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I Didn't Write That!
14 May 2003
  Pigs Take Wings!

In this era, as goes Texas, so goes the country.
Mike Malloy

Texas Republicans are trying to have about 50 members of the opposition arrested for having fled the state to deny the Republicans a quorum (in Texas they're as strict on quorums as sodomy)--and what were they deciding? Essentially on the orders of Tom DeLay they intend to vote in a redistricting plan which would in effect concentrate voting power in the hands of Republicans, essentially squeezing any opposition out of the state.

You'd think it'd be a big enough state for at least two parties, but you'd be wrong, buster.

Here's the latest from the Texas Democrats' site:

Whether they're sending state troopers to harass nurses in a neonatal unit or engaging a Homeland Security agency to track a state legislator's airplane, the Republican response to the Killer D Walkout shows a disturbing willingness to misuse state and federal law enforcement authorities, said Molly Beth Malcolm, Texas Democratic Party Chairwoman.

Since the walkout began, the following has occurred:

* The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that Speaker Tom Craddick asked that former Speaker Pete Laney's plane be tracked. Subsequently, the Air and Marine Interdiction and Coordination Center — a Homeland Security agency — got involved in this state issue and tracked the former Speaker's plane.

* In another attempt to insert the federal government into this state issue, U.S. House Majority Leader Tom Delay told several newspapers that the FBI and federal marshalls should be called in to assist in apprehending the Killer D's. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported there was an attempt to "federalize" the Texas arrest warrants for the Killer D's.

* Several newspapers reported that Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, at Craddick's direction, continue to harass the spouses of Killer D's even though it is very well known the Democrats are in Ardmore.

* Today's Galveston Daily News and other papers reported on DPS troopers harassing nurses at the neonatal unit where Craig Eiland's twins, who were born premature, are being hospitalized. Craddick Press Secretary Bob Richter said, "We're not going to call off the dogs because they're in Oklahoma."

The Republican Party yesterday began airing radio ads calling on the public to phone the DPS in Austin to report sightings of Killer D's even though it's well known they are in Ardmore.

"A trend is developing here," Malcolm said. "At every turn, the Republicans are trying to misuse law enforcement to deal with this matter.Similar to his attempt to impose a new redistricting plan, Tom Delay is trying to bring in the FBI into this state matter. And the answer is the same: this is a state matter and Tom Delay should quit messing with Texas. As for the continuing harassment of Killer D families, Speaker Craddick and the Texas Republican Party need to quit treating the DPS like 'dogs' while wasting their time on needlessly frightening their families or running off on red herrings," said Malcolm.

Okay, I didn't think I'd see it happening again in my lifetime, but Democrats are showing spine. And in Texas. We also see the GOP showing its teeth, as if they hadn't been obvious enough already--the Homeland Security Act has been invoked to allow them to be arrested over in Oklahoma, which has resulted in such interesting misunderstandings as one woman calling the police because she saw the "terrorists."

Isn't it interesting just how well-conditioned we've become? I'm amazed so many otherwise intelligent people have, without any direct connection ever having been drawn, come to quiescently believe that Saddam Hussein was behind the attacks on the WTC, simply through the power of forgetting, of letting pernicious memes implant and grow for no better reason than intellectual laziness--understandable in so brutalized and denying a country as we are right now. People are broke, tired and scared, and that's how someone like this president likes us--because if he'd ever had to play fair he'd never have been president. He's the rightful heir and must be accomodated.

But now we see how that trickles down--what the general atmosphere has become. And the last time this country was like this was about 10 years before I was born. Much like with the broad application of the word "communist" in the 50s, for the weakest minds it's now a terrorist if the GOP simply disagrees. The New York Times features a photo of one GOP representative from Dallas with a set of cards like the ones used in Iraq to identify Ba'ath party members sought by the military. Where do you think they're going with this, these Republicans with their known sadistic and juvenile sense of humor?

Prediction that I hope is wrong: the Democrats will not cave in and a pretext will be found to shoot them, and then they'll somehow be found to be collaborating with Al-Quaida in a show trial that will definitely follow if any survive, in order to destroy their names, to grind them thoroughly into the mud as well as anything they may say--and by extension the rest of the Democratic Party. Much like the recent experiment in the UK labelling George Galloway, the MP most against Blair's involvement in the Iraq Conquest. Which is ongoing.

And whatever happens, if the Democrats lose this it'll be all over the attack ads starting Christmas. From both sides, if the Democrats have any sense. This to me looks like a first salvo--or was that the death of Wellstone?--in showing Democrats: we feel free to arrest you and maybe even kill you. Now, what German political party also took about two years to do this kind of thing? Is that where you want to live? Don't you love America? You may think you do because you don't know what the alternative is really like. If you have any understanding of history, you know you don't want to. But then, America is where people, in so many ways, think they can escape history.

These folks are showing true courage and should be supported as loudly as possible. Post this information anywhere else you can, and show the Texas Democratic Party your support for this one example of the Democrats showing any spine since Clinton at yellowdog@txdemocrats.org.

If the Democrats do not take heart at this and actually show some courage against Bush, this country is lost. You don't deserve the rights you don't fight for, and so far the Congressional Democrats have been shameful as hell in showing less opposition to Bush than Olympia Snowe(R-Maine) by herself! Handing over the country to an illegitimate mob leader bent on sucking as much out of this country as they can before their bluff is called, who believe you will believe anything they say. Or that you'll be so very jaded that you won't be opposed. Which accomplishes the same result. Don't you ever notice how much has changed in only two years?

Anyway, if you stay quiet it'll happen. Stop giving these bastards the benefit of the doubt. If Republicans try to shout you down, shout harder. Shout until their goddamn ears bleed. Unless you really trust George Bush and his whims with your life.


Interestingly on tonight's season and Sorkin finale to the West Wing, it appears that Sheen and Sorkin have both been Dixie Chicked. Faced with great personal tragedy and ill health President Barlett has to invoke the 25th Amendment, which provides the succession of power in case of presidential incapacity, and hand over power to the House Majority Leader(the VP having had to resign), a Republican, played(and this was a perfect choice) by John Goodman. While this promises a new level of surreality to the show--and now I will watch it more regularly, I'm afraid, because Goodman given a chance to shine is a heartbreakingly good thing indeed--and certainly the parallel universe of the show where a Clintonesque Democrat is still president was beginning to look like a sad, sick joke--will this be as intelligent as before, or will this turn into propaganda for Bush? We will see. But now Hollywood sees what happens if you go against Bush in any way and happen to have a credible presence and large enough audience.

Look what's happening in front of your nose.



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