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20 September 2018
  LULU Book 2 Chapter 5 - Read It All for Free Here. Also, Patreon Are Miserable Censorious Bastards

Patreon apparently objects to LULU because they are, I suppose, run by especially sheltered grandmas. They honestly think this is objectionable. This, which comes from a play over a century old. Frank Wedekind must be glad he is still scandalous. It proves again that there is nothing I can spend years making that some brainless tech wormboy can't block from view. Or try to keep me from making any money from, ever.

So you know what? 

Here's the whole fucking thing, because they cannot stop it here. The hell with Patreon. They treat me like trash. I'm too mad to explain more now. 

Enjoy the newest LULU chapter, which I worked hard on for months, and FUCK CENSORS TO DEATH. All censors should choke on their own priggishness.

This at the same time DC gets to publish Batman's naked, swinging dick.
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13 September 2018
  New Artwork: Vladrushka - "Fifteen" (Anniversary Drawing)

Following on the last one, my next piece in India ink (rather than digital), this one is in celebration of the fact I just realized this fall is the fifteenth anniversary of her first publication by Eros Comix./Fantagraphics. (Count the stars behind her)

I was going to also try to hand-color this with watercolors but I...don't want to experiment with this one; I'll save that for the next one. I will probably do color but digitally. But after doing all those little lines I am loath to risk smearing them. Actual paint is a new thing to try for me.

Unlike the last one, this features a return to her classic hairdo. Seemed more appropriate.

India ink with crowquill & brush on
hot-press Crescent board, 11" x 14"
Buy the original art here!

And you can get this as a print at DeviantArt right now! Or if you'd like to get the original art, just click on the button just above.

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08 September 2018
  Censorship Update: It Pays To Fight for Your Work (UPDATED--VICTORY!)

UPDATE: Complete success. All the books that were up, are back where they should be, at Createspace, Kindle(both available via Amazon), AND...Comixology. And they even kindly apologized. Overall I feel their response ended every professionally, though it was extremely frustrating before that.

But yay!

For once, I beat censors, because I was enraged and did not give up. But far more importantly, they received a barrage of messages on my behalf from all of you. I only wish as many of you were buying them! But thanks mostly to you, I am back, and it is a wonderful feeling to feel as though I have agency in this for once. I have been buffeted about by this crap, and driven crazy about my work, by too many censors for far too long. Comics wins over censors far too rarely. 

And we find it far too easy to assume censorship is something we can only cope with or get around, rather than shit, just shit, that we should not have to face at all.

We should not be told what to do by, for god's sake not even publishers, not even the government--booksellers; hypocrites who allow werewolf porn on Kindle in prose, but won't allow even an ordinary sex scene with much detail in a comic. We have to have visuals, so we get targeted. We should be able to explore anything prose can, or else we're an inferior medium, and we should keep fighting these companies to loosen their restrictive content standards for all creators, not just ones shielded by big companies.

So anyway, below is where it stood on Wednesday...
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06 September 2018
  The Letter Gary Cohn Grabbed With Which Trump Was Going to Sever Ties with South Korea

One of the many incomprehensible, insane decisions the thing we have in the White House instead of a president was going to make, that his staff saved us from. In this case, Gary Cohn grabbed this thing off Trump's desk before it could be signed. And to show you how seriously Trump takes all this, he forgot it existed.
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04 September 2018
  New Artwork: VLADRUSHKA - The Box

I drew myself a new thing and in real ink. It's good old Vladrushka! Who's 15 years old this month. I have not used actual ink in a while. 

VLADRUSHKA: THE BOX (c) 2018 John Linton Roberson. Vladrushka created by John L. Roberson.
Vladrushka: THE BOX
India ink, wash and chalk 
on Crescent illustration board
Buy the original art here!

After finishing the most recent chapter of LULU, I found myself, after a decade, missing using real ink. I started inking in Photoshop (later Clip Studio, a great program) about halfway through MARTHA in 2008, after I got fed up with my cats splattering my ink if I walked away for even a second, never mind leaving the jar, or my crowquills, out.

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31 August 2018
  Tony Stark Is An Idiot and Threw His Friends Under the Bus

Weren't the Sokovia Accords just Tony's way of covering up the fact that Ultron was all his fault? 

tony stark

He should have been brought up on charges. The other Avengers were not to blame for Sokovia. Instead? He ends up kind of in CHARGE of enforcing those accords. The man who can't stop accidentally making deathbots.

Tony is a fucking idiot because he never thinks things through to their consequence(and then throws his friends under the bus for himself). He just likes the Idea and making it happen. Like Oppenheimer before Hiroshima. 

People like him are why we have the Bomb.


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28 August 2018
  Censored Again. This Time, @Comixology and Soon Createspace (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Read what Desert Peach and Afterdead creator Donna Barr had to say on this matter. Also go to bottom to see another update: the PRINT comics may go soon too.

A report that Comixology sent me today, to be cruel, I guess. It appears my sales, which are not huge, were picking up a lot in the last two months, especially after SUZY SPREADWELL was approved and released. Which I waited for a year, because Comixology are appallingly slow about that process. (Forget releasing digitally same day as print if you're small) Something I hate but I put up with. 

And I've been on Comixology for a number of years, starting with LULU Book 1. All the books went through this same long approval process. Some of the older stuff, like VLADRUSHKA or MARTHA, they rejected because it was too explicit. But that was all. They didn't ban me for submitting them. And in order to make ebook and POD platforms happy, because as it's not a goddamn hobby, I want to get my comics to the marketplace, I have toned and toned down my work for the past decade, as all of you must have noticed. It wasn't because I want to. It was because I had to. 

You see, if you're a tiny self-publishing company, they exercise arbitrary standards they would never use against bigger companies like Image (they carry the incredibly filthy BLACK KISS by Chaykin, and they should), NBM (Crepax' STORY OF O, again something that should be available), or Avatar (CROSSED, which is about rape zombies. This one I wouldn't mind seeing erased from the earth). They can release any content they like through Comixology. But someone like me has to be careful.

So I have, because I did not want to get banned again as happened with Cafepress or, temporarily(till people made noise about it, and the stuff is back there and you can buy it at the link), Google Play. No matter how angry it made me to have to do so. My work is basically an R rating now.

And yet, barely a couple of months after they approved SUZY, they banned me. All my books, just like that.They never explained the reason why to me. They made me feel like trash.

And the books were selling, finally.

How would you feel if every time you achieved something, someone else came in afterward and nullified it? How much would you hate those people?

It seems this always happens the instant they start to sell, the instant I get any traction whatsoever. I sacrifice my entire life to making this stuff. I spend months finishing a story, because I have to also have a day job. I'm exhausted. I'm lonely. I'm bored. I barely feel human. My only recompense is knowing a work has been completed and is available. 

What usually happens, at Cafepress, Google Play, and now Comixology, the instant a comic or comics of mine start to sell, though, is one of two things or both:

1. My content gets banned even though it may be identical to something that's also available in prose, because comics have to have visuals. So the rules applied to prose are not applied to comics. There's massive amounts of straight-up prose porn all over Kindle(which Comixology basically now is) but my R-rated stuff gets banned because it's comics, and that is all.

2. The two standards for self-publishers vs. "proper" publishers that Comixology blatantly and shamelessly goes by.

I don't see other cartoonists being treated this way.

It makes me not want to make anything.

And I'm alone and no one else is complaining to Comixology about this, so they don't think they even have to talk to me.

If you're reading this, please share this all over social media. I'm sick of putting up with this, and intend to make an obnoxious noise to embarrass Comixology about this. I am sick to death of being prevented from succeeding when content far, far more racy than my own is allowed to be sold. I have never faced this when I had a publisher. As I have none right now but me, I'm easy to bully.

I have no idea what's special about my stuff that I keep being singled out. But I would really like some help this time.

Sorry if I sound whiny, but I'm pissed. Really pissed. I liked working with Comixology, so their disrespectful treatment of me all of a sudden hurts. I've been doing this over two decades, haven't had a bad review since 1998, but I still get treated as a hobbyist because I try to do all of it myself.

Do you think people like me should be allowed to have their stuff sold like anyone else? Then share this. Make noise.

And by the way, as you may imagine, this makes a pledge at Patreon even more welcome, so if you can, please do at any amount, and thanks.


YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Comixology and Createspace are both treating me like trash and not responding to my messages, and when I call I end up on endless holds that cut off halfway through. So if you're a small publisher, this is how they treat you when there's a problem, now that they're part of Kindle. Other creators, be warned.

And why Createspace? Why, because they're about to be folded into Kindle too. So my books there, my print books, will soon be banned as well. I intend to fight this. But if you were waiting to buy them, better do it now because they may soon be gone.


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26 August 2018
  Why I Can't Mourn John McCain

(Update: Story also now appears, in a slightly different form, at Medium)

John McCain died yesterday, and is being lauded as the last example of decency left in the Republican party. It's actually just a continuation of the image the GOP always tried to put forth of him, papering over the many bad things he was responsible for regardless.

You have to wonder anyway about a party that constantly has to point to one guy and say, "SEE! One of us DOES have a sense of decency!" The same party has to go back to 1865 to find an example of the last time they helped black people. It has a smell of good cop/bad cop about it as well.
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22 August 2018
  Trump Is Not Redefining Truth

Image result for trump lyingI love reading story after story claiming facts no longer exist, that Trump is "redefining truth." 

 If I say to you one day, dogs are cats, you wouldn't say I redefined dogs. You'd ask if I felt OK.

If Trump lies--and does so obviously and often--he's just lying. Normal, old-fashioned, and very clumsy LYING. 

 And that is all it is.

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17 August 2018
  So Many Lies and Lonely Nights Yawned Before Lois

(Bruce comes in late again)

"What have you been doing? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN GOING?"

"um...I'm having an affair. Yep, big sexy affair."


"No--no don't touch that--"

"Why nohee hee hee kk hee"

"Shit, another one."


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15 August 2018
  Most Cartoonists Have Day Jobs

Do you wonder how a writer or cartoonist juggles working on a big project with having a day job? I notice many don't talk about it. But I'll tell you.

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09 July 2018
  Charlotte's Web: the Dark Truth

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06 July 2018
  Michael Flatley's BLACKBIRD: The Leaked Script

Image may contain: 4 people, text
BLACKBIRD: Man, it sure is hard running this luxurious nightclub when you used to be a secret agent when the two things have nothing to do with each other. Oh, hello, old flame.

OLD FLAME: I bring mystery and danger. Now kiss me, because you are so much more handsome than me.

BLACKBIRD: But I love you anyway.

OLD FLAME: You were always too good for me!

BLACKBIRD (chuckles affectionately): I know.

OLD FLAME: Let's dance like we used to! Let's dance the night away!

(Long pause. A very sad Blackbird sits, tries to find the right words)

BLACKBIRD: You know I can't dance...not ever again.


BLACKBIRD: Not...not since... (reveals his iron feet; guitar by Paul McCartney begins flashback montage)

SPOILER: The feet are actually tap-triggered machine guns

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  Steve Ditko RIP: "In Search of Steve Ditko" (Jonathan Ross, 2007)

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03 July 2018
  Democrats Have to Realize Incivility in Defense of Humanity is No Vice
This is what the Democrats have to relearn. They understood this once, back when they won more regularly. They played dirty. Because it was fucking worth it. Just look at 30s or 40s Democrats. They weren't looking to make nice with the Republicans because they knew the GOP had failed the country.
Image result for pelosi

If you're afraid to get nasty and mean in the defense of human rights, or the environment, or democracy, or any of the other targets of Trump, you're just in love with your self-image as a nice person but don't really mean it. 

The point is not to see who the noblest loser is. The point is to win so you can protect these things. Even if it means you personally have to be not nice. One has to get one's hands dirty. One can wash them afterward. Or wear gloves.

They act like they have to petition the GOP for the right to have power, like the GOP is the arbiter of this. They've let them set the rules and kept themselves defensive. It has to stop. It won't because Pelosi has a death grip on her power. Pelosi, who treated the Ocasio win on Tuesday with disdain at best. That said a lot.
Image result for pelosi

This started with Clinton basically admitting that Republican ideas were more practical. That was when the playing field was mistakenly ceded to them. That was what was necessary to win at that moment, but it cost much. From that point onward, it was an issue of what they would allow, like they were parents. 

Yes, hope and change and all that. But hope is a cruel lie without a reason for it, and change cannot occur without power. To get the power, you have to grasp the nettle.

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24 June 2018
  "This Door Was Only Ever For You" - Kafka's BEFORE THE LAW

From The Trial, here an excerpt from the film by Orson Welles.


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21 June 2018
  The Shock Doctrine (2009)

Can you remember when we didn't have to think about Trump all the time for fear we'll be unprepared for his next crime against humanity? Do you wonder why we're being pushed to exhaustion by all this?

Do you think it's an accident?

Or is it the most elaborate application of the Shock Doctrine since the fall of the USSR?


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17 June 2018
  SHOAH (Claude Lanzmann, 1985)

To remind you. Because it's happening again.

Complete, with extras.
Image result for shoah


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15 June 2018
  Let's Give Dracula A Chance That was every single Bernie supporter who smugly sat out the last election.
Every one of those was a passive voter for Trump. They could live with that outcome. Their consciences, they said, were clear.
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19 May 2018
  44 Years Ago: National Lampoon's Missing White House Tapes (1974)

An absolute classic from the golden age of comedy albums, which in my opinion is a lost art that should be recovered. I like comedy better as just audio, personally.
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21 April 2018
  A Note on Bolsheviks and the Continuity of Power

A thought while reading Vol. 1 of Stephen Kotkin's STALIN:

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20 April 2018
  The Trump Lawsuit Folly: Too Early, Democrats, For God's Sake

I'm sure the announcement the DNC is suing Trump gave many a momentary rush. But my eyes just rolled.

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03 April 2018
  Sinclair Tipped Their Hand

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31 March 2018
  COME AND SEE (Klimov, 1985)
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18 March 2018
  New Sketches, Including New #Vladrushka
For practice today, my first Vladrushka sketch in a long while.

Vladrushka created by John Linton Roberson (c)2018

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25 January 2018
  LULU Is Back!

Your wait is over! The new chapter of LULU is all drawn now, and the greys are in progress. I will be releasing the pages via Patreon as they're done--not necessarily on a weekly basis like at MartianLit, but each, like this, will be free for a week after release. 

More details there. Click on panel to read the first page now!

By the way, I posted quite a lot--well, all--of this in progress as I was going, though I haven't bothered to post that here. So if you're interested, all the posts with the "In Progress" tag. Free except the final inked/lettered ones, before the greys, which are patron-only. But you can see all the stages till the lettering is on it, from pencils to inks.

Of course, to unlock every one of those (and a lot more) only takes a $1 pledge...

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04 October 2017
  If You're A Writer or Cartoonist

You make more pages.

No matter what you lose, no matter who comes and goes. You make more pages.

No matter how long it takes you, steadily every day. You make more pages.

Even if nobody cares. Even if nobody bothers to read any of it. Even if none of it seems to matter.

You make more pages.

Because if there are no pages, it never will matter, either.


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30 September 2017
  The Word For Trump is "Evil."

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09 September 2017
  TWIN PEAKS THE RETURN: Left With a Few Questions put it mildly. But here are some I made notes on.

by Scott Abbott

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04 September 2017
  The Rabbit Hole of Reboot


Sick to fucking death of it. It ate mainstream comics and trapped both Marvel and DC in a cycle that will never end, and has made its way into TV too. Twin Peaks, the Flash, more.

Why are we attracted to this idea?
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  TWIN PEAKS: It Feels Like Something Wasted

I'm gonna get blasphemous here.

I call shenanigans on the resolution to the new TWIN PEAKS.

I love Lynch. I am used to Lynch. I am used to abstruse and like it. And if everything had been properly resolved I guess it wouldn't feel like Lynch so there's really no way to win. But do NOT respond to this with a "you just don't get Lynch"--oh yes I fucking do. He's a foundation stone of inspiration for my own work. Nor say "you must be used to Hollywood plotting"--I fucking hate Hollywood plotting. I avoid most mainstream product. I have watched Lynch since I was 12 and the Elephant Man came out. I'm in the cult, of the cult.


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03 September 2017
  The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post

29 August 2017
  LULU Sketch à la Stefania Casini

Preparation for the next chapter. A practice sketch of Lulu; friend of the project Stefania Casini (below sketch, from Blood for Dracula), model.
Looking at it now, I think I need to do more work on the neck. 

Catch up with Chapter 4 in THIS SICKNESS #8, now available at Amazon, Comixology & Google Play.


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19 August 2017
  Sonic Youth - "Youth Against Fascism" (1992)


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JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
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Discussion with Emmet O'Cuana.

April 2016: Batman v. Superman -  An Assassination

Discussion with Kumar Sivasubramanian and Emmet O'Cuana.

October 2015: Censorship of...Me! (Among Others)
Interview by Tim Young.
Also starring Dale Lazarov & Tim PIlcher.

August 2014:
Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”

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April 2014: Corporate Comics: Love 'Em, Hate 'Em
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April 2013:
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