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31 August 2006
  Read Before It Goes Down the Memory Hole

Sigh...it must be nice to be British.


30 August 2006
  Joe Lieberman's Latest Waste of Campaign Money

But it is better than Sominex.


  The Final Cut

And now something completely different: the whole of Roger Waters' "video album" for The Final Cut. And "the Fletcher Memorial Home" is still very relevant, isn't it?


Very Rare Footage of Fotheringay

Sandy Denny's non-Fairport band(in this case fronted by her husband, the late Trevor Lucas) doing Bob Dylan's "Too Much of Nothing." I'm hardly a folkie(though you may have noticed, my taste is very, very eclectic), but I make a big exception when we're talking about British folk-rock. I'm a sucker for it.

For instance, here's also Richard & Linda Thompson doing "A Heart Needs A Home" on the BBC in 1970.

And let's add Trevor Lucas again, fronting Fairport, with the haunting "Polly On The Shore."

Oh, and before I forget--Don't forget to check in at This Sickness! Keep those pageviews coming, and thanks once again to all of you for your support.

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Sandy Denny

I didn't think footage of her apart from the same clip I've seen for years of performing "Solo" existed, but here she is: the greatest female British vocalist ever(well, neck-and-neck with Kate Bush), Sandy Denny, performing "the North Star Grassman & the Ravens" and more. God bless YouTube.


29 August 2006
  New Sickness

A new installment of Soft Ceiling in This Sickness is up! Have a look!

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  "Lost Girls" Review at Salon

A review of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's very chancy masterpiece here.


  Kate Bush: "Army Dreamers"

One of her most haunting songs.

And let's just add a recent fave--"King of the Mountain."


28 August 2006
  My Bloody Valentine: "Only Shallow" and "Knows When"

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  Can: Live

This, however, is embeddable. Can performing "Paperhouse" live in 1971.

And "Mushroom"(this one a video, not live):

And "Vernal Equinox."

And finally, "Mother Sky."


If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Dr. Bruce Cockburn's timeless classic, which was once about our policy in Central America. And it's even more relevant today. This is what it looks like when a pacifist gets angry.

(Unfortunately, embedding isn't allowed on this one. Sorry.)


More Bush!

Not George. The good one, that I like. (and judging from the response, that many others like too)

"Breathing"(which, with the wardrums beating for Iran, might soon be really relevant)

"The Dreaming."

And I didn't even know this had a video. "There Goes A Tenner."


27 August 2006
  Back to the Dirty Comics

I hope you all enjoyed the sketchbook weekend. Now, back to the really dirty stuff: new installment of "Soft Ceiling" is up! Have a look!


The Fixx, the Sequel...and Kate Bush

I was not aware there were any other fans of the Fixx out there! In response to the large amounts of thanks I got in my comments and by e-mail, here's two more. "Saved By Zero":

And "Less Cities, More Moving People."

And just a little curveball at you: Kate Bush's "Sat In Your Lap."



  A Whole Lotta Killing Joke

Time to wake up. There's something loud on.


26 August 2006

Performing "Ghosts" from the Tin Drum:

...And also some killer playing by bassist Mick Karn on their cover of "I Second That Emotion."


Red Skies At Night/Are We Ourselves

A little blast from the past, from the Fixx, the very first band I ever saw in concert. And to this day, I still think they're vastly underrated.


Women Have Dirty Minds Too

An excellent column on the sexism of "protecting women from indecency" by Dara Purvis at Raw Story.

And actually, in my experience women have dirtier minds. Read My Secret Garden sometime and see what I mean.


25 August 2006
Manderlay: See It

The most recent film by Lars Von Trier is out on DVD, and I just finished watching it. Possibly one of the ten most morally tricky and disturbing movies I've ever seen(even more so than Dogville, to which it's a sequel). In case you haven't heard, it's about an American town in the 1930s where slavery never ended.

As someone who was not only raised in Charleston, SC(a place probably more guilty regarding slavery than any other, as it was the commercial conduit through which the whole business was transacted--think of Wall Street and stocks and you get an idea), but in fact has plantation owners in his family tree--and I imagine this must be how the grandchildren of German Nazis must feel--it's a particularly raw issue for me. I remember about a decade ago, back in Charleston for a few months, watching Politically Incorrect(remember that?) with some friends and the issue was SC's ridiculous insistence on retaining the rebel flag at Columbia's state house.

There was a little bit of a discussion and argument amongst myself and my friends. I said the damn thing should be burned; the South not only lost, it was wrong in the first place, and it has to grow up and accept it, otherwise it'll always be the bitter backwards part of America, obsessed with its past(a very Southern disease, as anyone who's read Faulkner will know), and delude itself into thinking itself a victim, instead of coming to terms with its past and improving.

Which, despite the rebel-yelling rednecks, they've largely managed to do.

I was the only one in the room who was born in the South, that had not only roots there but roots specifically relevant to the discussion. I was also the only one in the room who didn't go off on a pathetic, angry defense of the rebel flag as "heritage." (of what? Whipping black men till their backs were red ribbons of ruined flesh? Whatever) Which says something about that debate, I think. Those who defend that flag the most have the least true stake in it.

I'm still piecing together just what I think of Manderlay, but I think it'll take a few more viewings. But you? Check it out immediately.

  Jon Stewart: "The Least You Can Feel"

Jon Stewart dissects Bush's lame, desperate press conference a few days back. And oh, by the way, you get to see Bush say, straight out, Iraq had
nothing to do with 9/11.


  Not Safe For Work, But...

...Now that you're home, you definitely want to see what Rosa's up to today.

Also, check back on Saturdays: I will be putting up sketchbook material. That's right, nudes. Hey, they always say it's good to show your work...


The Shrinking Christianist Republican Demographic

In a further sign of a growing pattern:

The number of people who consider the Republican Party friendly to religion has dipped below half in the last year, with declines among white evangelicals and white Catholics.

More here. Which doesn't mean they're going Democratic or anything. But this autumn, they might just stay home and, I don't know, pray or something.

And while we're on the subject of religion, here's the South Park Mormons episode for ya.


  Survivor: The Race War!

Seriously, that's the concept for the first half of the new season: five teams divided along racial lines. Segregated, if you will. I'm not exaggerating. More here.

So now that they've embedded an overt comfort with sociopathic decision-making, human dispensibility and Spencerian backstabbing into the culture(look at your boss or bosses, and co-workers, the past six years), they're moving on to finding new ways for ethnic groups to hate each other. We needed more of those!

I believe "WTF?" is the only proper response. What the hell is going on over at CBS anyway?


  The "Feel-Good Family Film" of the Year!

If a promo of the Shining were made today...


24 August 2006
  Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe

His boot, actually, in the famous documentary by Les Blank.


Filthy Friday

A new installment of Soft Ceiling finds Rosa providing kind comfort to her newly canned co-worker Renata. It's very touching, really. A tribute to feminine unity.

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Astrologers Are Screaming

I wonder what does happen to their charts when a new planet arises, or when, like Pluto today, they are declared not planets at all.

Looks like Stephen Colbert is the one now that will have to eat it with a fork.


"Heart of Glass" (Werner Herzog, Not Blondie)

The opening, or rather about 4 minutes of it. Unfortunately, it has French subtitles, but it's still beautiful to look at. And then there's the absolutely gorgeous music of the great Krautrock band Popol Vuh.

If you haven't seen this film, you should.

Incidentally, the Blondie song--and there is no other connection, not even subject--got its name from this movie.

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Muppet Show- Peter Sellers

OH yeah! "Cigareets and Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women!"

And somewhat more bizarre, his famous "There is no me" bit from the same show.


  Massive Attack: "Unfinished Sympathy" and "Special Cases"

And their greatest song.

Although that's just what people say. I like this one better.


  Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll (live)

Their best song.


And Now...Roxy Music

Here's a real treat: the early 70s Roxy Music performing "Ladytron":

And "In Every Dream Home A Heartache" live.

And what the hell: Bryan Ferry solo doing the Velvet Underground's "What Goes On" in 1978.

One of my favorite bands ever. Enjoy!


And oh, remember: extra "Soft Ceiling" today in This Sickness. Click it...

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23 August 2006
  Extra Sickness

Because I want to get to the dirty stuff by Friday, here's an extra installment today of "Soft Ceiling" in This Sickness.

Don't say I never gave ya nothin'!

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Christian Coalition Shrinking

In Alabama, Ohio and Iowa, whose chapters are splitting off entirely. That's a lot of red--uh, staters.

Which means Pat Robertson must really be screwing up. Or maybe they got angry because, in one of the few lucid moments of his career, he recently admitted the existence of global warming.

Whatever. This also means the GOP is losing one of its primary means of votes and contributions. Whereas corporations may make up the shortfall, they can't vote. (Well, except Diebold) And they give to both sides. Even Enron did.

It'll be an interesting and, hopefully, satisfying fall election. As we know from 1992, the only thing that assures Republican success is a huge war chest.

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Saddam and 9/11: Bush Declares No Connection

From a Sidney Blumenthal piece at Salon, a lovely bit of probably unintentional candor from the chimp's press conference a few days back:
Asked at his press conference what invading Iraq had to do with Sept. 11, Bush seemed so dumbfounded that at first he answered directly. "Nothing," he said, before sliding into a falsely aggrieved self-defense -- "except for it's part of -- and nobody has ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack."
Of course, the last bit is a lie. Fox News, conservative attack dogs like David Horowitz, and Cheney, have certainly been busy doing that very thing(which means that Bush is calling them all liars). But this is something they need to be held to. Because without that suggestion, which many still believe, we would never have gone into Iraq, and just think how many thousands would still be alive and how much of our national resources would not have been wasted.

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  Bush Doesn't Deserve A Vacation

And this isn't the time for it anyway. An opinion here.


"Snakes On A Plane" Crashes

It bombed, as it deserved. This is being taken as proof by executives in Hollywood that internet hype does not help a film, but I think they're missing the point. Obviously this worked for the Blair Witch Project, but that's because they made you curious and masterfully created a completely synthetic myth, to the point that many believed the main characters were real people and that they actually died.

The reason SoaP became such a phenomenon was because of its apparent and clear high-concept dumbness. It was being mocked, not hyped, and Hollywood, lacking irony and desperate for a hit, thought this meant that the public was really hungry to see a movie about snakes on a fucking plane. No, they just were making fun of Hollywood's total lack of imagination. And that costs nothing.

But when you actually have to pay money to sit through two hours of total crap, things change. "So bad it's good" isn't worth ten bucks, particularly if you can just wait for it to come out on Netflix. And also if the movie is, in fact, so bad it's, uh, bad. In another era this film would have been wisely, quietly shelved. Oh well, maybe they can make some of it back on airline showings. Oh wait...

  Sickness Reminder

Hey, have you clicked here today?

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Satire 1, Scientology 0

Tom Cruise has been booted from Paramount, and clearly because of his, well, craziness. Meanwhile Trey Parker & Matt Stone just signed a deal with them. Ouch! Maybe you should have been promoting your film instead of Scientology, Tom.

In remembrance, here's a little video. Also, why was Richard Armitage meeting with Cruise and other Scientology officials?

(Yep, that's the whole episode, in three parts.)



California: Highest Minimum Wage

Their minimum wage is now $8. Like you can live in that state on less than, or even that! But still a step in the right direction. Another reason I miss that crazy, but fun, state. Damn you, Enron.

Man, I can't wait till I can manage to raise the capital to go back--feel free to donate toward that purpose to your right, in the Amazon Paybox below the Drawing In Dirt icon. Or, y'know, just by clicking on this link. Thanks!

And lest we forget: a new installment of "Soft Ceiling" in This Sickness today. And Friday--it starts to get really dirty. Click on it, and keep those pageviews coming; after less than two weeks it's already topped 10,000! Thank you, everyone! For some reason you like dirty stuff. How strange and unusual...

And if you missed my podcast interview, why not have a listen.

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  Ah Pook The Destroyer

One of my very favorite Bill Burroughs bits, including Brion Gysin's All-Purpose Nuclear Bedtime Story.



  The Healing Power of Religion

As told by the Onion.


  9/11 Report: The Comics Version

By Sid Jacobson and the legendary Ernie Colon, excerpted at Slate.


22 August 2006
  Sickness For Today

"Soft Ceiling" continues today with another update!

And utter filth is about to ensue...

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In Case You Forgot, New Orleans Is Still Hell

Watch Spike Lee's documentary
When The Levees Broke, if you have HBO. The General comments on it, rather angrily and unironically for once, here and here.

In addition, there's a wealth of Katrina footage on YouTube that shows you more detail than any documentary, no matter how thorough, designed to be broadcast could. For instance, this YouTube playlist I assembled features a good sampling:

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21 August 2006
  Baptists Trying To Make Friends Again

A Baptist church fires an old lady from her Sunday school teaching position. Why? Because she's a woman.


David Lynch Ads

Amazing ad, but does it make you want to smoke?

And here's his car commercial:

And for PS2:

And even a PSA!


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20 August 2006
  "Soft Ceiling" for Monday

The new installment is up. If over 18, go look.


Alan Moore, The Fall, Wall of Voodoo

A few YouTube playlists I made. One is a documentary in 11 parts(short ones) of Alan Moore talkin':

The other is a whole bunch of the Fall.

And here's a Wall of Voodoo concert, with some other Stan Ridgway clips as well. Enjoy!


Someone Wants To Keep His Seat

...And obscure his whoring for the Republicans. Lieberman has publicly called for Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.

And as a sign of just how badly Bush has done with his "political capital"(remember that?), he's even losing Tony Blair. Which is like Heckle losing Jeckyl.

The alliance between George Bush and Tony Blair is in danger after it was revealed that the Prime Minister believes the President has 'let him down badly' over the Middle East crisis.

A senior Downing Street source said that, privately, Mr Blair broadly agrees with John Prescott, who said Mr Bush's record on the issue was 'crap'.

The source said: "We all feel badly let down by Bush. We thought we had persuaded him to take the Israel-Palestine situation seriously, but we were wrong. How can anyone have faith in a man of such low intellect?"

Balls can grow awfully fast!


  Podcast On My Strip Now Up

My podcast interview with Joey Manley about THIS SICKNESS and other work is now up!

Have a listen. (but turn it up; I'm hard to hear--and please overlook my stuttering) I talk about the strip and other projects I'm working on. And remember: THIS SICKNESS updates again tonight at midnight CST, so be sure to click on it.

Thank for all your support, folks!

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Killing Joke

Introduced by a very young Jon Stewart.

Hey, what's this?


19 August 2006
Too Busy To Blog

Why do you think you're getting so much video? For a change of pace, here's the very funny Chan Lowe with a message to the idiots I still see driving these things. Who must be quite wealthy, gas prices being what they are.

Or perhaps the illusion of potency really is that important.


  Lieberman Republican Now In All But Name

What did I tell ya?

And if that weren't enough, Lieberman is even adopting their strategies. Specifically, I mean race-baiting.

Just put on the elephant suit, Joe.


18 August 2006
My Current Mood

But it is a really cool-looking video.


17 August 2006
"Soft Ceiling" Is Live!

The first installment of "Soft Ceiling" is up. Have a look!

(and yes, the dirty part will start coming soon. In fact, once it does, it won't stop)

I'm so glad this is finally being seen. It's one of the sickest things I've ever done.


Apogeemag R.I.P.

Yes, Drawing in Dirt will no longer be seen at Apogeemag.com, because I received the news tonight that it will be ending this month. Seems to be a lot of this going around.

In any event, when I get to new installments(for it was always meant as an intermittent thing; it deals with very personal material and I do it as far as I can at a time), you'll see them back at my site for the near future. In the meantime, have a last look at Heather's great publication. And thanks to her for carrying the strip.


Some Attention!

Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading gave Jessica Fink's Dirty Limericks and my own This Sickness a nice write-up. Have a look. (and thank you, Ms. Carlson)

I'm happy to see it getting such good reception. Friday, as I incessantly mention, sees the start of the epic-length Soft Ceiling, so please keep comin' back. Thanks to the, apparently, thousands of you who support it so far. I love you very much. Did I say that?

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16 August 2006
Oh No, Now You'll Hear My Voice

I was just interviewed by Joey Manley for a Talkaboutcomics.com podcast having to do with This Sickness (click on it) and other projects I'm doing. I will post the link when I know what it is...

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  And Just In Case You Enjoyed That Too Much...

Here's the absolute opposite of the Bettie Page video.


This Should Wake You Up

For those over 18 only, and definitely not safe for work, here's Bettie Page stripping , from the 1950s. In full oversaturated Technicolor!

I wonder if this woman could ever do anything not cute. One of a kind.

And don't forget to visit This Sickness today...

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A Very Short Film By David Lynch

From Lumiere & Company, in which 40 filmmakers around the world were given a 100-year-old camera belonging to the Lumiere Brothers and asked to do a film of about a minute, which is apparently how long the camera can film at a time.

I am writing a lot less about politics lately. But I'm not particularly interested in saying the same shit stinks every day.

And I like showing people cool stuff, too. Andrew Sullivan is correct when he calls YouTube a gift from the gods, though that is an odd thing for a devout Catholic like him to be saying.

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Flinstones Cigarette Ad

It wouldn't be a bad idea to have Harvey Birdman do an episode where Fred & Barney are sued over these ads.

I'm imagining some kind of large blowfish being used as an iron lung. "Eh, it's a livin'!"


15 August 2006
The Pulse-Pounding Conclusion of "a."

It's Wednesday and that means This Sickness has updated, with the conclusion of the current story, "a." Go have a look! And come back Friday for the beginning of Soft Ceiling, an epic-length farce that will definitely offend anyone who the first episode hasn't. Keep those pageviews coming (you've made it a rate of nearly a thousand a day so far, and thank you!) and help me get a proper advertiser!

In other mercenary matters, I've put a lot more stuff up for sale at Ebay and Amazon, which makes it nearly 250 items of music, movies, books and more, many of which are rare and out-of-print for you to purchase. Have a look and help out a struggling cartoonist! (and of course the Shameless Merchandising Shop is always open for business)

In particular, ending in less than 24 hours: Chris Ware's ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY #1 and #10, and the ACME Standup Display. Only place you can get it for under $150. It was a wedding present, and that's exactly why I'm selling it! Let my stinky memories be your gain. (note: see listing for actual condition description. Stock photo below)

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14 August 2006
  New Filth

If it's Monday, that must mean there's a new installment of This Sickness. Go look to make sure!

(if you're over 18, that is. And not safe for work.)

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13 August 2006
  Tago Mago

Listen to the classic album by Can for free here. (If you haven't heard it, or them, shut up and go listen now, you're barely musically literate)

In fact, try out their whole catalogue(or at least the majority of it) for free here.


12 August 2006
  Killing An Arab

Bush's summer reading.


Outside Agitators

Lieberman is so desperate for backing for his vanity run at his now-disappeared Senate seat that he's asking people outside his constituency (i.e. Connecticut) for help in his fight to regain said seat from his constituency, who decided Lamont should have it instead.

How long before he bites the bullet and simply becomes the Republican candidate? (And how many of his donors will be Republicans?)


Gunter Grass Was In The Waffen SS

I'm kind of glad I've always found his work totally boring.

He claims to have been drafted, but there is this bit of information on the Waffen SS:
The training was so intensive that one in three potentials failed to pass the course, which is significant when considering the context of their "application;" they were selected individuals, not volunteers.


10 August 2006
Gimme A Hit. Or A Thousand.

Just a reminder to y'all that This Sickness will be updating with a new installment this evening(and every Monday, Wednesday & Friday) at 12 midnight Central time, continuing the very filthy "a." starring Rosa & Annalisa. I've also updated the cast list with lots of artwork and bios. Click, bookmark and pass on to everyone you know. (remember: Not safe for work and only for those above 18)

Also: this is just the overture to the even filthier, and epic-length, R & A tale, Soft Ceiling, which will begin Friday, August 18. Watch for it! (and look in the character bios for sneak preview snippets of the artwork)

And thanks for everyone for helping me get so many hits in my first week! You are all beloved to me.

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09 August 2006
Seanbaby Finally Updates His Friggin' Website

And about time too, though his hilarious Hostess ads section never gets old. Much nicer-looking and less cluttered. He's also added a lot of stuff, particularly to his equally great Stupid Comic Ads page and more! Have a look at the work of Portland's funniest son of a bitch.


Sore Loserman

Well, Lieberman didn't go completely to the dark side. He's just decided to be the dog in the manger in this election.

Sen. Joe Lieberman filed to run for re-election in November as an independent, saying Wednesday it would be "irresponsible and inconsistent with my principles" to quit. But Democratic leaders in Washington rallied around the man who beat him for the nomination, Ned Lamont.

In a statement issued in Washington, two top Senate Democrats - Harry Reid of Nevada and Chuck Schumer of New York - said they "fully support" Lamont, an anti-war candidate who tapped into voter anger over Lieberman's support of the Iraq war.

"The perception was that (Lieberman) was too close to George Bush and this was, in many respects, a referendum on the president more than anything else," said Reid and Schumer, the party's leader and the head of its campaign committee, respectively.

Similarly, Lieberman's fellow Connecticut senator, Chris Dodd, who had been campaigning for Lieberman, said he regretted his close friend's decision and would now campaign for Lamont.

The final returns from Tuesday's primary showed Lamont defeating Lieberman 52 percent to 48 percent.

Leading one to wonder (a) where, oh where he will get his support from as the DNC is backing Lamont, and (b) what sort of excuse for a public servant refuses to abide by the decisions of the voters. The seat is not yours, Joe. You hold it for the people, and they don't want your dead weight in it anymore. Be a goddamn man and deal with it.

Oh, and (c) his "Principles?"


Werner Herzog and Christian Bale?

This should be very interesting. Two of my favorite people in movies working together, and apparently, Herzog's first "dramatic" film since Invincible. Although I love his documentaries, and if you haven't seen Grizzly Man yet, by the way, do it. Or the recently-reissued La Soufriere.


08 August 2006
Lamont Trounces Lieberman

And thus ends Joementum. Perhaps now the other Democrats will see where the wind is blowing and grow spines. (here's a great postmortem by Andrew Sullivan)

Remember, Joe. Dance with the one who brung ya. But in fact he still hasn't learned that, because he spoke of this defeat as just one battle in a war he refuses to leave. He seemed to still be nursing the delusion he can run as an independent. Perhaps the Republicans will take him; it's not like he has anything to lose by putting both feet on the deck of the sinking ship. And also, the candidate they had prepared--if any--was no doubt a weak one, as the last thing the GOP wanted was to lose Lieberman. He's their pet Democrat.

I bet he joins the GOP. Let's watch.

The pictures that ended a career.

Here's Lamont recently on Colbert:

And Lieberman's completely lame ad against Lamont, which is an abuse of animation, but that only underscores Joe Lieberman's historical tone-deafness on cultural issues (and incidentally, it's very amusing that he's accusing the other side of being a cat's--er, bear's--paw for larger influences). Fitting a censor should make such a crappy cartoon.

And you wondered why I had it so in for him; it wasn't just his support of Bush, or the war. Lieberman, remember, is also a would-be censor. We're well rid of the fella.


"This Sickness"--Installment Two Now Up

And remember, it's every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And please tell your friends.

And also, just a reminder: the very very dirty, and never-before-seen, "Soft Ceiling," also starring Rosa & Annalisa, will begin Friday, August 18.

Enoy the smut! (assuming you're over 18; if not, bugger off)

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07 August 2006
Correction: "This Sickness" Launching Tuesday

I was mistaken; though This Sickness will indeed be seen at Adultwebcomics.com every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, they're only launching one strip a day this first week, so my stuff will actually begin tonight at midnight CST. But that does mean the second installment will be coming up the next day, so you won't have to be patient any more than that!

In the meantime, enjoy Jessica Fink's Dirty Limericks, another fine feature at the site.

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  Filth Now Live

That would be what's advertised in that banner to your left!

This Sickness has begun at Adult Webcomics, and will show you utter filth every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the foreseeable future. (also, it's tooncastable, but not here. Go there for comics and details.) It's an umbrella title for, well, pretty much any smut I feel like drawing. And it's ad-supported, unlike the other Webcomics Nation(of which this is a part--that's Moderntales.com and the like, which do not allow "explicit" material) sites, so you can read it for free. So--if you're over 18--you know you wanna click.

But be warned--it's definitely not safe for work. The first five installments: Rosa & Annalisa in "a." Next, starting August 18, the much longer and never-before-seen (because Eros Comix bumped it for "Gulag Gangbang") "Soft Ceiling," which is the real smut. This is just the overture.

And coming in a little while, Vladrushka herself. (Who, I remind you, now adorns some lovely merchandise which you should buy)

If you're over 18--bookmark and enjoy!

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06 August 2006
And the Kinks

Jesus, this one's a shock: the same animator, apparently, doing "Alcohol" by the Kinks, from the great album(well, it's a favorite of mine anyway, as are the Kinks, who could kick the Beatles' hackneyed, overrated asses any day of the week) Muswell Hillbillies.

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Bad Bad Leroy Brown

I knew I remembered seeing this as a kid! The cartoon video for Jim Croce's Bad Bad Leroy Brown(apparently sung by Sonny & Cher, as it appeared on their TV show, but hey).


  A Metaphor

Katherine Harris and the supporters she knows must be hiding someplace.


Audible Punctuation

I've spent much of my life finding Victor Borge annoying, so it's quite a shock to see he did one of my favorite bits from, yes, again, The Electric Company.


There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea

And now a little live action from The Electric Company. (with Morgan Freeman, in the days before he played the black mentor to the white leading man in almost every freaking film)

When I was a kid I had the worst crush on Judy Graubart(the brunette who isn't Rita Moreno; you may remember her as "Jennifer of the Jungle). Probably explains my fixation to this day on brunettes. And 70s-looking women.


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With Emmet O'Cuana

November 2016: Wonder Woman-Earth One
With Emmet O'Cuana

April 2016: Batman Vs. Superman, an Assassination
With Emmet O'Cuana & Kumar Sivasubramanian

October 2015: 
Erotic Comics, Erratic Censorship

Discussion with Tim Young; also featuring Dale Lazarov & Tim Pilcher.

August 2014:  Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”
Discussion with Tim Young.

April 2014:  Corporate Comics: Love'Em, Hate 'Em
Discussion with Tim Young, Deb Aoki, & Jason McNamara.

April 2013: Lulu”- Staging a classic on paper - interview by Tim Young.
August 2012:
Flex Mentallo - discussion with Troy Belford.
January 2012:
Comics Events - discussion with Tim Young.
May 2011:
Theatre and Comics - interview by Tim Young.

August 2006 at Talkaboutcomics.com

Sept. 2001 at Spark-Online

WHERE IT BEGAN: John L. Roberson's first graphic novel
VITRIOL(serialized in PLASTIC from 1998-2003)
...Free Online

All contents ©2022 John L. Roberson and accomplices.

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