I realize the metaphor is as unintended as it gets. But just the same, striking, isn't it?

An Effervescing Elephant
with tiny eyes and great big trunk

once whispered to the tiny ear

the ear of one inferior
that by next June he'd die, oh yeah!

because the tiger would roam.

The little one said: "Oh my goodness I must stay at home!

and every time I hear a growl

I'll know the tiger's on the prowl

and I'll be really safe, you know
the elephant he told me so."

Everyone was nervy, oh yeah! and the message was spread
to zebra, mongoose, and the dirty hippopotamus

who wallowed in the mud and chewed

his spicy hippo-plankton food

and tended to ignore the word

preferring to survey a herd

of stupid water bison, oh yeah!

And all the jungle took fright,

and ran around for all the day and the night

but all in vain, because, you see,
the tiger came and said: "Who me?!

You know, I wouldn't hurt not one of you.

I'd much prefer something to chew

and you're all too scant." oh yeah!
He ate the Elephant.

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  Carnival of Souls (1962)

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  Night of the Hunter (1955)

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  Kagemusha (1980)


18 October 2008
  Maddow on NSA Spying

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  Stoned Age

I just chose the most obvious title. Completely unsurprisingly, primitive man took drugs.


  New SNL

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McCain Using Department Of Justice To Tilt Election

Voter suppression with the help of the DoJ. For Christ's sake. They cannot win honestly, ever, and they know it.

Seriously, nothing but the GOP greatest hits from the McCain campaign. But this time the Democrats are fighting back, thank God.

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Exhuming McCarthy: As Though You Needed More Reasons to Vote Against Them

...this McCarthyite garbage is what they've descended to, courtesy of noted Bush groupie Rep. Michelle Bachmann, who called for the following on live TV(video clip at bottom of post):

"What I would say is that the news media should do a penetrating expose and take a look. I wish they would. I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out if they are pro-America or anti-America," she said.
Way to make us comfortable with your frightening, psychotic party, Bachmann. And aren't you up for re-election? And can't your colleagues, whose persecution you're calling for, censure you? Good Lord, you're stupid. But at least now Palin isn't the only one.

Watch them flail and convulse and spit poison as their party dies. It's quite a spectacle. But they need to be taken away from power the way a schizophrenic needs to be kept away from sharp objects.

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17 October 2008
  New South Park

In which Cartman finally gets his ass utterly kicked to bloody near-death.

The best part? By Wendy.

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  Daily Show/Colbert 10/16/2008

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  Your Wikipedia For Today

Descartes' Error.

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First Act of Violence Against A Reporter at Palin Rally
In this case, a reporter was kicked in the back of the leg in NC. A small thing, but significant. Are the Republicans proud of this and the shouted threats? Is this really the image they want of their party? Do they think this makes them look like badasses?
As the McCain people love to claim equivalent things go on at Obama rallies, I challenge them to find one instance of any kind of intentional violence at one to date.

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  Feeding Till The Guts Burst

Bill Cusack on the myth of the free market, and Republican denial.

...Sharks don't have a "stop eating" mechanism in
their biological blueprint. Under normal conditions sharks can't catch food fast enough to do themselves damage from over-eating. Nature has limited their ability to catch food. A shark in a feeding frenzy, however, given enough food, will eat until it quite literally bursts open like an overstuffed sausage. Its guts just explode out into the water. In some cases crazed, gut-busted sharks eat their own entrails, unable to distinguish between their innards and their kill.
A shark is just a dumb beast driven by a killer instinct. If nature's
limits break down, so does the shark. The only thing keeping sharks from eating themselves to death are the physical limits nature places on all apex predators. Because nature has perfected the art of limitation, a shark eating itself to death is extremely rare, and usually occurs only when humans get involved and temporarily throw food supplies out of balance. Nature is nothing if not a series of carefully orchestrated restrictions. True Natural Law economics is not laissez faire it is structured guidance, like the rules in a football game. It's a bad idea to give 22 men pads, helmets and a football and say laissez faire, unless you want every one to get killed...

Today huge groups of human beings are largely free of nature's constraints. We, as a race, can, and will, apparently, out grow our eco-system-something Aristotle did not consider in his extensive writings on natural law. Given the political freedom 21st century human beings could and would extract every fish in the ocean in a few years time. But for nature's
limits sharks would, too. Soon genetic engineering breakthroughs will clear away whatever constraints nature has left over humanity. Conservative economic theory, which depends entirely on constraints provided by nature, is fantasy.
Outgrowing nature's restraints means nature can no longer stop us from
destroying ourselves if we get off track. With nothing to contain us we have to assume nature's former corrective role in all our endeavors and provide necessary limits ourselves...

Conservatives look at the deregulation disaster that is the last eight years of Republican rule and have come to the conclusion that they were corrupted by eight years of power. Power doesn't corrupt. Washington is a petri dish for all one's latent dysfunction. Power revealed who Republicans truly are. They came to Washington and did exactly what they wanted to do and they destroyed themselves. Self knowledge is a bitch.
For all the evil Washington has done to Republicans, they sure don't want to leave. They most definitely want to stay despite the horrible things power does to one's conservative credentials.

To convince Americans they have learned their lesson and should be given the reigns of all-corrupting power one more time, conservatives have brought forward Sarah Palin, someone they advertise as too simpleminded to be affected by Washington's irresistible evil, like some kind of Alaskan version of Frodo Baggins. Basically, Republicans are promising Americans
they'll be dumb as hell if we give them another chance in 2008.

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  "Amnesia was our preferred state."

Joan Didion on the election, and the current twilight of America.

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16 October 2008
  Colbert on the NSA's Spying On Americans

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  All Three Debates In One Photo

It's a real picture, by the way, from last night.

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The GOP Hits the Bottom of the Bottom

Racism is all the scumbags have left against Obama, and the most brutal, primitive, childish kind at that. How do I mean? Click here and prepare to retch. (hat tip to Sullivan)

Repulsive, sickening scumbags. I hope after November I can take a rest from being appalled.

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Hey Big Spender!

Now that we realize that, in fact, McCain's campaign is solely being used as the host on which the future candidacy of Palin feeds till it matures and leaves McCain's drained husk behind, we shouldn't be shocked that all her public statements directly contradict McCain's platform.

For instance, McCain wants to freeze all spending not related to the military and veterans(good luck on that; Gingrich tried to close down the government too, and that didn't go over well).

Palin believes in big, big spending just like Bush. Except that she says so. But seems not to realize that money comes from taxes, either now, or later:
"The economy is slow and revenue is not coming in like it does during good times,” Vaughn said. “How can you really explain how this plan will work?”
“Really?” asked Palin. She went on to explain that revenue shouldn’t be coming into the government at this time. Rather, she said, that money is better spent by the businesses and individuals themselves.
We shouldn’t worry about government not having enough money. Government’s got plenty of money,” she said. “It’s a matter of how government prioritizes the expenditures of those public dollars.”
Barbie, you fucking idiot: Where does the government get it from, besides taxation, and borrowing that will later have to be paid off with tax money? Does she want to conquer other countries and take their gold or something?

I've really gotten tired of these borrow-and-squander conservatives.

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"Eternity in the company of Beelzebub, and all of his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me & this pencil."
--E. Blackadder, 1789

JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
Questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson


John L. Roberson at PATREON


LULU Book 2 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Donna Barr
VLADRUSHKA Issue 2 (2021) 

VLADRUSHKA (c)2010 John Linton Roberson
VLADRUSHKA Issue 1 (2010) 

LULU Book 2 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Donna Barr
LULU Book 2 (2020) 
with an introduction by Donna Barr

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LULU Book 1 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Martin Pasko
LULU Book 1 (2013) 
with an introduction by Martin Pasko

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SUZY SPREADWELL Issue 1(2018) 
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Frank Wedekind's LULU
VLADRUSHKA (adults only)
STORY OF OH!(2008) Written by Charles Alverson (adults only)





April 2013: LULU Book 1 Interview at Comics Forge 


July 2017:
Steve Pugh and the Flintstones

Interview of Steve Pugh by John Roberson & Tim Young!

December 2016: Politics in Comics
With Emmet O'Cuana

November 2016: Wonder Woman-Earth One
With Emmet O'Cuana

April 2016: Batman Vs. Superman, an Assassination
With Emmet O'Cuana & Kumar Sivasubramanian

October 2015: 
Erotic Comics, Erratic Censorship

Discussion with Tim Young; also featuring Dale Lazarov & Tim Pilcher.

August 2014:  Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”
Discussion with Tim Young.

April 2014:  Corporate Comics: Love'Em, Hate 'Em
Discussion with Tim Young, Deb Aoki, & Jason McNamara.

April 2013: Lulu”- Staging a classic on paper - interview by Tim Young.
August 2012:
Flex Mentallo - discussion with Troy Belford.
January 2012:
Comics Events - discussion with Tim Young.
May 2011:
Theatre and Comics - interview by Tim Young.

August 2006 at Talkaboutcomics.com

Sept. 2001 at Spark-Online

WHERE IT BEGAN: John L. Roberson's first graphic novel
VITRIOL(serialized in PLASTIC from 1998-2003)
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