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29 September 2007
  How I Feel Right Now


  A Suggestion Worth Considering

From Ruben Bolling. (click to enlarge)


28 September 2007
Smiles In Hell

Rudy Giuliani explained his taking a phone call from his wife(which seemed pretty, I dunno, staged to me) in the midst of a speech to the NRA because of...

Oh, I know. You think it's too easy. You think it's easy bait. But it's not. I admire the man. It's right that he should keep repeating those three numbers. After all, he owns those three words. Almost three thousand died so that he could use those, because they all knew their deaths would make Giuliani, beloved Giuliani, the president. Those three numbers were a gift to him. As opposed to the 666 that he used to hide with the hairpiece till he got them lasered off.

Anyway, the call, the call from his wife that he took; which he says he took because keeping in touch with your spouse by cell phone has been more important since...

What has everything been more important since, especially finding any excuse to mention it like a salesman would push a brand? What allows anything that Rudy would like to do? What has torture and mass murder been okay since, as far as he's concerned? What has he said gun ownership(I'd love to see how that'd help you on a plane) is more important since? What three holy numbers does he make sure to tattoo into your brain with each and every speech he gives, the spot becoming more and more calloused and numb every time?

You know, Giuliani will be a challenge for them in Hell. How exactly to punish him? Well, I think we can take solace in the fact that so many people died on 9/11 that almost certainly some of them had to be bad people; considering what sort of multinationals and world-controlling organizations ran out of there, almost certainly some, though none deserved to die that way, were very bad people indeed, already destined for Hell long before that day and in no way redeemed by it.

And yet I think, watching from down there while the Devil shoves hot coals up their asses, they would resent as much as the ones in Heaven the way Giuliani has exploited their deaths. So I think that they would be given the assignment of meting out Rudy's most appropriate and poetic eternal torment.

And I think that day, for the first time, there would be smiles, at least a few, even in Hell.


  Screw You, I Liked Max Q

So there. Sorry, but I thought every word in this song was true in 1991 and I still do.


  Love & Rockets

No, not Los Bros Hernandez. The other one.


27 September 2007
Why Is the Pentagon The Shape It Is?

No one knows, but I wonder why--given that the plans for these barracks would have shown this clearly--the Navy chose in the 1960s to build these barracks in the shape of a swastika. Which they admit they realized long ago. Maybe a tribute to their valiant foes in WW2 who sank so many U.S. vessels? But then again, given the character of our country's foreign policy since WW2, maybe it's appropriate.


Give The Lady What She Wants

Apparently suicidal since the November election(can't see why, as nothing has changed), Ann Coulter has begged to have a fatwa declared upon her.

Between this, Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly's Don Imus moment, it seems my least favorite GOP pundits are doing the honorable thing and removing themselves. Awesome.

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Larry Craig: Consistent in His Hypocrisy

He votes against a hate crime bill. Fortunately, in case someone tries to gay-bash him, it passes anyway.


Rush Limbaugh Is A Bigger and Fatter Idiot

Not content to have already turned on his fellow citizens, the families of 9/11 victims, and the mothers of slain soldiers, he decides also to attack presently-serving soldiers as well.

By the time he's done, the only "loyal" American in his view will be him, an admitted "water-carrier" for the Republicans. Those must be some damn good drugs he's on.

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  Watch It Quick 78

I realize I've put it up before, but screw it, it's my favorite episode.

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  "This Sickness" Passes 200,000

I'm flattered. Thank you, everyone.

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25 September 2007
Story of OH! Starts Tomorrow

Just a reminder to y'all that The Story of OH!, written by Charles Alverson & drawn by me, starts tomorrow. Be sure(if you're over 18 only) to check out the strip that Alan David Doane has said "looks to be a visually stunning new webcomic."


23 September 2007
  Jonathan Ross: "In Search of Steve Ditko"


22 September 2007


  Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine"


21 September 2007
Dan Clowes, Corruptor of Youth

You may have heard about the teacher who was fired recently for giving a student a "pornographic" comic book. The book in question is Eightball #22, which is known in a different format as Ice Haven. And as you all know, I certainly know what an actually-pornographic comic looks like. Ice Haven is hardly Lost Girls. My guess that Connecticut's definition of pornography is, well, a little loose. (Good thing it wasn't Pussey)

In any case: completely retarded, and completely unsurprising. Best wishes and luck to the teacher in question, however.


20 September 2007
  Humans Are So Neat

Particularly in West Virginia.


  Belgium To Break Apart?

Not so you'd really notice, but apparently, yeah.


New Jamie Delano

Did you know the legendary Jamie Delano, the most underappreciated(but possibly the best) writer Vertigo has had(and a good friend of Bottomless Studio, incidentally), has managed to get a number of his best works(at least the ones without John Constantine) out of the grip of Time/Warner? Unlike a number of other creators, but I won't go into the fucked-up things DC thinks are "creator's rights contracts."

These include a nice fat one-volume collection of Outlaw Nation, recently released by Image, and this week, Cruel and Unusual, co-written with Tom Peyer and drawn by John McCrea. ON in particular was never given its proper chance by DC, so check it out. Links below for you to click.


  Cab Calloway & the Nicholas Brothers: "Jumpin' Jive"


  David Bowie: "Stay" (Live, 1978)

With Adrian Belew.


  Joy Division


  "Lost Girls" on SexTV

Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie talking about it, that is.

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No, No, No

Not a Trekkie. But I love the original Star Trek. Which was fine as it was.

There'll be a new film, and they will be doing a reboot of the original, as they have officially run out of ideas for the franchise. Thing is, though I love Galactica, similarly rebooted, and in fact completely recreated as though the first one never was, the reason they could re-imagine the whole thing (though there are a few insane souls who still insist the original was better) was that the original was a complete cheesefest looked back upon with affection, but mostly on grounds of campiness. The original Star Trek is, by contrast, known and beloved worldwide, and has been a very long time. These are difficult icons to mess with, and they have a rather...peculiar fan base, as we all know. One that is very committed, and some--some--of whom, well, should be.

New Kirk. New Spock. New Uhura. Bad idea.


19 September 2007
This Sickness News: Very Famous Super-Special Earth-Shattering Guest Writer Charles Alverson's "The Story of OH!" Begins September 26

Thanks to the completely unanticipated huge numbers of you who have been–hopefully–enjoying the current Vladrushka serial in This Sickness at Adult Webcomics. (and remember, the print version is available today from Fantagraphics/Eros)

However, all good things must come to an end. And things like this too. But on Wednesday, you have a brand new serial, original to AWC! Everything up to this point has been previously published, or had been intended for, print at Eros. This one will be premiered in This Sickness.

And it’s a labor of love that I’ve had in the works a very long while, and been working on very slowly. And in a side note, one of two such collaborations I'm working on currently, the other quite different and not the kind of thing meant for AWC or Eros, if Eros were still publishing American cartoonists, and with which my writer is being very patient and great.

It’s titled THE STORY OF OH!, which is somewhat parodic, you may get the feeling. And a chance for me to indulge my love of the great Guido Crepax, whose version of the original O is what started me down this seedy road of adult cartooning. But by far the greatest honor in this, for me, is that it represents my second occasion to work with my special guest writer, the one, the only, Charles Alverson!

In addition to his longtime work in journalism, Charles is known as the editor, under Harvey Kurtzman, of the legendary HELP! Magazine. Even more famously, he has collaborated twice with director Terry Gilliam, having written the screenplay for Jabberwocky(still beats Holy Grail in the Dark Ages Comedy category hands down), and the original draft, called “The Ministry,” of what became Brazil. But he’s one of the world’s great humorists no matter what side of the Atlantic he’s on at the moment. Incidentally, these days, that’d be Serbia. (Check out his website for more fun facts about Charles, and if you don’t believe my horrible self, read this testimonial from Terry Jones.) Charles, via Jabberwocky, is one of my biggest influences, so it’s a huge kick to get to draw his work

This project grew out of our previous one. Charles contributed two great stories to 2003’s Working for the Man, one illustrated by my friend Sam Henderson, the other, “Rapunzel,” by myself. The Story of OH! was another script he’d sent, but I felt at the time it might be, well, not right for a benefit. But it certainly is now. It had been meant to be, at one time, a short film. But comics is a more deserving medium.

Anyway, be sure to visit This Sickness to see this new and very odd serial, starting a week from today! (and while at AWC, visit the other strips too, especially those by Jeff Coleman, Jessica Fink, and Dale Lazarov)

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  Cab Calloway: "Reefer Man"


18 September 2007
Oh Boy Oh Boy

My favorite film, ever, O Lucky Man! by Lindsay Anderson & Malcolm McDowell (and also with Ralph Richardson, Alan Price, and of course Helen Mirren), is coming out on DVD at last next month! (click the link down below to pre-order it, as I just did)

If you haven't read it, this is a review/analysis of it--and its predecessor If....--that I wrote a while back.

Here are some scenes from this piece of brilliance too few people know(and from which, along with
If.... and Withnail & I, Grant Morrison's been pinching lines from for years). Though at one time, it seemed the most common thing, along with its inferior (but worthy) sequel Brittania Hospital, you found in the video store. Perhaps it was there to capitalize on the popularity on VHS of the very, very different A Clockwork Orange.

When no one can tempt you
With heaven or hell
You'll be a lucky man!
You'd be better by far
To be just what you are
You can be what you want
If you are who you are
--Alan Price

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17 September 2007
  First Lead In Our Kids' Toys...

And now, children not, apparently, being helpless enough, China goes after leukemia patients.


16 September 2007
Please Do This All By The Book This Time

O.J. Simpson arrested again, this time for armed robbery. Hey, whatever it takes to get him into jail. Just get this murderer out of our sight.


Grant Morrison's Alien Abduction

If you can understand a word he says through his accent(I've met him, and you can't even understand it close up), Grant Morrison, here, explains the incident that led to the creation of the Invisibles. And do keep in mind, during the incident he describes, he was oh so very high.

15 September 2007
  Most Embarrassing Moment of Bill Gates' Life


  Wally Wood TV Ad

For Alka-Seltzer. (hat tip to the great Craig Yoe)


14 September 2007
  I Wish I Could Have Seen This

Two very bright and decent (and, as it happens, straight--they were standing up for a bullied classmate)young men make a gang of retarded homophobic bullies look like the complete fools they are. (hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)

(Now, I should mention that I actually hate pink, but that's for aesthetic, not ideological, reasons. I tend more to blues and greens)


11 September 2007
  Watch It Quick 77

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10 September 2007
  Banned From The Bible Part 1-2


  American Ingenuity

One couple's answer to the housing crash: turn your unsold home into a brothel.


  Aelita, Queen of Mars (1924)

Don't you love how many cool things are in the public domain? Not as many as there should be by now, but still... Here's the classic Soviet science fiction/propaganda film. Imagine Flash Gordon, but with Bolshevism.

And as a little extra, here's Edison's 1910 Frankenstein, on Google Video, which I can't embed despite that Blogger is a Google thing. Go figure.
Warning: the film is crap. But interesting anyway)

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"Ronald Reagan: A Biography"

In comics, online, by Andrew Helfer, Steve Buccellatto, and Joe Staton, at Slate. And it's pretty well-done, if a little bland.

Here's a conversation with Helfer(whom I remember from his excellent work at DC in the late 80s with Kyle Baker on the Shadow and Justice Inc.) about the piece.

Apropos of nothing: This Sickness (click only if yer over 18, sorry) is now getting an average readership per day of well over a thousand readers, and total pageviews are
174,814 at this writing. Thank you, keep coming back, and tell your friends! Let's get it to 200,000 and beyond!

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  Tell It To The Hand: Tom Tomorrow Explains the Housing Collapse

(click to enlarge)


09 September 2007
  Watch It Quick 76

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08 September 2007
"I, Claudius: A Television Epic"

I blame this brilliant BBC series for my obsession with Roman history. Here's a documentary about it.


07 September 2007

Larry Gonick's been doing this cool comic strip I just found out about.


06 September 2007
Larry Craig Completely Loses Mind

Incredibly: He's trying to take back his resignation, merely prolonging his, the Republican party's, and his family's humiliation. Apart from his poor family, I can't say I don't enjoy this. But. This much denial is dangerous. Craig will not be content till he destroys himself, and possibly many around him, rather than admit that he's gay.

I think this is the kind of story that can only end with someone pointing a gun toward their own head.


05 September 2007
  Bush Knew. We Knew This Already

That he knew there were no WMDs in Iraq, that is.

But the reasons why. Oh.
"I'm playing for October-November ... to get us in a position where the presidential candidates will become comfortable about sustaining a presence."
--George W. Bush to biographer Robert Draper

"Everything you said about Iraq yesterday, and everything you will say, is a deception for the purpose of this one cynical, unacceptable brutal goal -- perpetuating this war indefinitely," continued Olbermann. "War today! War tomorrow! War forever! ... A man with any self-respect, having inadvertently revealed such an evil secret, would have already resigned and fled the country."
Keith Olbermann
Actually, he was out of the country, in Iraq, this week. Lying to the troops that some might be home soon.


  National Geographic Will Destroy Us All

Don't believe me. Believe the evidence.


  An Ad To Live By

And these too.


04 September 2007
  Don't Criticize the Fundraising of Rep. Doug Lamborn (R.,Co)

He'll personally call you up and threaten you.


03 September 2007
"Tales of the Black Freighter"

A sort-of reconstruction of what the comic-within-a-comic in Watchmen might have looked like.


02 September 2007
  Lovely Cartoons By Steve Sack & Ted Rall


  Let's Put On A Show


The Banned Berke Breathed Cartoon

Isn't the strip as it stands now just Bloom County reborn? Which I'm glad of. Anyway: Right here at Salon.
(click image to enlarge)


"Eternity in the company of Beelzebub, and all of his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me & this pencil."
--E. Blackadder, 1789

JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
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