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31 May 2007
  The Most Useless People On Earth

At Slate. And they're so attractive too. Like the Joker's mother, just below.


Nixon Moment

From Bush. Who appears to be losing his tiny mind.
Friends of the president from Texas were "shocked recently to find him nearly wild-eyed, thumping himself on the chest three times while he repeated, 'I am the president!' He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of 'our country's destiny.'"


  Slimiest Reality Show Ever

Who wants to get a new liver?

Update: It's a hoax.


  "Smith! You're Not Trying!"

Okay, this is creepy. Now Britain's omnipresent surveillance cameras scold you.



An "apparent suicide" at Gitmo.

Meanwhile: cripples fight!


30 May 2007
  "The Great American Melting Pot"

Remember the 70s, when we celebrated immigration?


  Monty Python at the Pledge Drive


  Are We Sure This Isn't The Onion?

You tell me.


  Oh Hell No, Episode 2

Bait and switch from Dubya
! He has no intention of bringing the troops home even if the war ends(but it won't as long as they're there, of course).

President George W. Bush would like to see a lengthy U.S. troop presence in Iraq like the one in South Korea to provide stability but not in a frontline combat role, the White House said on Wednesday.

The United States has had thousands of U.S. troops in South Korea to guard against a North Korean invasion for 50 years.

Democrats in control of the U.S. Congress have been pressing Bush to agree to a timetable for pulling troops from Iraq, an idea firmly opposed by the president.

White House spokesman Tony Snow said Bush would like to see a U.S. role in Iraq ultimately similar to that in South Korea in which "you get to a point in the future where you want it to be a purely support model."

"The Korean model is one in which the United States provides a security presence, but you've had the development of a successful democracy in South Korea over a period of years, and, therefore, the United States is there as a force of stability," Snow told reporters.


  Confident Joe

Visiting Iraq. (and looking very Dukakesque)


29 May 2007

For those, like me, who were left unsatisfied by the pile of falsehoods and cutesiness that is 24 Hour Party People, the fact that Anton Corbijn has directed what looks to be a good Joy Division biopic comes as welcome news.


Bombing Away Inconvenient History

Does the fact that the Picket Wire Canyonlands, a valley in Colorado, is full of dinosaur fossils have anything to do with why the US Army wants to use it as a bombing practice site?


  Look What Came Through The Tubes

Everyone's favorite senile Republican, Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, had some very interesting remodeling help by Veco Corporation. They're an oil company, not a construction contractor. Now why would they be doing that for the senator? Well, looks like someone wants to find out.

Remember how he wouldn't swear oil company officials to an oath when they testified a little while back?


  Prestige Films With Exploitation Posters

By way of the amazing pop-history blog Learning to Share, a bunch of "A" movies given grindhouse posters. A coupla my favorites:

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  America, Symbolically


  Cindy Sheehan Resigns

With good reason to be bitter.

I have also reached the conclusion that if I am doing what I am doing because I am an "attention whore" then I really need to be committed. I have invested everything I have into trying to bring peace with justice to a country that wants neither. If an individual wants both, then normally he/she is not willing to do more than walk in a protest march or sit behind his/her computer criticizing others. I have spent every available cent I got from the money a "grateful" country gave me when they killed my son and every penny that I have received in speaking or book fees since then. I have sacrificed a 29 year marriage and have traveled for extended periods of time away from Casey’s brother and sisters and my health has suffered and my hospital bills from last summer (when I almost died) are in collection because I have used all my energy trying to stop this country from slaughtering innocent human beings. I have been called every despicable name that small minds can think of and have had my life threatened many times.

The most devastating conclusion that I reached this morning, however, was that Casey did indeed die for nothing. His precious lifeblood drained out in a country far away from his family who loves him, killed by his own country which is beholden to and run by a war machine that even controls what we think. I have tried every since he died to make his sacrifice meaningful. Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives. It is so painful to me to know that I bought into this system for so many years and Casey paid the price for that allegiance. I failed my boy and that hurts the most.


28 May 2007
  "What To Do In A Zombie Attack"


  Watch It Quick 67

The Daily Show - 2007.05.24
Uploaded by TLNNL

The Daily Show - 2007.05.24 - Part2
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The Colbert Report - 2007.05.24
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25 May 2007
  This Is News To Who?

The smarter you are, the less you believe the Bible:

About one-third of the American adult population believes the Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally word for word, a new Gallup poll reveals. This percentage is only slightly lower than several decades ago.
...Belief in the literal word of the Bible is strongest among those whose schooling stopped with high school and declines steadily with educational level, with only 20% of college graduates holding that view and 11% of those with an advanced degree.


  Watch It Quick 66

The Simpsons vs. The Media Part1
>Uploaded by TLNNL

The Simpsons vs. The Media Part2
Uploaded by TLNNL

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  Beatles: "Hey Bulldog"


  Hilariously Incomprehensible

Soviet-era version of "Let It Be." From a song of serenity and comfort to one of resignation and despair.


  Good Lord This Sucks 1

Looks like the Traveling Wilburys have a replacement.


24 May 2007
  Woody Allen


Okay, Now They're Traitors

Except, notably, Obama and Clinton(for whom it's a meaningless, symbolic gesture anyway), the Democrats just offered their collective hindquarters to Bush and completely missed the point of why they were elected in the first place.

Nobody's going to get us out of this war.


  Watch It Quick 65

Daily Show - 23 May 2007 (LQ)
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The Colbert Report - 2007.05.23
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  I'm Not Immune



  And Now To Lighten Things Up

Poetry Happened Today.

A bird shits on Bush as he reaffirms his support for Alberto.

Disasters were seen by Romans as manifestations of divine disapproval, and unusual phenomena as portents of catastrophe. To hear of such phenomena could create panic in a society riddled with superstitions, particularly in times of crisis. No official state business was every really held without the taking of omens and/auspices. (auspices: signs from birds).



"We can tell that to our grandchildren
If we
have any grandchildren."
Peter Weiss, Marat/Sade

9/11's death toll is continuing. Remember when Christine Todd Whitman went on TV and told everyone the air was safe to breathe in Manhattan only a day after it happened?
She lied.

Good thing she's going to have to answer for it to a Democratic Congress. Not that she wanted to.

What I wonder is how many will also hold Giuliani responsible for the deception. People carelessly sent to slow death, when the city and federal governments had no idea whether it was safe or not, but had every reason to exercise extreme caution. Like a parent telling their kid to go ahead and swim right after eating because it'll save time.

All so the stock market could keep rolling. But then, the powers that be that we've had since the beginning of the century consider every life not their own dispensable. Not toward any great cause except convenience, though. If we'd had a nuclear attack, they'd have told us the same damn things. As long as we shop, spend, and work; our blood may run red, but our money stays green.

But then, it's us who let them remain in power while we can plainly see our blood dripping from their chins. So we probably deserve it. Too bad we won't learn anything from it. How many lives would that take?

All of them.
"Given the scope of the tragedy from last week, I am glad to reassure the people of New York and Washington, D.C. that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink."
Christine Todd Whitman, Sept. 18, 2001

"Well, the tax cut was worth it!"



  Marketers Feeding On Cobain's Corpse (Not That That's New)


However, that was hardly the product placement Kurt had in mind.

Converse should sue.

Oh, there are more:

note to self: never buy docs again
Posted by: a at May 23, 2007 1:30 PM

--Commenter at Stereogum.


23 May 2007
  Sign and Sight

An excellent site for people like me who like reading what Europeans write, if only I knew any language besides English, which I don't. (a smattering of Latin, because, you see, I was a practical boy)

Makes me miss Granta. Oh wait, there it is. Here's one extract, "September 1973" by Ariel Dorfman.


National Geographic Must Be Stopped!

Geek disclosure: I am quite certain I was the only teenage boy in all of Charleston County who actually had a subscription to the Journal of Irreproducible Results. It was because I read this article, "National Geographic, the Doomsday Machine."

In retrospect, one must consider it in light of New Orleans and other such places in the South(such as my original hometown, Charleston). They hold onto their Geographics like grim death.
  Moral Orel: "Turn the Other Cheek"

Moral Orel 23 Uploaded by PigLips


  Admission of Guilt

From Monica Goodling's testimony on the U.S. attorney firings, under oath:

Scott: Do you believe that they were legal or illegal for you to take those political considerations in mind? Not whether they were legal or illegal, what do you believe? Do you believe that they were illegal?

Goodling: I don't believe I intended to commit a crime.

Scott: Did you break the law? Was it against the law to take those political considerations into account? You've got civil service laws. You've got obstruction of justice. Were there any laws that you could have broken by taking political considerations into account, quote, "on some occasions"?

Goodling: The best I can say is that I know I took political considerations into account on some occasions.

Scott: Was that legal?

Goodling: Sir, I'm not able to answer that question. I know I crossed the line.

Scott: What line -- legal?

Goodling: I crossed the line of the civil service rules.

Scott: Rules -- laws. You crossed the law on civil service laws. You crossed the line on civil service laws, is that right?

Goodling: I believe I crossed the lines. But I didn't mean to. I mean, I...

Scott: OK.


He Wants His War

Otherwise we wouldn't be hearing about the black ops Bush just authorized against Iran. He wants hisself an international incident.

Update: And now they're pretending they didn't leak it and awful ABC is putting our people in jeopardy. Riiight.


22 May 2007
This Is The Freedom We're Defending

The freedom of grown men to brutally, and publicly, murder a defenseless 17-year-old girl, named Duaa Khalil Aswad, while troops look on, that is.

We stand for, protect, and encourage all that is wrong in this world. Fuck us.


  Aw Fuck No

Pentagon considers staying in Iraq for 'decades'


21 May 2007
Nine Inch Nails: "Capital G"

An amateur video, but I like it. Very much like the song and album (Year Zero) too; it's all I've listened to the past three days. (Thom Yorke's the Eraser, Ministry's Land of Rape & Honey and Psalm 69 go well with it)

It's also good at this point to see Reznor's found something to talk about his miserable self.


20 May 2007
  And Now, A Reason To Be Scared of Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown announces NWO 15May2007
Uploaded by TLNNL


  Joe Jackson: "It's Different For Girls"


19 May 2007
  Once Again

Yet another
Republican politician turns out to enjoy raping children. And a handsome fellow he is.

What is it about that party? Do they seek out these people and promise them immunity from prosecution if they'll be unquestioning Republican operatives? I suppose that's the only way they'd be able to find some of these lunatics that continue to unswervingly support their agenda.


  Moral Orel: "Repression"

Moral Orel 22 - Repression
Uploaded by PigLips


  Watch It Quick 65

Daily Show 2007.05.17
Uploaded by TLNNL

The Daily Show 170507 Part2
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  Phil Ochs: "I Ain't Marching Anymore"

A guy who should be remembered nowadays better than he is.


18 May 2007
  Rufus Wainwright: "Going To A Town"


17 May 2007
  Hitchens on Falwell

More reasons that Falwell's grave makes a great dance floor.

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16 May 2007
  The Republican National Anthem


  "Kubrick Bloopers"



One of the greatest films ever, If..., is finally coming out on DVD in June, as a nice 2-disc Criterion set. Now if they only release O Lucky Man! I'll be in heaven.

It's probably wise they're releasing it after school is already out, of course.

(This is someone's amusing homemade trailer; I promise, "Rebel Rebel" appears nowhere in the film.)

I also just saw the DVD of Becket, another film that took too long to appear on DVD, and the commentary with Peter O'Toole is terrific. Check it out.
(Click below to order)


The Elephants Whine

The House Republicans, who were so eminently fair to the Democrats during their own reign over the House, are threatening to shut down the House.

Go ahead, Republicans; make yourselves nothing whatsoever but an obstacle to progress. And it did you such good last time.


  I Never Thought The Day Would Come...

...where I could feel pity for John Ashcroft. The day has come.

On Tuesday, James Comey, the former deputy attorney general, disclosed a story that might have been written by Mario Puzo, and it explained the rise of Gonzales as attorney general. On March 10, 2004, Comey was serving as acting attorney general while John Ashcroft was in an intensive-care unit being treated for pancreatitis. After an "extensive review" by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, which concluded that Bush's warrantless domestic surveillance program was illegal, Comey refused to sign its reauthorization. An aide to Ashcroft tipped Comey off that White House legal counsel Gonzales and chief of staff Andrew Card were headed to Ashcroft's hospital to get him to sign it. Comey rushed to the darkened room, where he briefed the barely conscious Ashcroft. Gonzales and Card entered minutes later, demanding that Ashcroft comply. He refused, pointing to Comey, saying he was the attorney general. "I was angry. I had just witnessed an effort to take advantage of a very sick man," Comey testified.

Gonzales and Card then summoned Comey to the White House, where they attempted to intimidate him by telling him that Vice President Dick Cheney and his counsel, David Addington, were in favor of the reauthorization. Comey still refused. And the program went forward without the legal Justice Department approval. Comey and other high Justice Department officials prepared their resignation letters. The next day, having heard about the planned mass resignations, President Bush met alone with Comey, who briefed him on what needed to be done to bring the program under the law. Several weeks later Comey signed the authorization for a legal program. But during that period it was conducted outside the law.

Then, after Bush's reelection, Ashcroft was not reappointed. In his place Bush sent a new name to the Senate for confirmation -- Alberto Gonzales.

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Wolfowitz Is A Complete Idiot

An arrogant man, definitely: He refuses to resign and instead wants to force the World Bank to put the matter to a full vote. Which means he thinks the Bush administration will prevent such a vote from going against him, I guess.

And this would mean that Wolfowitz doesn't think it matters how he's embarrassed the White House, nor does he think that the entire World Bank except the U.S. and maybe one or two others. He's not kept up on Bush White House loyalty, which is definitely one-way(unless your name is Alberto), and so doesn't realize that when Bush expresses his full confidence in you that's the sign you're about to be pushed off the plank.

He should ask Michael Brown or Donald Rumsfeld about that one. Is the Bush administration really dumb enough to go to the wall over such a sad, pathetic, childish little scandal perpetrated by such a small-minded little technocrat, when it's almost certain this will only result in another humiliating failure for them? He seems to think they will. Hey, they sacrificed all their political capital on a dead Florida woman; anything is possible.

He's not interested in saving face, which is the best our Iraq War architect and master of strategy can hope for at this point. No, he wants every last bit of his reputation annihilated, it appears. Which is fine. I'm amazed he has any left.

And Paulie has certainly prepared the way for a vote of confidence with a statement like this, that has been seen internationally:
"If they fuck with me or Shaha, I have enough on them to fuck them too."
That's some smooth and graceful politesse there.

How did a man who has predicated his whole career upon wishful thinking get as far as he has?

And what is it that he has on them? Pictures of World Bank members fucking underage goats? What? It'd certainly take a lot to make the WB look more insidious.

They will be sure to take the cannoli afterward, though.


15 May 2007
  Seriously, I'm Glad Falwell's Dead

And here are some reasons why, from Timothy Noah.


  Watch It Quick 64

The Colbert Report 2007.05.14 Part1
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The Colbert Report 2007.05.14 Part2
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  Watch It Quick 63

The Daily Show, 05.14.2007
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Please Take Him Home, Lord

Jerry Falwell was found unconscious in his office and is in bad shape. Perhaps some CPR?

Update about 5 min. later, once CPR, as it happened, was unsuccessful: Well, that was the quickest answer to a prayer ever.

And here's the General's touching tribute from Tinky Winky.


14 May 2007
  Drinky Crow Pilot

Maakies goodness.

Plus, some Evan Dorkin!


12 May 2007
Alan Moore on Lost Girls

Have comics arrived when Alan Moore is interviewed by Playboy?

Also: the Twilight Gallery, host to a large number of materials having to do with Alan Moore's abortive Twilight of the Superheroes proposal, a fascinating idea that DC has been cannibalizing, disguising, and then utilizing bits of since Crisis. (read it and then compare to, say, Kingdom Come) Which may make it the most influential Moore mainstream work DC never published.

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10 May 2007
  Watch It Quick 62

The Daily Show - 2007.05.09
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The Colbert Report - 2007.05.09
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Stephen Colbert, You Lucky Bastard

Tell me you don't feel that kiss Jane Fonda gives him. Good lord.

See, this is why I have such a fixation on baby boomer actresses. Even pushing sixty, most of them (Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren being two other examples) are to young actresses nowadays as a supernova is to a wet match.

Don't believe me? Two words: Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes in Batman Begins. She's like helium: Light, chirpy, and totally inert. We should give Tom Cruise a medal for getting her out of our sight.

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The Christian Right Did This To Themselves

I applaud this heartening new trend. And after all, what do the religious folk expect when they get so overconfident they start saying that the sun goes around the earth? Or try to block a vaccine against vaginal warts--which can lead directly to terminal ovarian cancer--because it might make women less afraid to fuck. Oh, and fall all over yourselves supporting not just a war, but a failed, pointless, vindictive, and demonic war. And so many other things.

You attach Jesus' name to enough things in vain and we won't want to see the name anymore. Or you.

Just go back to your closets and pray, fanatics. Leave the moderates, liberals, agnostics(that'd be me), and downright unbelievers alone; we're pretty likely to leave you alone, as talking to you gives us the creeps.

Or is the real reason you proselytize because you're lonely?

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09 May 2007
  Watch It Quick 61

With brand-new-fan-of-telling-the-truth, George Tenet!

The Daily Show - 2007.05.08
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The Daily Show - 2007.05.08 Part2
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08 May 2007
  Oh Ha Ha

Paris Hilton petitions the governor of California for a pardon. Over a 45-day jail sentence. Yeah, this is likely.


07 May 2007
  Bush Doesn't Even Know When the Bicentennial Was

Or for that matter, the Declaration of Independence. But the Queen of England is nice to him about it, as she is used to being with retarded children everywhere.

Someday we'll look back on the fact we let this thing be our president for almost this entire decade, and desperately try to find some other American citizenry to blame.


Truth Hits Everybody

Wolfowitz has been found guilty of a rather embarrassing scandal by the World Bank. And eventually all the murderers who brought us into the Iraq War will go down in disgrace.

Besides, what did you expect to happen when you give a guy who's completely unqualified this post just as a reward for political loyalty?


05 May 2007
  DC Madam on 20/20

Details of her interview. Here's a fun bit:
Palfrey already "outed" Harlan Ullman, an associate of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who coined the "shock and awe" bombing strategy used in Iraq, in court papers filed last month. Ullman's lawyer "says his client won't back down if he is called to testify by Jeane Palfrey, who prosecutors say ran an illegal prostitution ring for 13 years."

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  Watch It Quick 60

Uploaded by TLNNL

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  Watch It Quick 59

Uploaded by TLNNL

The Daily Show 2007.05.03
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  Watch It Quick 58

The.daily.show.05.02.07 Part1
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The.daily.show.05.02.07 Part2
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The Bayeux Tapestry--The Cartoon

By way of Andrew Sullivan, something really cool: an animated version of the most important comic strip ever made.


  Free Comic Day

Salon's guide to it.


28 Percent

Bush has hit the approval rating low last seen for Jimmy Carter at the height of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, in 1979.

Not that it really matters anymore. If the Republicans had anyone now to replace him besides Cheney, they'd already have found a way to get rid of him. He's been toast since Katrina.

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04 May 2007
  Yeah, Right

Report: 70 Percent Of All Praise Sarcastic



As she went in, she thought,
"Big deal, I'm rich."

Paris Hilton's a-goin' to jail.


03 May 2007
  Wire: "Heartbeat" (1979)

Damn, they were good. Still are, actually.


  And This One




  The President-Type Fella Speaks

Good that he sort of knows his job.
“The question is, ‘Who ought to make that decision, the Congress or the commanders?,’’ Mr. Bush said. “As you know, my position is clear – I’m the commander guy.”


02 May 2007
  The Beat

Beloved editor and Comics Journal emeritus Heidi MacDonald has her own comics blog at Publisher's Weekly. Check it out and be sure to bookmark it.


  Watch It Quick 57

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  TV Funhouse: "Torboto"

SNL - TV Funhouse - Torboto
Uploaded by TLNNL


  Watch It Quick 56

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