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29 November 2006
  Watch It Quick 16

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  More New Art

Click image to enlarge.


28 November 2006
  "Krazy & Ignatz At The Circus" (1916)


27 November 2006
  The Hidden Side of Kramer

National Lampoon reveals the lost Seinfeld episode.


26 November 2006
  Some Art

Did this Saturday night. Click image to enlarge.


  Watch It Quick 15

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25 November 2006
The Smoking Waterboard

Rumsfeld directly okayed detainee torture.
Outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld authorized the mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, the prison's former U.S. commander said in an interview on Saturday.

Former U.S. Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski told Spain's El Pais newspaper she had seen a letter apparently signed by Rumsfeld which allowed civilian contractors to use techniques such as sleep deprivation during interrogation.

Karpinski, who ran the prison until early 2004, said she saw a memorandum signed by Rumsfeld detailing the use of harsh interrogation methods.

"The handwritten signature was above his printed name and in the same handwriting in the margin was written: "Make sure this is accomplished"," she told Saturday's El Pais.

"The methods consisted of making prisoners stand for long periods, sleep deprivation ... playing music at full volume, having to sit in uncomfortably ... Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques.
Which means that either the Secretary of Defense was allowed to act unsupervised in such matters, or that in turn he had been okayed from the top. Which means that we have an administration that is evil either by negligence or by intent, and neither removes them, too, from responsibility. Rumsfeld, of course, already has lost his protection from prosecution for war crimes.

And what, in the end, has all this gotten them? Just think what they'd have gotten away with by simply following the rules alone.


  Watch It Quick 14

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22 November 2006
  Joker Sketch

Just something I drew to practice color pencil.

Joker (c) and tm DC Comics, Inc.

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Today Is The 43rd Anniversary

...of the first modern American coup d'tat, and the day Jackie Kennedy returned to the capitol, and in a very Agrippina-like move, angrily refused to clean up or change her bloodstained dress, so the cameras could see what had been done. A reminder of what those who don't really believe in this country are willing to do if the people's vote gets in their way.

This is a picture you don't usually see.

"Jack! Jack! They've killed my husband! I have his brains in my hands!"
--Jackie Kennedy to Nellie Connally


21 November 2006
Nancy Grace Sued By Dead Mother's Parents

Specifically, the young mother who killed herself after Nancy Grace blamed her for her child's disappearance on national TV(well, sort of; it is Headline News). And sued specifically for wrongful death.



20 November 2006
  And For Balance

The best scene ever on Seinfeld.


  You Can Pick Out The Exact Moment Michael Richards' Career Dies

Well, as if he's had one since Seinfeld, mind.

Gosh, I don't think Jacques Tati would have done that. At last he's original.


18 November 2006
  Watch It Quick 13

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  Two From Stereolab

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  Two From Killing Joke


17 November 2006
  Watch It Quick 12

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  Or Maybe Not

Now they say Karl Rove may be gone in weeks. If only it's true. For one thing, I'd be right again.


  Charge: Striking While Poor

The disgusting fascism of the Houston Police Department against peacefully protesting janitors who make twenty motherfucking dollars a day. Watch this. Pass it on. Show the whole world what was done here and what happens to powerless people who dare to ask to be treated like human beings. Every single one of these police should be fired and the mayor of Houston should resign. Write him here.

Bill White, Very Bald Mayor of Houston, TX


16 November 2006
  The Magic Whistle Blows!

My bud Sam Henderson's new website is finally up! Check out the work of the funniest cartoonist alive!

And while you're at it, buy yourself some of his work. Like these.


  Hüsker Dü: "Diane"


  Replacements: "The Ledge"

Their best song(and the very best teen-angst song ever).


"Rednecks Didn't Show Up To Vote For Us"

My! The truth's coming out all over the place from the GOP. Red America: this is what the Republicans really think of you.

“White rednecks” who “didn’t show up to vote for us” partly cost GOPers their cong. majorities, Rep. Adam Putnam (R-FL) told fellow Republicans today. And Putnam, seeking the post of GOP conference chair, chided ex-Chair J.C. Watts (R-OK) for ruining the conference’s ability to serve its members.

Three Republicans in the room independently confirmed to the Hotline the substance and context of Putnam’s remarks. But Putnam’s chief of staff insists that the remarks were taken out of context.

Examining the 2006 midterms, Putnam blamed the GOP defeat on “the independent vote, the women vote, the suburban vote.” He said that “heck, even the white rednecks who go to church on Sunday didn't come out to vote for us.”


  "He Has Carried a Lot of Water Over The Years--And Not Just To Help Him Swallow All Those Pills"

Colbert on Rush Limbaugh's admission of being nothing more than a party hack.


  For Anyone Left That Still Thinks Fox Is "Fair and Balanced"

A story on the memo given to Fox News staffers the day after the election, overtly calling for attack upon the Democrats over Iraq--an issue they've never questioned regarding Bush. Disgusting. But predictable. And it may not even matter, as no one is watching Fox.


Conrad Burns: Dignity, Always Dignity

The Abramoff-tainted loser's graceful exit:

Burns, who narrowly lost his re-election bid to Democrat Jon Tester, is known for having a short fuse. Still, the venom in Burns’ reaction Tuesday to a question about the status of the Interior appropriations bill in the lame-duck session was surprising.

“I’m not going to negotiate my problems with the goddamn press,” Burns snapped. “Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye!

“You don’t run this place. You think you do. But you don’t,” added Burns, who chairs the Appropriations Interior Subcommittee.

Sounds like someone expected Karl Rove to come to his rescue. Recall how relaxed he was the night of November 7.


  Sadly, His Ideas Will Live On

But Milton Friedman, father of monetarism and ruiner of our world, is dead.


15 November 2006
  Fischerspooner: "Emerge"


He'd Probably Stay Even If In Jail

Despite being revealed a week ago as anything but a genius(as Lawrence O'Donnell puts it, "how smart do you have to be to be 'Bush's brain?'") Karl Rove isn't going anywhere, it seems.


14 November 2006
Democrats Overturn Evil Republican Measure

Before taking actual control of Congress.

Which makes me wonder: if they could do this without their majority yet sworn in(which doesn't happen till January), where have they been all this time? Was it really that important to not leave a single fingerprint on the last five or six years?

It kind of makes you sick that they could have prevented some of our pain in the last few years but might have wanted to make absolutely sure there was no way we could blame anyone but the GOP. The Democrats may have left us to them so they could come back later to say, "Had enough?"


  Ten Commandments For the GOP

Susan Madrak lists some advice points for the religious-minded among the GOP.


12 November 2006
  Watch It Quick 11

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  Kubrick's The Shining, As Re-Enacted By Bunnies


11 November 2006

An educational film from 1946.


Crap You Probably Won't Be Hearing Anymore

Return with us now to the days when the Republicans thought the good times would last forever just by going "Boo!" at you. One last time.


  Bill Maher Gets To Gloat

And he deserves to. Watch.


  Watch It Quick 10

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10 November 2006

A few reasons.

A pointless, endless war that nobody even can recall the point of.

Thousands upon thousands of Americans and Iraqi dead.

Runaway deficits.

Demonization of every thinking American.

Two major American cities allowed to be critically wounded, one nearly destroyed.

No jobs.

Helping the rich and throwing the poor and middle class to the wolves.

Ignoring impending environmental destruction.

Punishing every blue state.

Unbelievable corruption of an unprecedented scale.

Destroying American's reputation and causing nothing but pain to our allies, and provoking every enemy to no conceivable purpose.

Not lifting a finger to help Americans but rushing to the aid of a dead woman.

Intense arrogance as though their hold on power was God-given and permanent.

There are many more. And not a single reason why not. Wouldn't even two or three of those be enough?

Republicans: don't forget to drink yourselves to death this weekend.


  Jack Palance 1919-2006

The great Jack Palance has died. May he rest in peace.
I know most remember him best for Shane, but I recently discovered his classic anti-Hollywood melodrama the Big Knife, with Rod Steiger and Ida Lupino. One of my favorites. Check it out.


America Hates Bush

An MSNBC live survey is saying 87% of America believes Bush should be impeached.

Lordy me. Meanwhile, Germany is seeking war crimes charges against Rumsfeld and Gonzales. Yes, you're really reading this.

"It's a new dawn."--Grace Slick


  Coulter Didn't V0te

So she should stop whining.


  Cheney Removal Clues: Latest

From CNN:
DID BUSH FORGET CHENEY WAS IN THE ROOM? It was no doubt inadvertent, but it was hard not to find some symbolism in the moment Thursday in the Oval Office when President Bush seemed to forget that Vice President Dick Cheney was in the room. Representatives Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader who is soon to become the first female speaker of the House, and Steny H. Hoyer, the Democratic whip, had come to the White House for lunch. As the two Democrats, Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney sat in front of a fireplace, the president spoke about the importance of working together to get things done. "Both of us recognize - all three of us," Mr. Bush said, apparently referring to himself, Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Hoyer, "recognize that when you win, you have a responsibility to do the best you can for the country." The omission of Mr. Cheney, the embodiment of the administration's approach to national security, raised an intriguing question. As Mr. Bush grapples with the loss of his Republican majority in Congress, how far will he go to reinvent himself, and who - or what philosophies - is he willing to jettison along the way? New York Times: On a Shifting Playing Field, a Sense of Rising Expectations
More pondering here.

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  Christianist Family Values

Who's your daddy?


  Who's Laughing Now?

Salon on how Howard Dean's 50-state strategy paid off.


Chafee May Leave GOP?

Lincoln Chafee, possibly the only Republican that didn't deserve his defeat(sorry, Lincoln, we need both houses), doubts whether he should remain in the party.


  The End of Rush

Rush Limbaugh admits what all of us always knew. You heard about it, you may have heard it; now see it.

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  When Conservatives Attack

Watch Bill O'Reilly and a Cato Institute shill attack each other over the election. Particularly the late uselessness of the firing of Rumsfeld(and nobody thinks it's anything but that, no matter what they call it).

Face it, GOP. Bush fucked you. Because he could have announced this last summer, which is how far back he'd been planning the firing. And he didn't, and so you lost something that might have helped you.


  More Ted Haggard Fallout

Jesus Camp will be no more.


09 November 2006
"Please Don't Impeach Me. Please?"

Whitehouse.org has the true reaction of Bush to his neutering.
This election taught me lots. Yessir. It taught me that Karl Rove isn't infallable. It taught me that sometimes, smug self-satisfaction isn't the same thing as courage of one's convictions. It also taught me that, again, KARL ROVE FUCKED UP MY FUNTIME YOU STUPID POTATO HEAD BVD SHIT WHISKER! Why didn't someone tell me the party was a-endin'? Why didn't someone tell me that the last six years weren't no campaign, they was actually presidentin'?
It's mentioned on last night's Mike Malloy show that Nancy Pelosi is saying she's not after impeachment mainly to avoid appearance of conflict of interest, given that she'll now be third in line of succession.

But that doesn't mean she'll stop the others from doing what is right for the country. The GOP's only hope of keeping the presidency for the next two years is to replace Cheney with someone the Democrats won't be as eager to remove. So my guess is Cheney will be next to fall on his sword. Or to be pushed.

Right on top of Rove.

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Cheney To Quit?

Came across this in his Wikipedia entry, and I'm curious as to why this isn't better known:

The conservative Insight magazine reported February 27, 2006, that "senior GOP sources" say Cheney is expected to resign after the mid-term Congressional elections in November, 2006.

Elizabeth Dole, Mitt Romney, George Pataki, George Allen, and Condoleezza Rice have all been mentioned as possible candidates for the vice presidency if Dick Cheney resigns.

Oh my goodness, as Rumsfeld would say. Probably a wise thing to do before the Democratic investigation into his energy policies begins.

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  And For Balance

R.E.M., before they became so boring.


  Something Out Of Left Field

You may laugh, but I've always liked this song.


  Yes, Bush Really Said All This

In 2000 on Letterman. But he wasn't president yet, was he?


Bet You Wish Dubya Had Done Something About Unemployment Now

Hundreds of Republican staffers will soon find themselves unemployed, with no Tom DeLay to assure them jobs on K Street. I can't imagine something more fitting, after their work to encourage massive downsizing across America. Welcome back to reality, fuckers. And the ground is no doubt hard on your faces.

Can't wait to hear them whine about how hard it is to find a job. Or how they wish there was still welfare.


Mehlman Out

No, I don't mean he admitted he's gay. I mean that he's resigning.

Next to the chopping block: Karl Rove. I haven't been wrong so far. Bush is panicking, cutting loose everyone that angers the Democrats in, I guess, a vain hope that this will make him safe. So will Cheney be retiring soon?

Oh, the very thought...

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Red America Finally Woke Up

...and realized that the GOP had no interest in actually doing anything for them.

But then, I've said all along that the GOP somehow had convinced them to vote against their own interests. You can't fool people forever.


How Wrong Rove Was: "THE Math"

By way of Jake Tapper:

SIEGEL: We're in the home stretch, though, and many would consider you on the optimistic end of realism about -

ROVE: Not that you would be exhibiting a bias ...

SIEGEL: I'm looking at all the same polls that you're looking at every day.

ROVE: No, you're not. No, you're not.

SIEGEL: No, I'm not.

ROVE: No, you're not. You're not. I'm looking at 68 polls a week. You may be looking at four or five public polls a week that talk about attitudes nationally but that do not impact the outcome of -

SIEGEL: I'm looking at main races between - certainly Senate races.

ROVE: Well, like the poll today showing that Corker's ahead in Tennessee, or the poll showing that Allen is pulling away in the Virginia Senate race.

SIEGEL: Leading Webb in Virginia, yeah.

Mr. ROVE: Exactly.

SIEGEL: But you've seen the DeWine race and the Santorum race - I don't want to have you call races.

ROVE: Yeah, I'm looking at all these, Robert, and adding them up, and I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House. You may end up with a different math, but you're entitled to your math, I'm entitled to THE math.

SIEGEL: Well, I don't know if we're entitled to our different math, but you're certainly-

ROVE: I said THE math. I said you're entitled to yours.
Someone was awfully tense for all his certainty.How long before we hear Rove is resigning as well?


It Must Baffle Them That This Didn't Work Anymore

A gallery of the failed attempts to exploit 9/11 by the GOP this election.


  Bye Bye Bolton

Because he still hasn't been properly confirmed and now never will be,
he's cutting and running. Aww. Maybe he can smash something or yell at someone to make himself feel better.


Here's One More Reason Why You Lost, Idiots

Richard Vigurie, far-right activist, and past secret weapon(through his successful direct-mail campaigns) of the GOP, who has been speaking against the GOP for a while now, has this to say:
"Every single member of the Republican leadership in the House should be replaced," says Viguerie. "They have failed the conservatives who put them in office, and they have failed the people of this country."
It's as I've always said: give the GOP power and they get drunker on it than a sorority deb at a mixer. And fat, and stupid, and lazy. Hubris always does them in.

And thank God for that.

And to the religious righties who supported them: how does it feel to be such suckers? Maybe fanaticism rotted your brain. After all, we saw in Jesus Camp that you were willing to make your kids pray to a picture of Bush. What do you suppose God thought of that? Wanted to teach you a lesson maybe?

Go back to the shadows and pray, and leave the rest of us alone. In fact, don't pray. Leave God alone. He's obviously sicker than the rest of us combined of your bullshit.


08 November 2006
At Last, Maher's Revenge

Bill Maher will, he says, be outing gay Republican leaders this Friday. And apparently Ken Mehlman is top of the list.

This should be good. Now, outing is rude and cruel. Unless the people you're outing have been doing everything they can to harm gay people for years. Then, well, they're far, far beyond fair game.

The Republican Party as we have known it is about to disintegrate. Thank God.


  Guess What, Dick

"It may not be popular with the public--it doesn't matter."
--Dick Cheney, before the election.

America: you make me proud.

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  Bill Hicks Mocks From The Beyond; Mike Malloy Is Loving It

And this is the day for which Mike Malloy has waited for ages.


  A Message To The Republican Party


  Cindy Sheehan Gets The Rumsfeld News

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Sheehan.


The Grand Old Party Is OVER

Holy fucking shit.

The last piece falls into place. Jim Webb has won in Virginia, which means the Democrats have full control of both houses of Congress. It's a complete and total bloodbath for the elephants.

Aside from gains in Congress, Democrats took 20 of 36 governors' races to give them a majority of top state jobs — 28 — for the first time in a dozen years. Arkansas, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Ohio went into the Democratic column.

This is just too good. There is a God, though He seems to have taken his time about it. But hell, I'll take "late" over "never."

Have a look at Ann Coulter's remaining neurons sputtering and frying.

And here's Tom DeLay's reaction on his way to jail.


  Is Rove Next To The Guillotine?

Oh ho.

Q Thank you, sir. During this campaign season some religious conservatives expressed support and appreciation for the work you've done. But some also expressed that they felt like they expended a lot of effort on your behalf without a lot of results. I wonder if you could tell us what parts of their agenda are still on your radar screen, and if you think they're right to be frustrated? And also, Mr. President, may I ask you if you have any metrics you'd be willing to share about your reading contest with Mr. Rove.

THE PRESIDENT: I'm losing. I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was.
Someone may have outlived his usefulness. He and Ken Mehlman must be very, very nervous right now. Failures often are.


Bye Rumsfeld, And Congress Now 50/50

"God is very quick these days." E. Blackadder.

Rumsfeld has resigned before he ends up fired. Looks like the Bush administration, now that they have no choice, finally get it.

And Conrad Burns has lost in Montana, meaning the congress is now evenly split, as predicted. And if George Allen loses, that means the Democrats have control of Congress. Burns, showing himself a sore loser, and apparently thinking the Rove machine will save him, hasn't conceded yet, but who gives a damn? Next stop for Burns: jail. Why would Rove lift a finger to help him? They want to be rid of all Abramoff's boyfriends and this at least provided them an opportunity.

And the RNC have only themselves, and Bush, to blame for this bloodbath. They really shouldn't have spent the past five years alienating the opposition. And their base? Miniscule, and useless.

The system, I am happy to say at last, works again.


You Don't Need A Mehlman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

Ken Mehlman trying to keep the idea going that he matters, before the RNC fires him.
But by 9 p.m. on election night, Mehlman was on TV talking about reconciliation with the Democrats and using the b-word. "There are areas we can work in on a bipartisan basis," Mehlman told Fox News.
Actually, Ken, you're irrelevant now, so nobody really cares what you have to say. For one thing, the get-out-the-vote machine of the GOP may have worked, but that doesn't mean those people voted GOP. Low voter turnout, in general, has always been the Republicans' best friend. And the robocalls may have made them mad.


Senate May Be Evenly Divided, Or Better

It's looking like George Allen did in fact lose in Virginia. Which means the Senate would be evenly divided.

If Conrad Burns, who is behind already, loses, this means that Bush will be not just a lame duck, but a double amputee.


  Watch It Quick 9

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  Could They Have Lost The Senate Too?

Oh, that would be too sweet. But here's the Republican senators who have definitely been defeated, which is up to four now. The destruction of Conrad Burns, seen below, is still uncertain till the recount occurs in Montana. But his opponent, at this writing, leads by 1,273. After all, if the Democrat were losing, there would be no recount, would there?

The other race in contention is George Allen. Of course it's two of the biggest scumbags in the Senate who are trying to drag this out. But all that is really needed is only one more. Then we might end up with an evenly divided Senate. And what then will Lieberman do?

Oh, I don't care right now. Let's see what Brian Boitano would do instead.


  Almost Forgot

Katherine Harris was among those who lost. I know no one's shocked, but still.

Again: And the horse you rode in on.

Hastert won, but it doesn't matter, because he will no longer be speaker, and after his bungling lost this election for the GOP, I doubt he'll get to be minority leader, don't you?



By way of Sullivan: The Republican reaction, as portrayed by the treacly and loathsome Faith Hill. (Particularly I love how she's preparing her podium smile beforehand)

Elsewhere, the General shares with us various conservative sore losers showing their true colors. Here's my favorites:
"I think this demostrates pretty clearly that voting should be a privilege, NOT a right."

"Bush is losing precisely because he has took the high road after 9/11 instead of Zyclon B-ing most of the muslim world after attacking our shores as they have been doing to our shipping since 1800. This is a world war and not a tea party for the Yale/Harvard clique... Islam must have a boot smashing into its face forever until it becomes a grown up religion not bent on murdering everyone on the planet... Bush cannot comprehend this or the Donks even less...they do not have the intestinal fortitude for it..."
You know, Nazis should really know how to spell at least that: it's Zyklon-B.

And another loser of the spelling bee:
I quite. I not going to vote again. It's time I gave up on this political bullshit.
Good. You do that. (unless misspelling it later gives you the out that you never said you'd quit)


  And This

Did you know the Secret Service knew the attacks were going on while Bush was doing his little school trip? Neither did I.


  Now Back To Business

A reminder of why Bush lost his unearned mojo.


  I Left This For Chicago?


  My Favorite Spot In The Entire World


  And Now For Something Entirely Dissimilar


07 November 2006
  Happy Days May Be Here Again

For the GOP, a bloodbath. They lost as they deserved to, and heads will roll.

The Republicans lost the House of Representatives!

Santorum is gone! (but gives a surprisingly graceful concession speech)
DeWine: also gone. Burns: gone. Chafee: gone. Tom DeLay's seat: goes to the Democrat. Lieberman: still there, but ultimately still a Democrat, so, eh. Full results here.

At the moment, the Republicans have lost at least 6 governorships, 25 House seats, and 3 Senate seats. The Senate votes are still being counted. They are only three seats away from losing both houses.

Bush is sad to have his balls rudely snipped off and wonders what he must have done to offend God (Whom I think I might suddenly believe in again). The rest of us will be only too happy to tell him.

What goes around comes around.


Lose, Bastards, Lose

Fox--Fox--predicting a bloodbath for the GOP in the senate.

More exit polls(but remember 2004 and keep your breath held & fingers crossed, and knock anything handy made of wood) here.


Evangelicals Who Don't Like Bush

At least one-third of them have voted against him today, possibly more. The other exit polls are also pointing to Bush's impending castration. Expect a massive "terrorist attack" on Capitol Hill soon afterward.

I so hope for the day to draw closer that I can finally stop writing about him, and Republicans, and all. That. Shit. And take a big, relieved breath. I'm sick to death of politics, I really am. This has been an exhausting decade.


Mission Unaccomplished?

Well, we knew that, but belatedly the White House has realized how embarrassing that banner is, so they tried to erase a little history, poorly and obviously(which I suppose is better than if they were good at it). And got caught. Explained in this clip.

They're not just liars, they're clumsy liars. What kind of memories do they think Americans have? They score no propaganda points by doing these things; is the point simply to display their contempt for the electorate?

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Here's Keith Olbermann on a very good reason why.

Mr. President, there is no other conclusion we can draw as we go to the polls tomorrow.

Sir… you have been making this up as you went along.

This country was founded to prevent anybody from making it up as they went along.

Those vaunted founding fathers of ours have been so quoted-up, that they appear as marble statues: like the chiseled guards of China, or the faces on Mount Rushmore.

But in fact they were practical people and the thing they obviously feared most, was a government of men and not laws.

They provided the checks and balances for a reason.

No one man could run the government the way he saw fit—unless he, at the least, took into consideration what those he governed saw.

A House of Representatives would be the people’s eyes.

A Senate would be the corrective force on that House.

An Executive would do the work… and hold the Constitution to his chest like his child.

A Supreme Court would oversee it all.

Checks and balances.

Where did that go, Mr. Bush?

And what price did we pay because we have let it go?

Saddam Hussein will get out of Iraq the same way 2,832 Americans have, and thousands more.

He’ll get out faster than we will.

And if nothing changes tomorrow, you, Sir, will be out of the White House long before the rest of us can say… we are out of Iraq.

And whose fault is this?

Not truly yours. You took advantage of those of us who were afraid, and those of us who believed unity and nation took precedence over all else.

But we let you take that advantage.

It's your responsibility. Exercise it, or deserve this.


06 November 2006
GOP Outsourcing Dirty Tricks

Man, the GOP has gotten lazy and stingy. A lot of the robocalls they have been battering the nation with tonight have what is referred to as "heavy foreign accents." Lou Dobbs must be very amused by this. Why, Americans should have the crooked political hack jobs!

The best part, though, is that this has resulted in robocalls that nobody can understand, so the effort is wasted anyway. What morons. And what does this say about their war chest that they are willing to cheap out on that at a time like this? (of course, that's how they've been fighting the Iraq War too, so at least they're consistent, eh?) And, in turn, what does that say about who is, and is not, willing to contribute to them this year? The money literally seems to be on the Democrats.


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