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31 March 2008
Sony BMG: Enjoying the Fruits of Piracy

Seems Sony, the RIAA member that feels so strongly about the piracy of intellectual property that it has tried to put malware on your computer, has pirated software on its own company servers.
30 March 2008
Siegels Win Superman

Holy fucking shit. The family of Jerry Siegel won half the copyright to Action Comics #1.

And therefore to Superman. (The other half had been sold by Joe Shuster to DC, so they still have that--until 2013)

This should make things interesting for DC/Warner...


  Olbermann on Broadcast?

Tonight, at least. Rockin'!



this is kind of what Gulag Gangbang, and parts of Vladrushka's bio,(NSFW) were about.

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  Possibly The Coolest Thing Ever

This hulu.com thing, that is. Particularly given that you can watch things like Picket Fences there. For free. What else did I browse? Short list:
There's a lot more than that, though.  

  Massive Attack with Elizabeth Fraser: "Teardrop"

I posted this once before, but this version is much higher quality. Enjoy.

28 March 2008
Clinton & Scaife

I guess Hillary's philosophy on the "vast right-wing conspiracy" is if you can't beat Obama, join 'em. Because now she's using their materials to smear Obama.

And, no doubt, they're only too happy to help because she's the one they want to be against; they've spent such a lot of time & effort preparing to defeat her. So she's accepting support from the very people who have been trying to destroy her and her husband for as long as anyone can remember.

But why should this shock us? The defining characteristic of the Clinton years was: the right wing gets almost everything it wants and meanwhile the Democratic Party grows to resemble them more closely.

And look how well that turned out!

No more Clintons. Please.

Clearly she does not care about the Democrats winning the white house if the Democrat who wins it is not her.
--"mattcable" (a commenter on the linked article)


  Newest Latest Page

Before lettering. (click to enlarge)


27 March 2008
  More Hillary Tales of Adventure and Courage

(Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)


21 March 2008
Tina Fey Is Really Embracing That Word

"Bitch," that is, the one she extolled on SNL a few weeks ago. Let me get this straight--she doesn't think the Daily Show makes people laugh?

That's the first funny thing I've heard from anyone on SNL in about 20 years.


20 March 2008
  Zenith Online

And no doubt completely unauthorized, but until Grant Morrison's copyright problems with Fleetway are resolved, this is the best we can do. I'm speaking of his brilliant strip with Steve Yeowell from 2000 AD, Zenith, his earliest superhero work. And to some degree, the template for much Morrison wrote to this day.

Over at Scans Daily, one "timetailor" has been posting most of the series, including all the uncollected stuff, and it's quite fun.

The conclusion, "Phase IV," has never even been collected, nor have some interesting side strips. And the rest of the series is available only in extremely rare and expensive volumes Titan released in the late 80s. I have almost all of these, but only because I happened to be about when they were new. Yes, this is how wretchedly old I am; 40 next year. (You may all shut up now.) But till now I'd never read Phases I or IV, so I dig it. So go and read.


  New South Park

  The Dialogue Begins


19 March 2008
Hillary and Her No Foreign Policy Experience

According to her White House schedule, anyway.
...the documents from her office in the White House threaten to undermine her claim to have played a major role in Clinton's foreign policy decisions.

For instance, Clinton has said she helped negotiate the April 1998 Good Friday agreement between warring factions in Northern Ireland. But while Catholic and Protestant figures hashed out last-minute details of a power-sharing agreement in Belfast, Clinton was at the National Press Club in Washington at a party honouring Bella Abzug, a congresswoman from New York City who had died recently. While President Clinton phoned major participants in the peace talks, she met with Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel and joined a farewell party for Democratic operative Karen Finney. On the day the agreement was actually signed, she met with Philippine first lady Amelita Ramos.

When Nato launched air strikes against Serbia in an attempt to punish Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic for the country's onslaught against ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo, Clinton toured ancient Egyptian ruins, including King Tut's tomb and the temple of Hatshepsut. She dined at the Temple of Luxor, and stayed overnight at the Sofitel Winter Palace Hotel there.

On August 20, 1998, Bill Clinton ordered US missile strikes on suspected terrorist sites in Sudan and Afghanistan. The president and Hillary Clinton were on holiday on Martha's Vineyard, a posh island vacation spot off the coast of Massachusetts. After announcing the attack, Clinton cut short his break and returned to Washington to confer with his national security team; Hillary Clinton remained on the Vineyard until August 30, her records show...
But she does get points for being really observant when she was present at the White House.

Hillary Clinton was present in the White House, however, for at least one significant event of the Clinton presidency. On November 15 1995, when President Clinton is said to have begun his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, she was in the White House, according to her schedule.

The release of Clinton's White House papers have made it possible to work out her whereabouts during the key moments in the Lewinsky scandal by comparing her schedule to the detailed account of Clinton's affair detailed in the Starr Report.

On at least one other occasion, the Clintons met on official White House duties shortly after Bill Clinton and Lewinsky had been engaged in sexual activity, the papers suggest.


(Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)


18 March 2008
Fuck You, Lynndie England

No, seriously, fuck you. You're blaming the media for your Abu Ghraib BDSM photos? These just below? You say they didn't have to show them?

You didn't have to pose for them smiling in the first place, you stupid redneck.


16 March 2008
  Gun Club: "Sex Beat"

  New South Park

15 March 2008

100 dead so far in Tibet.


  China Clamps Down On Tibet

And just two weeks before the Beijing Olympics. This will not end well.


  Garfield Minus Garfield

Pure genius. (hat tip to Eddie Campbell)

13 March 2008
  Olbermann Takes Down Ferraro


11 March 2008
Now, This Is More The Hillary I Know

Didn't take Hillary long to max out her goodwill, did it?

And given the GOP lie that hurt Al Gore in 2000, do we really want someone running who really can be proved to be making ridiculous exaggerations? Or, to be less polite, lies?

Such as this one about her bravery under fire in Bosnia, or how she brokered the Northern Ireland peace agreement.

Oh, dear Christ, no. Not her. I think now she's the only one who could lose to McCain. And as I've said before, she's the one the GOP wants to run against.


10 March 2008
Hard Out There For A Pimp

NY governor Eliot Spitzer: he likes himself the high-priced whores. This is the same guy who made his name as a fighter against corruption. Oh, that included busting prostitution rings.

Wonder if any of this will splash onto Hillary.

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09 March 2008
  More New Stuff

Minus words.

Click to enlarge


Why Hillary Will Win

Or, if she does, why that will be. Because Obama is a paper tiger that folds with the poke of a finger.

I've done a great deal of thinking, and now I'm favoring Hillary, god help me. If this guy can't handle attacks from his fellow Democrats, not to mention that he's still completely unspecific about just how he's going to fix the country, then he isn't ready to be president.


That's Why I Do Comics

Because sex in the written word is often unbearably silly, as Lee Rourke at the Guardian explains. (hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)
08 March 2008
Once Again: They Let It Happen

Exactly the way a deer caught in headlights gets hit by an oncoming car.

Isn't stupidity and cowardice, in the end, just as bad in results as evil? In some ways, maybe worse.


07 March 2008
  Alan Moore: A Primer

At the Onion.

Also, there's a link in it to yet another place on the internet that his abortive Twilight of the Superheroes proposal has turned up, till DC has it removed again. If you haven't read it, you ought to, if you're at all interested in the way Moore's mind works. And if you want to see the corpse that DC has been picking pieces from for a couple of decades and change.

In particular is a piece of advice, in this context regarding the effects of Crisis on Infinite Earths in the mid-80s, on the ultimately destructive effect that constant reboots of longstanding characters can do. This is a piece of advice that Joe Quesada and Dan Didio would be wise to take. From what I can see when I go into comics stores these days, all the titles seem to be so interlaced that they resemble one big comic series. This is not a way to get new readers. The strategy seems to be to force readers to buy many, many different comics every week just to get one story straight. But few will do that; most likely they'll realize what a waste of time it is and give up altogether.

In the wake of the time-altering at the end of the Crisis we are left with a universe where the entire past continuity of DC, for the most part, simply never happened. While I understand that Paul is attempting to sort out the Legion/Superboy problems over in LSH at the moment, and that other writers are tackling similar discrepancies, the fact remains that by far the larger part of DC's continuity will simply have to be scrapped and consigned to one of Orwell's memory holes along with a large amount of characters who, more than simply being dead, are now unpeople.

I believe this is dangerous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, by establishing the precedent of altering time, you are establishing an unconscious context for all stories that take place in the future, as well as for those which took place (or rather didn't take place) in the past. The readers of long standing, somewhere along the line, are going to have some slight feeling that all the stories that they followed avidly during their years of involvement with the book have been in some way invalidated, that all those countless plotlines weren't leading to anything more than what is in some respects an arbitrary cut-off point. By extension, the readers of today might well be left with the sensation that the stories they are currently reading are of less significance or moment because, after all, at some point ten years in the future some comic book omnipotent, be it an editor or the Spectre, can go back in time and erase the whole slate, ready to start again. I myself felt something similar at the end of the first Superman film, when he turns time back to save Lois. It ruined the small but genuine enjoyment that I'd got from that first movie and destroyed all credibility for any of the following sequels as far as I was concerned.

I know that the average eight year old reader in the street is not thinking these things consciously while buying his monthly batch of titles. Probably the average seventeen or twenty five year old reader isn't either, although that's more open to debate... Attendant to this, there are a number of people in the industry (and in my opinion they have a good case even if I'm undecided about the right means to carry it off) who feel that it's time to break down the continuity and try to get rid of a lot of the rather anal and obsessive attitudes that have been allowed to dominate the marketplace and to some degree have hindered it in its periodic attempts to be taken seriously. I suppose a shining example of this would be Frank[Miller]'s Dark Knight, which, while it doesn't seem bothered about fitting into any graven-in-stone continuity, does service to the legend of Batman and brilliantly redefines the character for an eighties audience, and nobody really seems to care much how this all fits into the continuity because it's such a bloody good story. Will Jason Todd really die? Will all the superheroes leave Earth to Superman and his government pals? Will Oliver Queen really get his arm burned off at the elbow in a fight with Clark Kent and become an embittered urban terrorist? Who cares?

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02 March 2008
  New Stuff

From something in progress. (One of three projects I'm not doing enough on) Only one-fourth of this was not digitally inked. Guess which fourth.
Click to enlarge


"Eternity in the company of Beelzebub, and all of his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me & this pencil."
--E. Blackadder, 1789

JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
Questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson


John L. Roberson at PATREON


LULU Book 2 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Donna Barr
VLADRUSHKA Issue 2 (2021) 

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