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31 March 2006
  "Someone Ate My Strawberries"

Enjoy our president's blog.


28 March 2006
Bastard Starves Dog, Goes To Disneyworld

I don't usually draw notice to these kinds of stories, but a dog saved my life as a child, so when I read something like this, all of a sudden I reconsider my opposition to the death penalty.
RIVERHEAD, N.Y. -- A man who let his dog starve to death in a basement closet while he took his 7-year-old daughter to Disney World was sentenced Tuesday to a year in jail...

The dog, a labrador-pit bull mix, had been left without food and water for more than a week at Griffin's Northport home.

They should put this cruel, stupid asshead under a fucking jail. Perhaps in a septic tank. It'd take him a while, but he'd eventually find plenty to eat there, right?


  Andrew Card Resigns

Ding dong, a witch is dead. Though the coven remains.


27 March 2006
V For Vendetta Rocks

So therefore, you should go see it. While it's much more simplistic than the book, it also might be the best film one could have expected of it. It's certainly the only film made from Moore's work that's a film, not an abortion. I was very, very surprised at how many key bits made it in nearly untouched, particularly the whole Valerie sequence.

I should also mention that, at least in my case, it's an excellent date movie. Thanks, Wachowski Brothers!

Buck Owens R.I.P.

I was away from both the computer and most news this weekend(actually out having a life, oddly enough), and so was saddened and surprised to see that Buck Owens, one of the very few truly independent and inventive living country artists(a category I'd also reserve for the likes of Loretta Lynn), at least to me, who's mostly not a country fan, passed away at the age of 76. Read a very cool Salon profile of him here.

May he rest in peace and be remembered long.
Well, I hope you come and see me in the movie
Then I'll know that you will plainly see
The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
And all I have to do is act naturally

24 March 2006
If the President Does It, It's Not Illegal."--Richard Nixon

Bush has now made it clear--in writing--that, despite that his oath of office, taken with his hand on the Bible before God and the American people, he is not obligated to uphold or follow the law if he doesn't feel like it. Not even in the Patriot Act.

And of course, given that absolutely no one will hold this demonic little fuck to account for his numerous, proudly-committed impeachable offenses and acts of incompetence, he's right. This is no longer a nation of laws. Bush has passive-aggressively made himself an autocratic monarch, and he knows no one will stop him. Because we are a nation of pussies that has now proven we deserve this bad a ruler.

What are you going to do about it? Is that boil on your ass all this time still not painful enough for you to stand up like an American?

Or would you only start to get outraged if Bush's incompetence meant your cell phones might go down, you pathetic pack of sheep?

America used to be kind of nicer. Remember?


Americans Died For This

Specifically, so that an innocent man could be executed in Afghanistan for converting to Christianity.

This is the reward supporting this president earns--pointless death that changes nothing. America, your soldiers have died for the purpose of changing the names of leaders. Nothing else. Enjoy.

I re-emphasize that in fact the only Americans truly being persecuted and hurt by the Bush administration are those who swear mindless allegiance to it. Makes you think.


23 March 2006
  How Horrible A Bitch Is Barbara Bush?

This horrible.
Former first lady Barbara Bush donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund with specific instructions that the money be spent with an educational software company owned by her son Neil.


Technical Difficulties

Light blogging at the moment. Thanks to the idiots at RCN who just installed my new phone and internet, I have neither working because they both go through the same modem. Excellent planning!



20 March 2006
"Anybody Here Work In This Town?"

Not with a 31.3 unemployment rate in Cleveland, where the prez was speaking when he said that. But then, never having worked a day in his life, what would Bush know about it anyway?

By the way, Ohio is a red state. You'll find that most of the brunt of Chimponomics is borne by the red states, while states like California, Illinois, Massachussetts and New York are doing just fine for the most part. So red staters, make of that what you will, but it's your own throats you've been cutting by supporting him. Food for thought.



Bush's approval rating, according to Pew.


19 March 2006
Chris Matthews: the Right's Tool For The Job

I know there are some who don't think that Chris Matthews is just as much a Republican in moderate clothing as Joe Leiberman, but check out his response to the latest results of the polls on Bush's performance. He's shocked, shocked!
"I couldn‘t believe it, but it's true -- forty-eight percent of the people responding to this poll used such words as 'incompetent,' 'idiot,' and 'liar' to describe our president. Kate O'Beirne, what happened to respect?"
Respect? I dunno, what happened to democracy? You tell me, I'll tell you.

This is not unlike during the Clinton impeachment farce, when Henry Hyde was swamped with letters from his constituents telling him and Congress they supported Clinton, and Hyde confoundedly asked, "What's wrong with the American people?" The will of whom is only holy when it's in their favor. The rest of the time, apparently, it's wrong.

I suppose they should know if the American public is misinformed--after all, this administration and its stooges did the misinforming.


  "Paradise Now "

Great article by my man Robert Hughes beginning the Guardian's look at modernism. Which, despite what you've heard, we're not past. Also one by the great J.G. Ballard:
Modernism's attempt to build a better world with the aid of science and technology now seems almost heroic. Bertolt Brecht, no fan of modernism, remarked that the mud, blood and carnage of the first world war trenches left its survivors longing for a future that resembled a white-tiled bathroom.


  Jefferson, I Think We're Lost

''A 37 percent approval rating in Indiana for a Republican president is unheard of," said Brian Howey, who runs a newsletter for Indiana state political insiders. ''Those are Bill Clinton or John Kerry numbers in Indiana. So there is something seriously awry going on right now."

In scattered rural diners and small-town restaurants adorned with 9/11-vintage American flag posters, support for the troops remains high. But many in Indiana also say the war has not turned out the way they thought it would three years ago, and they question whether Bush has what it takes to lead the troops into a happy ending.

Standing behind the counter where she sells bird houses and seed at the farmers' market, Beverly Beisel said she is increasingly fearful that Iraq will inevitably fall apart as soon as US soldiers leave -- making a mockery of the deaths sustained until then.

''It's not going well, that's for sure," Beisel said. ''I don't like that fact that we started it. I thought Bush was actually going after the terrorists, wherever they were. We thought they had weapons that they were hiding."

Beisel said she doesn't blame Bush because ''he can only deal with the intelligence he was given" and still supports him because she opposes abortion. But she added that plenty of her friends think ''we should get out of there and they're probably sorry they voted for him."


18 March 2006
What A Bunch of Crap

Operation Swarmer: "over-hyped training exercise."

And yet no one gave a shit about this "photo-op." But then, more war is not what we want now. So if the Bush administration thought that they could whip up war fever again, they miscalculated, badly.


"Don't Be Evil"

Bush loses again, this time on the release of Google queries.

I'm beginning to think that Bush has made certain the judiciary branch will never take him seriously again. And that's a good thing.


  You Don't Have To Be In The GOP To Be A Psychotic, Ignorant Bigot...

...but it helps.


  Tony Blair: Are We Sure He's Not A Republican?

Hand caught jammed in cookie jar. Oops.


Control Cruise

The infamous pantywaist actor Tom Cruise has managed to make Comedy Central pull the "Trapped In The Closet" episode of South Park, the one that mocks Cruise and the pseudo-religion known as Scientology. And is, incidentally, hilarious. I saw this when it first aired and almost died from suffocation, I laughed so hard.

Let Comedy Central know you demand they support free speech
here. Pass on the link and swamp the fuckers with e-mails.

Also, a suggestion from, yes, again, Andrew Sullivan:
...make sure you don't go see Paramount's "Mission Impossible: 3," Cruise's upcoming movie. I know you weren't going to see it anyway. But now any money you spend on this movie is a blow against freedom of speech. Boycott it. Tell your friends to boycott it.
Excellent idea. It's an easy boycott too, like Coors was at one time--it sucks anyway, so why would you spend money on it?



17 March 2006
  Breathe Easier

Bush lost his bid to poison our air further.


Bye Bye ANWR

Last night, the Senate okayed drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

Which makes me wonder: are the Naderites, which are mostly environmentalists and similar, in 2000 who helped Bush win, in their small way, feeling as stupid and short-sighted after the past six years as they should? Because they helped bring about the end of everything they themselves had fought for.


16 March 2006
Instant Ocean

Here's some strangeness--A new ocean is forming, at a bizarrely high rate, in what will soon be the former horn of Africa. More here.


Shock & Awe II

We're subjecting Iraq to the biggest air assault since the invasion. I, for one, wonder why this wasn't done ages ago. I mean, there's still two or three people alive in that country. That's sloppy work on the part of our brave military.


Umberto Eco on Fascism

From 1995: "Fourteen Ways of Looking At A Blackshirt." (tip of the hat to Orcinus)


Night of the Long Gavels?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveals that she and Sandra Day O'Connor(as O'Connor touched upon last week) were subjected to death threats spurred by right-wing attacks on the courts.

According to Ginsburg, someone in a Web site chat room wrote: "Okay commandoes, here is your first patriotic assignment ... an easy one. Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and O'Connor have publicly stated that they use (foreign) laws and rulings to decide how to rule on American cases. This is a huge threat to our Republic and Constitutional freedom. ... If you are what you say you are, and NOT armchair patriots, then those two justices will not live another week."

Rep. Tom Feeney, R-Fla., a sponsor of one of the congressional proposals, wrote about the legislation on his Web site and in bold letters featured a quote from O'Connor predicting the Supreme Court would probably increasingly rely on foreign courts.


Justices, in some of their most hotly contested rulings, have looked overseas. Last year, for example, justices barred the executions of juvenile killers on a 5-4 vote. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy said then that "it is proper that we acknowledge the overwhelming weight of international opinion against the juvenile death penalty."

In an angry dissent to that decision, Justice Antonin Scalia said capital punishment policy should be set by states, not "the subjective views of five members of this court and like-minded foreigners."

Ginsburg said, "Critics in Congress and in the media misperceive how and why U.S. courts refer to foreign and international court decisions." She said those decisions are used for guidance only.

O'Connor said last week during a speech at Georgetown Law School that the justices have received threats. But the Ginsburg remarks at the Constitutional Court of South Africa provide unusual detail.

Ginsburg, who turned 73 Wednesday, told the audience O'Connor "remains alive and well - as for me, you can judge for yourself."


15 March 2006
It Had To Come To This

A reality TV show where the idea is to recreate that plane crash in the Andes where all those soccer players were forced to commit cannibalism to survive. No, seriously.

Write your own punchline...


14 March 2006
8.184 Trillion. Dollars.

That's what our current statutory debt ceiling is. And Treasury Secretary John Snow says we will hit that this week, and has asked Congress to raise that debt ceiling, or else the government is simply going to run out of money. Gosh, Grover Norquist gets his wish at last.

Try to picture that number above in terms of cash; just try. Now consider an amount higher than that. Hell, why not just raise the debt ceiling to infinity?

This is what your conservative Republican administration has spent us into, like drunken, cracksmoking, stripclubbing illiterate sailors. I'd like to take some comfort in the fact that no Democrat ever conducted our government and economy so astoundingly irresponsibly. I'd like to take comfort in the fact that neither I nor anyone else who saw through Bush back when all this could have been averted will have blame for this. But that won't prevent myself, you, and all other Americans from feeling the consequences, and our children, and our children's children, all for some meaningless tax cuts and a complete waste of a war. And after Clinton had not only gotten us out of our debt mess--which was smaller then--but left us with a surplus. I hope you kissed that goodbye a few years ago.

But at least they's Christians, ain't that right, Fox viewers? Well, sort of.

Anyway, Republicans and sympathizers: happy that you sold out the country, your souls, and all our forefathers suffered to defend, for this chimp? Hope so.


Killer Quote

Once again courtesy of Andrew Sullivan:
"Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible," - Jamin Raskin, getting to the point, in a debate over a proposed constitutional amendment to the Maryland state constitution to prevent gay couples from having legal marriage rights.


Hey! Ignoring Warnings Is What We Do!

Interesting piece in Slate about the near-total media blackout on Sandra Day O'Connor's speech last week in which she warned we might be in the beginning stages of a dioctatorship.

Pass it on.



"Bosnia on the Euphrates 2006" appears to have already begun.
Police in the past 24 hours have found the bodies of at least 87 men killed by execution style shootings in a gruesome wave of apparent sectarian killing, the Interior Ministry said Tuesday. They include at least 29 bodies stacked in a mass grave in an eastern Shiite neighborhood.
We caused this and we'll probably abandon them to it. Why exactly did we go there and waste so many lives? Does anyone remember or did anyone ever really know? Is this meant as some kind of mass human sacrifice or something?


13 March 2006
  "May God Damn You"

By way of Andrew Sullivan: things get much, much worse in Iraq. (and keep in mind always, the real story is always much worse than what we hear) Pertinent quote(and Sullivan's Quote of the day):
"May God damn you. You said in the past that civil war would break out if you were to withdraw, and now you say that in case of civil war you won't interfere."
God, if he's there, will indeed damn us all for a very long time for allowing our leaders to destroy that country, and so many Iraqi and American lives, for, in fact, less than nothing. If that nation isn't a muslim version of Rwanda or Bosnia within six months I'll be (pleasantly) surprised.

But I'm sure we'll find a way to forget this shame, as we do all our others. Remember, America is a place people go to escape history, not dwell upon or learn from it.


Maureen Stapleton 1925-2006

One of the greatest American actresses ever has died. May she rest in peace.


  "Consulting Our Founding Fathers"

That's who Katherine Harris says she's asking for advice on whether to remain in a Senate race which she can't possibly win. Interesting choice. I wonder what they said after cursing her to hell over her part in the Bloodless Florida Coup of 2000. Next I expect Bob Woodward to consult Richard Nixon on advice regarding his part in the Plame leak.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this. Harris is experiencing the end result of having no integrity at all and being a willing tool.


Julian Beever

Here's some sidewalk art that'll do a number on your head. Fun stuff.
(Keep in mind, his feet are actually flat on the pavement--this is an intricate illusion)


Thus Ever To Tyrants

It's a lovely and sunny Monday morning, and Slobodan Milosevic is burning in hell.

The ignominious death of a genocidal dictator is always a great way to start the day.


12 March 2006
"Freak's Progress"

A new webcomic you should check out by my good friend, the very lovely & talented filmmaker and artist Gretchen Hasse.


  "You have managed to successfully swindle me, and so I will never work for you again."

Excellent article about Alan Moore and his creator's rights struggles at the New York Times.

(except that the article calls Kevin O'Neill "John.")

Also, an interview by Heidi MacDonald that touches on many of the same points.


11 March 2006
  Observation Based On An Old Friend's Remarks

Video games were invented to assure the removal of nerds from the gene pool.


10 March 2006
Everyone Else's Fault But His

Today Bush tsk-tsked about the collapse of the Dubai port deal, claiming it sends "the wrong message" to the Arab world.

I'm not even going to ponder the multiple levels of hypocrisy in that statement, or the sheer madness of having our ports under the control, not of simply a foreign company, but a foreign government. Or of his utter tone-deafness in not realizing some might object after he's spent five years scaring us about Arabs. Or how much credibility he has taking us into that quagmire in Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11, and yet asking us to accept the takeover of our ports by a power that recognizes the Taliban.

Because all this would be obvious in a less mentally retarded era.

I'll just mention that it was he who chose not to inform Congress, and it was he who more or less ordered them not to defy him, at a moment when most of them are desperate for an opportunity to distance themselves from him, and it's he that still acts as though he has(or had) political capital when he wasted it all on Terri Schiavo last year around this same time.

Someday he may realize that when you make your bed, you'll end up sleeping in it. But for now, I don't suppose he understands that nobody takes him seriously anymore, that he's outlived his usefulness even to his base, and that he did it to himself. Or that this is what it looks like when you're a lame duck and your past can finally catch you on the heel.

For a time I thought perhaps the "stupid" thing was just an act, that it was typical Republican feigning so as to take advantage of low expectations, which are usually their best way to avoid judgement or consequences of what they do.

But no, the Bush administration really is stupid and incompetent, and doesn't take running government seriously. They don't have to be evil. Isn't stupid and incompetent enough? In fact, given that those flaws make one far less predictable, isn't that worse?
  Interior Sec. Gale Norton Resigns

But who will make our national forests safe for snowmobiles now?


"It takes a lot of degeneration before a country falls into dictatorship."
Sandra Day O'Connor, now free to speak her mind, ripped the administration and the Republican congress a new one. You can read a full transcript here. Here's a bit:
...then she took aim at former GOP house leader Tom DeLay. She didn’t name him, but she quoted his attacks on the courts at a meeting of the conservative Christian group Justice Sunday last year when DeLay took out after the courts for rulings on abortions, prayer and the Terri Schiavo case. This, said O’Connor was after the federal courts had applied Congress’ onetime only status of Schiavo as it was written. Not, said O’Connor, as the congressman might have wished it were written. This response to this flagrant display of judicial restraint, said O’Connor, her voice dripping with sarcasm, was that the congressman blasted the courts.

...It doesn’t help, she said, when a high-profile senator suggests there may be a connection between violence against judges and decisions that a senator disagrees with. She didn’t name him, but it was Texas senator John Cornyn who made that statement, after a Georgia judge was murdered in the courtroom and the family of a federal judge in Illinois murdered in the judge’s home. O’Connor observed that there have been a lot of suggestions
lately for so-called judicial reforms, recommendations for the massive
impeachment of judges, stripping the courts of jurisdiction and cutting judicial budgets for punishing offending judges. Any of these might be debatable, she said, as long as they are not retaliation for decisions that political leaders disagree with.

I, said O’Connor, am against judicial reforms driven by nakedly partisan reasoning. Pointing to the experience of developing countries and former communist countries where interference with an independent judiciary has allowed dictatorship to flourish, O’Connor said we must be ever-vigilant against those who would strongarm the judiciary into adopting their preferred policies. It takes a long of degeneration before a country falls into dictatorship, she said, but we should avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings.
  The Writing On The Wall


  The Real Meaning of Obsessive Misogyny?...

Even more from the Bizarro world that is Muslim sexuality, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan.


"We've gotten so carried away I wouldn't be surprised to see the Democrats take it."

Bush's hideous approval ratings--which have even fallen to a new low among Republicans--are all over the news this morning, as is the curse he's become to Republicans seeking re-election(which is all they deserve for so enthusiastically drinking the Kool-Aid--lick it up, baby; lick it up).

But I'd be surprised to see Democrats effectively take advantage of this. The Republicans are not just sitting ducks, they're sitting ducks that have crippled themselves in both legs and wings, painted themselves orange, chained themselves down in point-blank range and donned targets around their necks with the legend "Shoot me." Yet, to strain an analogy beyond all reason, the Democrats would pick just this time in such a case to become vegetarians.


09 March 2006

More from the completely fucked-up world of Muslim sexuality, specifically in Kandahar.


08 March 2006
Ports Deal Blocked

It seems not long ago, Bush's first response to any questioning of the Dubai ports deal was to threaten veto. It would have been the first one.

But it looks like Bush remains a veto virgin, because he was just reminded that it's his own party in charge of Congress, despite his odd belief that they've given him opposition till now. And he gave them an excellent way to distance themselves from him in this election year with this. Which they did: the vote to block the deal was a castrating 62-2.

Only I'm not sure the plan was to show everyone what a pathetic pussy Bush is.


Not Me!

Bush today, obviously stinging from the fact that we all now know he ignored the levee warnings and Brownie was actually on top of things, castigated Congress for shorting New Orleans on the funds for levee reconstruction. How great to see he actually does care if the public thinks he cares. But of course, if he really cared, maybe he'd have sent the formal request to Congress, rather than simply announcing it in a press conference.

But then, he's always many days late, so billions of dollars short is no surprise.
07 March 2006
Killing Skilling
"Get me as much of that juice as you can."
--Jeffrey Skilling of Enron, as related in former CFO Andrew Fastow's testimony today, regarding Enron's web of illegal partnerships.


06 March 2006
Katherine Harris In Secure Location

Ever since it was found that Katherine Harris may have accepted bribes from the same source as the disgraced Duke Cunningham, she appears to be in hiding, cancelling campaign stops and avoiding the media. Which can't help when you're running for the Senate, but at least children won't be screaming as she passes this campaign season.

But why shouldn't she accept bribes? Someone like her can only hope to get as much loot as possible before voters sober up and eject her.

In any case, only a person who was dishonest as hell would have done as she did in 2000, and crooks are always caught with enough time. Particularly unimportant pawns like herself.


03 March 2006
"...They do not have the monopoly of violence."

A Nigerian archbishop getting in on the killing-for-God act, apparently irked at Muslims getting more attention. And there's nothing more Christian than tough talk threatening bloodshed, is there?

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02 March 2006
  Pat Robertson Gets Boot In Ass

"Actions have consequences."--Rush Limbaugh.

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Cut Down a Miner When He Is Still Young

Bush to miners: fuck off and die. But bring us some coal in the meantime.

And hey, here's a relevant movie I recommend.


Let's Rape The Navy Too

A bizarre and ominous rumor concerning Iraq, by way of Mattland:

Last Friday night some military friend(s) of mine got some news. For them its either good or bad news, depending on their point of view. A very few of them will see it as a chance to get closer to the "action". But for most, and unfortunately, its a bit shocking. As for me it's a little earth-shattering - especially since one of them was my replacement when I left the Navy. Quick background... when I was in the military, I was an E-2C Hawkeye Naval Flight Officer. That means I flew around in a radar equipped plane and directed the air-war. That's a VERY watered down description, but it covers the basics. My friends and others that got 'the news' are of varying but similar backgrounds. As with several occupations in the military, they have some extensive EW training (Electronic Warfare). Which sets the stage...

It seems that they all fall into a particular category at the moment - they're all on shore duty (after being on sea-duty for several years... it's called 'payback'), and they all have at least one year left at their current duty-station. Life right now is supposed to be focused on family, training others to do what you've done already, and supporting those in the Navy that are currently at sea. But on Friday night, some of them got a phone call - with a twist.

By and large, they're being ordered to supplement the Army and Marines on the ground in Iraq. That in itself isn't that strange, since the current trend has been to try and give the forces that have been on multiple deployments a break by rotating Air Force and Navy personnel into positions that could be easily 'substituted'. But... here's the twist. They're manning up a new unit - made up of a mix of personnel, to become field combat teams in charge of detecting IED's. Improvised Explosive Devices. WTF???

... to take a Naval Aviator, teach him in a couple of months how to fire a rifle and command Army or Marine troops on the ground, and much less put him in some experimental platform to detect and disarm IED's because the Army and Marine experts are tired and out of people?? That's like asking a surgeon to become the coach of an NFL Football team!!

In my book, that's called a "Desperate Administration in a Desperate Situation".

Substantiation requested. If this is true, it's even worse than we thought in that nation-size abbatoir.


Told You So

Andrew Sullivan this morning has a very interesting letter sent from Justice Samuel Alito to...James Dobson.

A thank-you letter.

Gee, guess where Alito will rule on the two challenges to Roe v. Wade that will soon come before him.


01 March 2006
It's Always the Tapes

...and Republicans still don't understand that tapes record things. What you do, and also, what you don't do. Like ask a single question or express a single concern when briefed that a huge motherfucking hurricane will destroy an American city.

Like President Dubya McDumbshit, for instance, who lied about not being properly briefed.

Oopsy. And to think, he just reiterated his claims of ignorance. I guess now it makes sense that usually the Bush administration is loath to let anyone go. Because if you're in that dirty, dirty administration, you have all sorts of information with which to take revenge.


When Republicans Eat Their Own

Hee hee hee...

President Bush's sagging poll numbers, the administration's handling of the Dubai port deal and lingering bad memories of Harriet Miers' failed Supreme Court nomination have left a broad spectrum of Republicans on Capitol Hill with little good will toward the White House.
"I was offended," Sen. Trent Lott, Mississippi Republican, said of Mr. Bush's threat last week to veto legislation aimed at stopping the transfer of port operations to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates. He said Mr. Bush "threatened me before I even knew the details of what was involved or whether I was going to vote for the bill or not."
Mr. Lott said his immediate reaction was: "OK, big boy, I'll just vote to override your veto."
He called the White House, he said, to advise administration officials that they'd run afoul of some of their strongest allies in Congress.
"Don't threaten me like that again," said the former majority leader, recounting the conversation with an official he declined to name. "It doesn't make a difference if you're a Republican or a Democrat. Don't put your fist in my face. Where I'm from, we're willing to fight back."


  What An Opening: First in a Series

Not hard to picture:
"I crawled under a lot of your houses and through a lot of your attics," DeLay said.

[image from All Hat No Cattle]


Conservative Dream Date

Courtesy of Jesus' General, a typical conservative stud for you ladies to pounce upon!

Now now, I don't see you pouncing...is it his wish for a "Hooters gurl" that puts you off? Oh, come on, don't be shy!


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