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05 September 2008
  Palin Sold That Jet Offline At A Loss

...not on Ebay for a profit as she continues to lie.

Wouldn't matter much except that it's such a major talking point with her, which only illustrates how utterly shallow (and mostly nonexistent)her "achievements" are.

But surprisingly, they're hiding her from the press. I do hope this isn't an effort to build anticipation--too late for that. At this point the press is hungry for facts, and she needs the press. They'll find them, but they won't feel any need to run them past her before publicizing them. Has McCain explained to her that it was his seeming openness with the press that made them like him so long?

Hm. I'm assuming they converse again, aren't I?

Has the GOP deluded themselves into thinking they can win with only their base, while Obama all this week has been picking off the undecideds(and wrapping up the PUMAs--nicely done, GOP!)? From what I can tell from the convention coverage, their base is mostly the most bitter of seniors and the most greedy, hostile and paranoid of younger people. Seniors are helpful and do vote, but I get the feeling all he can count on are the ones who were present. It looked like a (fairly unenthusiastic) revival meeting in a superchurch, not a convention. And these are the same people who went crazy over Terri Schiavo. remember, so it doesn't even matter to them if they're following a living person off a cliff.

They're so desperate to matter that they'll even attach themselves blindly to Barbie McMooseburger, whom they'd only heard of less than a week before. I must say, I am not shocked that the GOP thinks that America is stupid, considering these particular Americans are the only ones they seem to have any contact with anymore. Their Christian Right base will go along with anything they say. Given that, too, I am not surprised they're taken for granted by the party--a party, by the way, that has given even them absolutely nothing they wanted. They're easy, and have no other place to go. One tends not to respect that.

This is why Romney and Palin's speeches seem designed for people shut in who only, ever, watch Fox News. And nothing else ever. Except maybe the 700 Club. (apparently they've never seen Law & Order, or they'd have recognized Fred Thompson as a Hollywood celebrity and lynched him) These are the only people who could believe, as they tried to assert, that somehow liberals have been in charge for the past 8 years. Which is this year's equivalent of Bush 41's attempt in the last days of the 1992 campaign to claim--post-Cold War--that Clinton was a Soviet spy.

The point is, these are the people who would have voted Republican no matter what. But that doesn't decide elections. Mistress McMooseburger frightened the swing voters straight into Obama's arms. We know McCain doesn't believe in the bullshit she was spouting(and her speech, by the way, had been written some time ago to be given by
whomever became the VP candidate). So we know that he's full of shit now himself, and has no principles. He'll just do whatever he's told by the party that it takes to get elected(which is foolish, because it won't), and he's not even thinking about what Palin would do to this country should he die. I wonder, is he cynical, deluded, senile, vengeful, or just a "foolish, fond old man?"

I think of I, Claudius, near the end, when Claudius allows all the worst people to be in a position to succeed him, the idea being that people will be so disgusted with them that they'll overthrow the imperium and restore the Republic. I think of McCain and wonder if this is what he thinks will happen to the GOP.

But what actually happened was that Imperial Rome simply continued, prospered, and got worse and worse. For centuries afterward. The Republic never returned, despite what you may have seen in Gladiator.

I mean, if they wanted a pastor-in-chief so much, they'd have done far better with a true believer who's also actually friendly, charming and personable(despite how much I disagree with him) such as Mike Huckabee. Who wasn't at all comfortable with the tone of the convention. But, despite his more right-wing social views, I believe Huckabee comes from a decent place as far as how his belief affects his politics. I think he actually cares about other human beings and isn't driven by hate, unlike much of the Religious Right; he's one of those who had actually believed the Faith-Based crap was going to be used to help the poor. I would never, in a million years, want him in the Federal Government. But Huckabee would have been smarter for them if they didn't want just the people who like to shout "Burn the witch!" to remain with them.

The GOP's game is far, far off, and they have no idea what they're doing. What you have seen this week is the Republican Party in a state of utter panic. Wednesday night on the Daily Show, that cynical old anus Newt Gingrich mentioned that they thought of trying to find talking points about her that were "uniquely Alaskan," that other Americans could relate to, but that they abandoned the idea.

Did they? Is that why Fred Thompson extolled her ability to field-dress a moose?

Oh, Christ. Does the GOP even live in America? Maybe not--they had to leave the lower 48 to find her. But--


I guess all Gingrich meant was that they'd abandoned the "relate to" part.

People don't care about this crap. They care about jobs, and inflation, and gas prices, and the war. Real concerns. This is the approach you take when things are good and you have the luxury to fuck about with theocracy. Not when we're verging on a depression.

I really, really hope people aren't as imbecilic as the GOP thinks they are.

Incidentally, watching Laura Bush talking Palin up, I couldn't help thinking, wasn't she once a librarian of some kind? What kind of librarian backs a candidate who wants to ban books?

One that's a total political whore and believes in nothing, that's who.

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