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07 September 2005
We Are All Accomplices
Bush's people are doing their best to chant the words "blame game" until they have fully exorcised public fury against them for standing by with their thumbs up their asses while a city died. Even the media are now starting to pick up this thread, that to criticize this administration, to point out what we all saw happen, to point out that gee, they don't even seem to give a shit and are already forgetting about it--and would like us to do the same, thanks very much--is somehow to delay the rescue operations.

I'd like to see how they hide the stink of their crimes once the bodies in the houses emerge from the water being pumped out now. But then, if they can prevent us from seeing photos of soldiers who died for this country, why not photos of a city full of dead bodies in New Orleans?(click and find out that indeed they have already done this)

But you know, they're right in a way. We are all complicit in their deaths.

We are complicit because we allowed this man to be appointed president before the votes were counted in 2000.

We are complicit because we let him spend most of his presidency vacationing.

We are complicit because we didn't keep asking why the Air Force was told to stand down on 9/11, and didn't keep asking why Bush took no action then to help Americans then either, and didn't call them on their lies afterward, about who was responsible for taking no action, about why they didn't want a commission to investigate it.

We are complicit because we never asked why it was more important that the government have the power to look at our library records than for potential terrorists to be denied access to firearms.

We are complicit because when the man in charge of security on 9/11 told us that our government let us down, we did not stop that government when its only response was to destroy the reputation of that man, and any other who pointed out that they had failed us, were likely to fail us again, and didn't care to fix a single thing.

We are complicit because we let this president lie us into war and squander lives, treasure, equipment, our national reputation and our moral code on a war of choice against a country that never committed a single act against ours that any of us can name, a war that did not even bring us cheap oil, not to mention anything like peace or security anywhere.

We are complicit because we let him crow early about victory and then dare the enemy to attack our troops, which he did not equip properly and still doesn't.

We are complicit because we listened to him and didn't so much believe him as accept, because we assumed there was nothing we could do. At which point there wasn't.

We are complcit because we let him ruin the security of the CIA for petty political payback, and thus the security of this country, and let him, indeed, be careless with that to a fault while scaring us every minute and never asking why, if we were in so much danger, he wasn't doing anything to actually defend us or protect us from danger.

We are complicit because we never questioned why it took him forever to get up from reading My Pet Goat or read a memo entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US" but was willing to rush back to Washington to sign a bill to save a single dead Florida woman's life.

We are complicit because we allowed him to become president again despite his hands still dripping with our blood, because we allowed him to claim his opponent would get us killed.

We are complicit because we do not remember that words mean things and lead to actions, because we act like everything will have a happy ending and that everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

We have dishonored every death from 9/11, from Iraq, from Afghanistan, by not questioning the president, by allowing him to weasel and bully his way out of accountability every time he has done the same dishonest thing; by agreeing to the spell he has put over us, in which for some reason our minds start to short-circuit when we begin to realize the enormity of our foolishness.

Because they understand that public image and approval ratings, ultimately, mean nothing if our anger never translates into action, and it never does. If we never hold him to account, it doesn't matter what kind of monster he is, because either way he'll still be president, and being president, by any means necessary, is the whole ballgame, with or without honor. In fact, having no honor to lose probably makes it easier. Low expectations have always been his friend.

Our president does not care if he is good. The power is enough. And how much respect can he have for a country that despises him and still elects him?

We let New Orleans die because we let this incompetent bastard have our highest, most sacred office. If we did that, we must not care about the possible consequences. We have treated casually what generations died to achieve, and are we now shocked at the consequences?

This is what it looks like when you let that happen. Cities die. Americans die. How many deaths have we endured because this man has been president?

We had better learn to live with them because we asked for it. We put him in charge and didn't think it would make a difference who was in that office. If that's the course we decided on, no matter if we think it was foolish now, then we must accept that the guilt is ours as well. We all killed New Orleans, and every baby who died is smeared red on each of us, just the same as if we had hired a train engineer who was drunk and derailed the train, killing everyone aboard. What did we expect? We knew the engineer was a drunk, but we trusted it would work out, not because of any reason but because it was easier than worrying too much about it. And then we act surprised when babies starve to death and cities are left to die.

If you put a fool in power, he will do foolish things. That's what fools do.

You do not criticize a monster. You do not stand in front of a dragon and whine that his breath is a little too hot, and ask if he can eat the virgin a little more politely.

You stop him, that's what you do. Who are we expecting to come in and do so? It's our job and we won't.

Bush knows we won't stop him, that we can't stop him, and that we will make no sacrifice to stop him. And he's laughing, laughing every day about it.

We have pissed on the legacy of our ancestors and our suffering is deserved. We have lost America for no better reason than, maybe, we were bored with it. This is what it looks like when you let that happen.

Remember feeling safe?

You must not have liked it very much.

We lie in the bed we have made, try our best to keep our eyes fixed on the cracks in the ceiling, and think of England as he does what he likes. Have you learned to enjoy it yet? You will. Or, anyway, you may as well.

Stop them, or shut up and go back to watching American Idol.

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