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28 February 2005
  The Most Useful Celeb On Earth

The big Michael Jackson trial started today. Must be another invasion coming.

Oh, you doubt we're going to Iran? Where will all the troops come from, you say?

Learn your geography. They're massed right on either side. Usually you mean something when you surround a country.


  This Is What It Looks Like

From the site of the suicide bomb in Hilla, Iraq that killed at least 115 today:


  Tolerance Is Not Enough

From Hullabaloo:

Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter were all southern white males, and we blue staters voted for them without a second thought. Before that, Lyndon Johnson won the blue states in a landslide. As I recall, we rather rather liked their southern roots. Let's just get this one thing straight. The theory that non-southerners are intolerant of "his kind" is undisputably wrong. We have happily voted for southern white males many times. It's southerners who refuse to vote for anyone who comes from anywhere else.

But, just being happy to vote for southern white males isn't good enough, is it? We don't properly get into macho, good ole boy culture. Ok. Let's try that. I have absolutely no problem with a born again, cowboy hat wearing president from a southern state who hunts and drives fast cars and even, dare I say it, engages in the most macho sport of all --- clearing brush. He can tie on a six gun and practice quick drawing in the rose garden for all I care. I am not offended by any of those things.

But again, that's the problem, isn't it? It is not enough to be tolerant. We must adopt both their style and their policies before they are happy. Everyone must be a NASCAR fan. If you are not, they will take it to mean that you disrespect their love of NASCAR. Everyone must hunt. If you don't, then you are being intolerant of their love of hunting. If you don't talk about religion the way they talk about it, you are not properly religious. Rappers must wear cowboy boots, hispanics must speak English, we all have to drive American trucks with confederate flags on the back and drink Jack and be exactly like these macho, southern white men before they will feel secure enough to vote with us.

And let's not pretend that we will not also have to tell the various constituencies in the party who find their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be contingent on being allowed to control their own bodies, marry whom they choose and practice or not practice the religion of their choice that they are shit out of luck. That's part of the deal.

Let's face facts here. The answer to this problem is that in order to get the macho white southern male vote we all must become macho white southern males and that is just not humanly possible. We can certainly try to engage them with an attitude of intense interest in their culture if that's what it takes. But, I doubt it will make much of a difference.


  Just To Make Sure I Don't Move back To California?

The governator is on a bit of a rampage (and is willing to lie to get what he wants) against anything that makes it at all pleasant to be a worker, apparently:

The Los Angeles Times reports today that Schwarzenegger's administration has circulated a videotape package masquerading as a news report on the governor's proposal to roll back labor regulations that require employers to give their employees half-hour lunch breaks within the first five hours of their shifts. Several California TV stations ran the report as news, offering their viewers a one-sided, government-financed view of Schwarzenegger's proposal.

I guess I'd better make sure when and if I do return, I don't need day jobs any more...


  "Rightwing influence has moved the media away from reporting news to designing our consciousness."
--Mark Crispin Miller,
Cruel and Unusual


  Conservatives: Uh-Oh, What Did We Let Out Of Its Cage?

Here's a number of conservatives suddenly noticing the increasing belligerence and brownshirting of their side and getting scared.

Well, Jesus, you idiots, this is what we've been saying for years. Better late than never, I guess...

A few examples:
In fact, if there was anything particularly striking about this year's CPAC, it is to just what extent Republicans have given up being the party of small government and individual liberty. Make absolutely no mistake about it: This party, among its most hard-core supporters, is not about freedom anymore. It is about foisting its members' version of morality and economic intervention on the country.

Ryan Sager
The Right's Right
Tech Central Station.com
February 21, 2005

I don’t think there are yet real fascists in the administration, but there is certainly now a constituency for them — hungry to bomb foreigners and smash those Americans who might object. And when there are constituencies, leaders may not be far behind.

Scott McConnell
Hunger for Dictatorship
The American Conservative
February 14, 2005

In short, what we have alive in the US is an updated and Americanized fascism [that] adores the head of state as a godlike figure who knows better than anyone else what the country and world's needs, and has a special connection to the Creator that permits him to discern the best means to bring it about.

Lew Rockwell
The Reality of Red-State Fascism
December 31, 2004

I remember when conservatives favored restraint in foreign policy and wished to limit government power in order to protect civil liberties. Today’s young conservatives are Jacobins determined to use government power to impose their will at home and abroad . . . From whence came the brownshirt movement that slavishly adheres to the neocons’ agenda?

Paul Craig Roberts
The Brownshirting of America
October 2004

From the first days after 9/11, the Bush administration created a mythology that would spur reverence for both the president and the government. Bush wrapped himself in a flag drenched with the blood of Americans who died due to the failure of the federal government he commanded, and sadly the people bought it — and still continue to buy it.

James Bovard
Lie and You Thrive
September 17, 2004

It was the blindness of the conservative Right to the dangers which had been so evident, arising from their determination to eliminate democracy and destroy socialism and the consequent government stalemate they had allowed to develop, that delivered the power of a nation-state containing all the pent up aggression of a wounded giant into the hands of the dangerous leader of a political gangser mob.

Ian Kershaw
Hilter: 1889-1936 Hubris

And more from here:
Just where in the Constitution is the federal government given the power or responsibility to manage citizens' family lives? ... Conservatism can't survive by religious extremism and tax cuts alone.

There needs to be something more than Ann Coulter's substanceless ranting and faux-provocative calls for a "new McCarthyism." There needs to be something more than immigration opponents comparing Mexicans to burglars stealing American jobs. There needs to be something more than treating the Log Cabin Republicans like a punchline conservatives would rather forget. [Ryan Sager]

The last weeks of 2004 saw several explicit warnings from the antiwar Right about the coming of an American fascism. Paul Craig Roberts in these pages wrote of the “brownshirting” of American conservatism—a word that might not have surprised had it come from Michael Moore or Michael Lerner. But from a Hoover Institution senior fellow, former assistant secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, and one-time Wall Street Journal editor, it was striking. ...

... the very fact that the f-word [fascism] can be seriously raised in an American context is evidence enough that we have moved into a new period. The invasion of Iraq has put the possibility of the end to American democracy on the table and has empowered groups on the Right that would acquiesce to and in some cases welcome the suppression of core American freedoms. That would be the titanic irony of course, the mother of them all—that a war initiated under the pretense of spreading democracy would lead to its destruction in one of its very birthplaces. But as historians know, history is full of ironies. [Scott McConnell, The American Conservative]

What is the most pressing and urgent threat to freedom that we face in our time? It is not from the left. If anything, the left has been solid on civil liberties and has been crucial in drawing attention to the lies and abuses of the Bush administration. No, today, the clear and present danger to freedom comes from the right side of the ideological spectrum, those people who are pleased to preserve most of free enterprise but favor top-down management of society, culture, family, and school, and seek to use a messianic and belligerent nationalism to impose their vision of politics on the world. [Lew Rockwell]

Conservatives don’t assess opponents’ arguments, they demonize opponents. Truth and falsity are out of the picture; the criteria are: who’s good, who’s evil, who’s patriotic, who’s unpatriotic.

These are the traits of brownshirts. Brownshirts know they are right. They know their opponents are wrong and regard them as enemies who must be silenced if not exterminated. [Paul Craig Roberts]

The Bush administration's ability to con the American people on 9/11 helped fuel their frauds on Iraq. It is now beyond dispute that many of the specific statements made by Bush on Iraqi weapons were false. Even Bush has conceded that his frequent efforts to link Saddam Hussein to 9/11 were unfounded (though this has not stopped Cheney from repeating the link to audiences which have pre-signed loyalty oaths to the Bush administration)....Bush, in his comments at the Republican convention and in stump speeches, makes it stark that he feels entitled to be cheered and revered for his courage in "making a tough decision" on invading Iraq. It is as if the more Americans die from Bush's folly, the more undeniable his greatness becomes. [James Bovard; more about Bovard here]

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25 February 2005
  Well, How Else Are Republicans Going To Get Laid?

Oh, good lord, Sean Hannity is trying to get in on the Match.com action. Look, the last thing we need is conservatives like the one in this excerpt reproducing.


Name: Krista
Location: MI
Age: 36

I love this country and I support our President. I saw him three times this past year, twice on the campaign trail and once at the inauguration. I cried when Reagan died…one of my favorite books is “I love you, Ronnie” - Ronald Reagan’s love letters to Nancy Reagan. I want the kind of love that Nancy and Ronald Reagan had…

Uh...on second thought, maybe I needn't worry about that.


  Conservative Rebellion Against Bush Brewing?

It appears the conservatives actually want payback from Bush for their support and the Social Security issue is losing them. For one thing, it takes valuable time away from making America a theocracy and gettin' them queer boys t'stop kissin' on each other.

Oh goody. Too bad they can't deny him campaign funds like Grover Norquist did to Bush 41 in 1992, though. Guess they'll have to just bark and not bite.

Suckers! What did you expect? You knew he was a snake.


  Rove, Rather, Gannon and the Red Wave

Here's a very interesting piece that attempts to connect the dots on the disparate elements of the GOP's war on independent journalism.

I myself have believed from the start and to this day that the Rathergate memos were an inoculation by Karl Rove--and if you've seen or read Bush's Brain, you know this is precisely his style as much as the Riddler leaving clues to his crimes--against any future accusations regarding Bush's guard service. And whether they were or not, do you think news organizations are going to pursue that story ever again?

An interesting and spooky convergence is occurring between corporate news outlets that are either too spineless or too self-interested to attack Bush--and who in fact benefit from the opposite--and the privatized Red Wave of bloggers and fake news sites (like the now shut-down--and so subtly-named--Talon News) which supplies the propaganda the government itself is legally prevented from overtly sponsoring. We have in this country a propaganda machine that runs itself and that doesn't get the government's fingers dirty. Indeed, its appearance of independence makes it all the more convincing. Add in a fake reporter to waste valuable time in news conferences and it's really a perfect machine.

The point of it isn't so much to promulgate a message as to--like with Ann Coulter--create a higher ratio of noise to signal. The idea is to tire or terrorize the blues into shutting up. Kind of like those sheep in Animal Farm who would drown out dissenters to Napoleon with the endless cry of "four legs good, two legs bad," which was meant to mean that anyone who disagreed with Napoleon was on the side of Farmer Jones and wanted the revolution destroyed. As most neoconservatives are former--and embittered--Marxists or leftists, they certainly understand purgation tactics. When trying to understand their techniques, it's instructive to understand how the Old Left used to treat those who felt that Stalin was actually the worst thing to happen to communism, and it's not at all strange that the neocons are now known as Red.

Consider the accusations of "unamerican" or "you're on the side of the terrorists" whenever even the slightest dissenting view is voiced now to anything Bush says. One might say this is inevitable when you've let the right decide the terms of the argument, and the argument becomes about whether the right-winger agrees or not, and if he/she does not, the point is invalid.

When was it decided the right-wingers are the imams, are the adults who judge right and wrong? Why do liberals think the point is to win their approval?

When liberals learn to set the terms or to stay on-message regardless of the confusion bombs the Reds throw their way, they might actually start to reverse this Bizarro America we're in, that's growing slacker of mind each day.

But I'm not holding my breath.


  Apocalypse For Fun & Profit

Some people spend their entire lives hoping that the world will end, that all will be destroyed and that all those they have ever despised will be cast into a lake of fire to suffer for all eternity while they themselves sit on a cloud in heaven watching and laughing.

Others actually live their lives and maybe get laid once in a while.

But for the religiously revenge-obsessed among us, there's the Rapture Index, which apparently charts how close we are to the Apocalypse. And here it is.

Oh, and if you want to rub your family & friends'(if you have any) noses in your ascent into the Heavens, why not send them a Rapture Letter saying, "Ha ha, how are the scorpions today?"

Americans are way too obsessed with this misreading of scripture. But everybody sublimates their suicidal impulses a different way, I guess...


24 February 2005
  Why Liberals Are Clueless

From Daily Kos. Might be some nuggets of good advice about getting y'all's balls back.

Seriously. I mean it. You are completely, utterly clueless.Well, that's a lie. You are, however, utterly clueless about the hearts and motivations of the core of your opposition, American Conservatism. That's OK. Don't fall into the trap of "Personal Responsibility" and shoulder too much blame for your ignorance. How could you ever know us if no one ever told you? You can't. So this American Conservative will tell you. First, what is this American Conservative (also referenced henceforth as "conservative" or "AC")? We are about 10-20% of the American population, 90% of elite corporate officers, 50% of the US Congress, 60% of the national judiciary, and 100% of the White House. We have driven the Republican Party since the 1950. We are the reason 40% of this country isn't farther left than you...

And read the rest there.


  Hunter's Health: Not Everyone Is William Burroughs

Sad week, this, with Dr. Gonzo dead by his own hand. But courtesy of Warren Ellis, here's some info as to why. HST's remaining years wouldn't have been pleasant ones:

"I read an article a few years ago, that I haven’t seen cited in the obituaries yet, wherein it’s stated that Thompson’s body was pretty much packing up on him. His stomach was having problems with toxic substances like, um, food, and his diet was mostly liquid, mashed avocado and yoghurt. He’d spent time in a wheelchair in recent years. His drug use had always been exaggerated for comedic effect, but, at 67, he’d been hammering his body in a committed way for some 50 years. And, at 67, you don’t grow back the bits you killed. There’s a fair chance he was looking at years of dependency, chronic illness, and listening to his own body die by inches." 
  Oldie But Goodie

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

-- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


  How Do You Get Seniors To Act Against Their Own Interests?

Especially since it's well known that even Red state seniors like their social security (hey, their kids don't want to take care of them any more than in blue states--and the end effect of the destruction of social security will be seniors either moving back in with their children or dying homeless), how oh how do you get them to give up their own means of survival?

Why, the same way you got Bush re-elected. Associate your enemy (in this case, the nearly invulnerable AARP) with gay men kissin' on each other. This ad, now pulled, was put up on the web by the Swift Boat folks. Desperate and sad, isn't it? Not that this means it won't work, given that you're all fucking idiots....

Curious: Does it matter whether allegations are true, or even coherent, anymore? Is the country really that gullible now? Because if so, there's some stuff I'd like to repeat over and over till it's true. Let's see:

Paypal $100 to john.roberson@gmail.com.
Paypal $100 to john.roberson@gmail.com.
Paypal $100 to john.roberson@gmail.com.
Paypal $100 to john.roberson@gmail.com.
Paypal $100 to john.roberson@gmail.com.

You are getting sleepy...you're clicking....

Donald Trump is at this moment three yards from where I'm sitting. Long story. The hair really is that bizarre in person, by the way.

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23 February 2005
  Pictures From the Sudanese Genocide

You know, the one we're all ignoring. At NYTimes.com.


21 February 2005
  Hunter S. Thompson RIP

Hunter S. Thompson shoots himself.

Not the way I'd want to be remembered going out. A shame.

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18 February 2005
  Blockbuster: No Late Fees, You Just Buy The Thing

I don't usually post consumer stories, but as a film fan I despise Blockbuster. So I was very amused to see that New Jersey is suing them over their attempt to eat into the extremely preferable Netflix (which I highly recommend) and its market share by "ending" late fees. Well, they didn't really. The way it actually works is if you don't return the film after 8 days, it's converted into a sale and charged to your credit card.

Which, if you're Blockbuster, must be a great way to clear overstock but it's also, well, evil and deceptive. Be warned. Though you should never go to Blockbuster anyway. They suck. 
17 February 2005
  The FCC And What's Fuckin' Obscene

Well, the bill approving higher fines for "indecency" on broadcast TV and radio passed.

Like I really care about restrictions on corporate broadcasting designed to deliver a product(you) to its market(advertisers) and stands for nothing else. In my view this only creates opportunities for print media and cable broadcasting, just as in the good old days. And it affects the internet not at all.

When was the last time broadcast media were anything more than a way to brainwash? One less reason to watch TV or listen to radio is hardly objectionable to me. It's not even a legal precedent: TV and radio have a government agency regulating them and that's why this can be done to them. It doesn't affect the First Amendment, and really, were the network news organizations really using it anyway? Is it even relevant?

And do you even care?

Let all the poison that lurks in the mud hatch out.


  Alan Keyes' Now-Homeless Lesbian Daughter

Alan Keyes, the most loathsome, stupid and insane Republican alive, who has chosen to infect the state I live in with his psychotic Christian ideology(and got his ass handed to him by Barack Obama last November), has shown us the real face of "compassionate conservatism." What can you say about a man who destroys his own daughter's life because she's a lesbian? (my God, even Dick Cheney is a nicer father than that)

From Daily Kos, here's some of her thoughts on this:

Well, it's happened. Finally and officially.

A couple days ago I got my official two-week warning that I have to be out of this apartment; so finally for real I'm getting cut off. I got no severance or anything like that from my sudden termination of employment (don't I have freedom of speech? the right to protest Bush without losing my job? Hehe... most people would think that working under a parent would be security but for me it's quite the opposite.) and so I definitely don't have anywhere near enough cash to find a new apartment; not even one room rented from someone anywhere. I've been searching craigslist but even places where I'd have enough to pay the first month's rent on some room I never have enough for the deposit as well, so so far I've had no luck at all finding a new home, since shelter requires money. Sad boo.

After all the arguments and tension over the years, I always hoped it would never actually get to this point, although I suppose given our vastly divergent political beliefs it was inevitable.

What kind of evil son of a bitch does this to his own daughter? Maybe it's a "starve 'em till they're straight" plan.

Hell will be hot for these pseudo-Christians for whom compassion and understanding are alien ideas. I don't know what Jesus they follow but it ain't mine. Looking at them is like looking at someone claiming to be a committed Marxist who runs a Nike sweatshop.

Look at Keyes. He's careless, ideologically obsessed and PR-stupid. In Keyes you see an illustration of the next stage of neoconservatives after Bush has consolidated power, once the day comes when shamelessness transforms into totalitarianism.

They do not care about God, folks. Or country. Or family. They care only for power and building an American Versailles.

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  Wait, Farming Subsidies Only Go To Red States!

Looks like Bush's supporters in congress just realized who Bush's farm subsidy cuts will hurt: the very states that voted for him.

I guess the congressmen don't want their asses handed to them by their soon-to-be-impoverished farmer constituents. But as usual, the ones who voted for Bush, as it should be, are the ones who will be screwed by him.

Good. Enjoy, red states. At least you won't have to worry about those horrid gays enjoying prominent, happy, state-sanctioned lives. Oh, wait...

Damn, if I were a Republican bigot I'd feel pretty used and stupid by now.


12 February 2005
  DNC: Dean In, MacAuliffe Hits Bricks

The first step in the possible reconstruction of the Democratic Party began today when Howard Dean got the job he was actually meant for, that of DNC Chair, taking over from the feckless, delusional failure Terry MacAuliffe. And not a moment too soon for the New Orleans Saints of politics. As Tim Grieve of Salon said:

Speaking out to George W. Bush -- who surely wasn't watching -- McAuliffe said: "Don't get too comfortable in that chair." He vowed that Democrats will spend the next four years making Bush "uncomfortable" by challenging him on Social Security, judicial nominees and other issues that divide the party.

It's good to be an irritant. It's better to get your candidates elected.

Please let the door hit your ass on the way out, Terry.

11 February 2005
  Say Hello To The Federal ID Card

Look what happens when you don't pay attention.

Despite the protests of Democrats and a range of groups from Amnesty International to the ACLU, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that will deny drivers licenses to illegal immigrants and mandate a uniform federal ID for all 50 states. The bill passed in the House with a decisive two-thirds majority, though in its current form it's not likely to make it through the Senate.


06 February 2005
  Bush 41 Was Deep Throat?

Might've been...


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