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I Didn't Write That!
29 June 2007
Please God, Don't Let Them Make Her The Nominee

Unless the Democratic Party wants to lose yet another presidential election--but this time because no one will vote for the candidate.


  "Attention Scum"


27 June 2007
  Impeach Cheney

More reasons why, as if more were needed.

Of course, if that stood a serious chance of happening, Cheney would have declared martial law by now.

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The White House and the Office of the Vice President subpoenaed by Congress.


Whitman: The Plot Thickens

Who made her tell New Yorkers that the air was safe to roam around in after 9/11?

We know now who caused her to quit, because:
In a groundbreaking article today by the Washington Post, the paper alleges that Whitman left the Administration because they pressured her to accept pro-industry coal power plant rules which threatened ghoulish levels of air pollution.
Who was bringing that pressure? Cheney.

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26 June 2007
  Chile, Cyprus and More

The crimes of Henry Kissinger in newly-released CIA documents.


  America bankrupt?

Oh great. Thanks, George.

CNN: America Bankrupt?
Uploaded by TLNNL


  Elizabeth Edwards Takes Down Ann Coulter

And embarrasses her in front of a Republican crowd. Good for Mrs. Edwards. More, with video, here.


25 June 2007
  Underwater Logging

A very clever possible solution to deforestation.


  A Simple Accounting Error

That's the reason I'd give that this crazy old man(above) who isn't in the Executive Branch has been mistaken for the Vice President all these years.

But there's an easy remedy:
cut off the funding for his office. Then he can go back to yelling at kids to get the fuck off his lawn.


  So...You Thought You'd Just Blend In With The Crowd?

Here's a couple of pictures of a prison escapee who might have thought things through a bit more carefully.


  Christine Todd Whitman and Her 9/11 Lies

A follow-up--six years too late--on this.


  Watch It Quick 71

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21 June 2007
  White House Closing Gitmo?



  Not Exactly The Kind Of Thing You Can Tuck Under Your Coat

A lake in Chile disappears for no apparent reason.


Cheney Abdicates All Authority

What else can one make of his claim that the office of the VP is not part of the executive branch?

So basically he's just this crazy old man who, for some reason, has been allowed to make policy? Congress should definitely do something about this terrible misunderstanding.

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  Some Art I Done Did

For one of many projects I've been terribly slow on this year.
(And for those that like that sort of thing, as always, if you're over 18, you'll find much more at This Sickness)

Click image to enlarge.

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20 June 2007
  Reznor & Murphy: "Bela Lugosi's Dead"


19 June 2007
Bloomberg Leaves GOP

The mayor of New York(who, unlike Giuliani--who till 9/11 was one of NYC's most-loathed mayors--actually had to manage what 9/11 did to New York) has announced he has left the Republican party and has declared as an independent.

Now all he has to do is wait a little while longer while the GOP candidates continue to destroy one another.


  Ignoring Karl

A beautiful, musical quote:
"What's the penalty now, Karl being mad at you?" Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio asked with a laugh, referring to Bush political adviser Karl Rove. "Who cares? Even his former chief strategist (Matthew Dowd) walked away from him and pissed all over him."


  SUV Drivers: Enjoy Hell

The Catholic Church issues new commandments. For drivers.


  Disaster In My Former Hometown

A horrible warehouse fire, specifically, in Charleston, S.C., where I grew up. My condolences to the families of the nine dead firefighters.


  OJ's Confession


Now I was standing in Nicole's courtyard, in the dark, listening to the loud, rhythmic, accelerated beating of my own heart. I put my left hand to my heart and my shirt felt strangely wet. I looked down at myself. For several moments, I couldn't get my mind around what I was seeing. The whole front of me was covered in blood, but it didn't compute. Is this really blood? I wondered. And whose blood is it? Is it mine? Am I hurt?
Lost Highway seems creepier and more resonant all the time.


  Ted Stevens, Cocaine and Halliburton

The internet's not the only thing that goes through "tubes."


Scalia Hearts Jack Bauer

So you think that 24 is harmless entertainment? Well, Antonin Scalia thinks it's a basis on which to make Supreme Court decisions. (hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)
"Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles. ... He saved hundreds of thousands of lives," Judge Scalia said. Then, recalling Season 2, where the agent's rough interrogation tactics saved California from a terrorist nuke, the Supreme Court judge etched a line in the sand.
"Are you going to convict Jack Bauer?" Judge Scalia challenged his fellow judges. "Say that criminal law is against him? 'You have the right to a jury trial?' Is any jury going to convict Jack Bauer? I don't think so...

Even if a real terrorist who suffered mistreatment is released because of complaints of abuse, Judge Scalia said, the interruption to the terrorist's plot would have ensured "in Los Angeles everyone is safe." During a break from the panel, Judge Scalia specifically mentioned the segment in Season 2 when Jack Bauer finally figures out how to break the die-hard terrorist intent on nuking L.A. The real genius, the judge said, is that this is primarily done with mental leverage. "There's a great scene where he told a guy that he was going to have his family killed," Judge Scalia said. "They had it on closed circuit television - and it was all staged. ... They really didn't kill the family."


18 June 2007
  Watch It Quick 70

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  Like You Didn't Like This When You Were Twelve...


  Saving Us From Ourselves?

It reeks of Tony Blair's staff trying, after the fact, to cover its ass and look the peacemaker, but this is undeniably interesting:

In comments printed in advance in the Daily Mirror tabloid on Monday, Christopher Meyer said that fear explained why Prime Minister Tony Blair chose to stand with US President George W. Bush in his decision to invade Afghanistan in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks -- to temper his aggressive battle plans.

"Blair's real concern was that there would be quote unquote 'a knee-jerk reaction' by the Americans ... they would go thundering off and nuke the shit out of the place without thinking straight," Meyer reported told the documentary, according to the Mirror.


  Watch It Quick 69

ATHF - T-Shirt of the Living Dead
Uploaded by PROXY_77

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  Abu Ghraib: Of Course They Knew

And tried to shut it up. More from Sy Hersh here. Also a CNN interview with Hersh here.
"...They were told in memos what the photographs showed... They showed other, more sexual abuse than we knew, sodomy of women prisons by American soldiers, a father and his son forced to do acts together. There was more stuff [than] was made public. You didn't need a photograph if you had a verbal description of it.

"It's quite implicit," he added. "They knew very quickly this was bad."


14 June 2007

More cartoon animals serving themselves to you at Suicide Food. And a great collection of creepy ads here.

Have a great lunch!


13 June 2007
  Jesus Is My Editor - The Creation Museum Needs A Proofreader
Jesus' General finds a fascinating slip in the Creation Museum's promotional literature, given that the Creationists believe the universe is 6-10,000 years old:
Each seat is a rocket launching pad in our Stargazers Planetarium. Prepare for lift-off. The digital projector showcases a spectacular gravity-defying spaceflight, a thrilling 22-minute ride billions of light years away to the vast outer regions of our universe. Breathtaking images and inconceivable distances make this cosmic journey under the dome a fully engaging experience.

I'm confused... Billions of "light years away" suggests God was doing a whole lot of other stuff before he got around to us. Yer just trying to keep us on our toes, right?

Apparently, the Creation Museum's staff don't realize that, in addition to being a measure of distance, a light year also implies time having passed. It's the distance light takes to travel in a year. If we see the light of a star one billion light years away, that means we're looking at its light as it was one billion years ago. In some ways looking at stars is looking back in time.

If that much time has passed, then the universe has existed at least that long. Oops! Unless they're old earth creationists. But if they were, they wouldn't feel the need to pretend humans and dinosaurs lived side by side.

By the way, looking through the above-linked "about" page, I was particularly interested in the quiet scientific objectivity displayed by this:
Walk through the Cave of Sorrows and see the horrific effects of the Fall of man. Sounds of a sin-ravaged world echo through the room. Finally, see the sacrificial Lamb on the cross, and the hope of redemption.
Fun for the whole family! Although, for some kids, I guess it could be more fun than a petting zoo. Particularly if it's a real lamb.


  "Absurda"--David Lynch

Possibly from Inland Empire(which I haven't seen yet).

Absurda - David Lynch (2007)
Uploaded by MrMovie

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12 June 2007
  The Pentagon's Gay Bomb

You have got to be kidding.

You're not kidding. Okayyy...


I Knew This Already

...given that my dad, a Vietnam vet with bipolar disorder and PTSD that was never treated properly, killed himself in 1986. This is old news to anyone who has a veteran parent or spouse. Nice to see it noticed.


Some Things You Should Know About Ron Paul

I realize a lot on the left are liking what they're hearing from him. But you should take this into consideration.


11 June 2007
  "Pressure" Is More Literal Than We Thought

Nerves might not work the way we think they do.


  "Americans & 9/11"

30% of us don't even remember what year it was?

Americans and 9/11
Uploaded by TLNNL


10 June 2007
  Another Reason PBS Is A Lost Cause

Which is why I don't get too worked up over the Right's attempts to destroy it. They took it over a long time ago.


  "Mom, It's Not Right"

Jamie Lee Curtis on the sorry state of parenting in this country.


09 June 2007
  Watch It Quick 68

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  Why The LA Sheriff Tried To Let Hilton Go

Might have had something to do with the campaign contribution he got from her family.

One point this has brought out that actually matters is the inequity of Hilton's treatment: if she'd been black, or poor or both, or really anyone but a white, blonde celebrity, her ass would be in jail for a very long time. This letter at Salon brings home why it's at all important that this waste of DNA go to jail:
Jail conditions will never improve as long as rich, white people think there is no chance that they will ever go to jail. The way to improve publicize bad conditions is to put the people with money and influence in the same jail as everybody else when they break the law. If Mimsy Soccermom gets a staph infection and six weeks of baloney sandwiches when she cheats on her taxes, then Mimsy will mount a campaign to overhaul the jail system. Mimsy doesn't care how badly poor black folks are treated when they get arrested for having a nickel bag in the car, because "those people" might as well live on another planet as far as she's concerned.


08 June 2007
  Paris In The Summertime

As usual, I don't give a fuck about celebrity news. But this is just too funny.
"It's not right!" shouted the weeping Hilton. "Mom!" she called out to her mother in the audience.
The ever-amusing squeal of the spoiled brat. Here it is, the most beautiful picture ever taken of her:

The world weeps for you.
07 June 2007
  Habeas Corpus

Back from the grave.


"Two Tribes"--2006 Version

After the last post I came across this. Impressive.

And I find it disturbing that someone in our military went to some trouble with the aesthetics of our current weaponry. Look at that plane that looks like a fiery bird of prey at the beginning.


Try Not To Swallow

An example of the amazingly blatant racism that is Fox & Friends, which is probably the most repulsive show on Fox. I swear, it's like watching the preppies in high school joking among themselves.

Lest anyone forget that Fox is a coordinated psy-ops strategy, not a news network, the hit job on John Edwards continues on Hannity & Colmes, below.

I'm wondering, are they trying to imply he's a communist? How quaint. I feel all nostalgic.

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  Since Season 1 Isn't Available #5


  Since Season 1 Isn't Available #4


  Since Season 1 Isn't Available #3


  Since Season 1 Isn't Available #2


06 June 2007
  Since Season 1 Isn't Available #1


  Thar's Gold In Them Thar Fetuses

As with any political cause that lasts long enough, it's the money that keeps the fire burning.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that right-wingers are so freaking gullible.


  Jack Bauer Defeats Master Shake

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: 24
Uploaded by Crazy6900


  So Sue Me

I like this song.


05 June 2007
  This Is What Loyalty To Cheney Gets You

Two and a half years in prison. Hope that sword feels good in Libby's gut. Probably distracts him from the dagger in his back.

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Rock Idol 1, Slimy Ad Agency 0

Following up on this obscenity: the ad agency that devised that disgusting Doc Martens campaign lost the account because of the uproar. Swell!

I guess they realized that an ad that makes people want to boycott the product is a little bit counterproductive.


  FCC Loses

Court to FCC: "Go fuck yourself."


04 June 2007
  Outsourcing Intelligence?

Yep, we're doing that.


  David Lynch On Product Placement

See, this kind of thing is why he's my hero.

And this kind of thing is why Jay Leno is a tit.

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9/11--The GOP's Woodstock

And the nostalgia they feel is evident from this published quote from the chairman of the Arkansas Republican party:

"At the end of the day, I believe fully the president is doing the right thing, and I think all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on [Sept. 11, 2001]," Milligan said to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, "and the naysayers will come around very quickly to appreciate not only the commitment for President Bush, but the sacrifice that has been made by men and women to protect this country."
Say, wouldn't an attack on American soil merely prove Bush is no protection? Ah well. Nice to see Republicans fantasizing about the murder of Americans. Wonder how this stupid piece of shit would feel if the attack were on his office? But that wouldn't happen because nobody gives a shit about Arkansas. (and besides, as a Republican official, he'd receive advance warning just like the president did before 9/11) As the chairman well knows, any such attack would be well away from him, upon someplace that actually matters. Upon people, unlike himself, who actually matter.


02 June 2007
  GOP Slits Own Throat

Suddenly, tragically, while shaving.


01 June 2007
  Vitriol Cap

At Cafepress.com. Buy several! Wear them all at once if you wish.


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