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04 November 2018
  JAKA'S STORY: What It Was in 1988, and What Cerebus Used to Mean

New piece at Medium about what 1988 meant to comics, how Jaka's Story fit in, and the meaning of CEREBUS and how slippery a thing that is over the years. 

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03 November 2018
  Watch Your Phone

It's usual for fascists to declare their enemy is going to do something to provide a pretext, self-defense, for doing it themselves.

Something like this makes it not so bad to you, when you need a way to accept it, because you can't stop it and if you don't go with it, you'll die too:

"We lost our innocence that day, there was no turning back. It was a hard choice but THEY forced it on us. THEY made us this. Now we stay this way"

Grant Morrison/Chris Weston, THE FILTH, 2002 

That's the essential structure. Or something more brutal, if they enjoy that more. Dictators vary in sadism, as do cultures in terminal, rabid decline like ours. But that's the basic one, for people who want to still think they're people.

Here's the secret: the GOP have been fascists since at least 2000. And we all knew it. They had not reached the stage of saying the quiet part loud. But it got incrementally more strident each day and that, you barely felt.

They made a choice to subvert democracy itself to win, and then they pounded it into place by constant war at the slightest excuse, one then two then fuck it, flying murder robots wherever. Not engineering 9/11, but thoroughly capitalizing on it. Torturing. Profiting.

A president who won a Nobel Prize for Peace just for being elected kept the same wars warm and that was all he did about them. But we hoped. And anyway, they still stopped whatever good he wanted to do, and he wanted to be friends with them. And once they waited him out they could not wait to erase him everywhere they could like some Akhnaten.

They made it clear there was nothing he could give us that they could not take away.

And they hated.


Brutalizing minds till Trump was possible, making us retreat into irony. Which lets us think that votes can't mean someone's blood. After all, we got to stay home with our phones while another class does our fighting.

But they signed on.

But they often had to.

Like always but now you don't care because it can't be you.

And all that happened and here we are, and you had better vote.

Watch your phone. Don't talk on it. Why would you do that?

Watch your phone.


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31 October 2018
  The Reactionary EXORCIST

I have always considered THE EXORCIST reactionary and overrated.

 Let’s start with the overrated part.

My issue with THE EXORCIST is that its scares are basic, childish: on the level of someone waiting round the corner and shouting BOO, or a nasty brother showing his sister his mashed up food on his tongue. “Did you hear there was an accident? HERE ARE THE VICTIMS GLAAA” — like that. It does scare, yes, but not in any substantial way. Pazuzu is basically just a prankster.

I have always felt this way about it, especially since OMEN got me first as a kid(as well as a lot of other horror), so this seemed…so basic when I got to IT. What I gathered was this was a film designed to scare middle-class people who didn’t watch any other horror.

And ones with traditional upbringings where religion had been important in a way we don’t understand now.

When you’re looking at the film you’re seeing a film designed to scare people brought up before Vatican II. If anything, the film is a rebuke to Vatican II — that’s the younger priest Karras: modern, enlightened, doubting his faith, trained as a psychologist at Harvard — in the view of a traditionalist, hardly a priest at all.Merrin, the older one, though, is the Old Church. The daddy that people like the younger priest, or the baby boomer generation, rejected.

It’s not accidental that the film Regan’s mom is doing appears to be attacking student protestors. The free speech movement is referenced by Regan’s profane outbursts — or at least the paranoid middle-class perception of it, where they thought of it just as a bunch of brats going crazy. Even as late as the early 70s.

But this was also a time of a retreat of that generation, post-Kent State, where we had other films like THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE depicting their slaughter — the ending of EASY RIDER turned into a whole film, with cannibalism: the older generation attacking and eating the younger one. Considering them meat for slaughter, a powerful image to a generation facing being poured into the slaughterhouse of Vietnam for the whole previous decade. Compare the two that year: TEXAS CHAINSAW is about a threat TO that generation, while EXORCIST is a threat FROM.

As we live in a time that the primary intended audience for films is almost always younger people(ever since STAR WARS) you may not understand: they were not the intended audience.

It was their parents.

The more “normal” part of their generation, and the whole generation’s parents — the main audience of THE EXORCIST — simply perceived their rebellion against institutions they were invested in, and which they believed their kids should have been grateful for and obedient to (like they had been) as insanity. And perhaps even the work of the Devil. That’s the context this was coming out of that you do not recall, because you were probably not there at the time.

EXORCIST after all is a very reactionary film. It hammers at you that your modern freedom and disbelief and science are of no use, that you, the boomer generation then must, to put it bluntly, run back to daddy. In 1973 that’s a direct rebuke. In fact, they even make medical treatment look crueler than exorcism. Which, if you know about real modern exorcisms, is dangerous bullshit. The film actually caused new exorcisms, which were nothing but abuse, in some cases causing deaths.

But more: remember too that this film was the same year as Roe vs. Wade. This was the year the fundamentalists began their resurgence, partly due to that, and started interfering in politics when, previously, that had been taboo. This was a time when the right-wing religious people suddenly had a “enough of this shit” moment. And as you know, this never went away.

Especially in the South where I grew up — EXORCIST and the later, even more influential THE OMEN, very popular there, built powerful and malign new mythologies. I saw a minister quote this from the Omen, claiming it was from Revelations. (It’s not, it’s just David Seltzer):

Where do you think their obsession with the Antichrist and Armageddon got its fuel, its iconography, its language? From THE OMEN. (which certainly injected “666” into pop culture, single-handedly) And initially, from THE EXORCIST, for there never would have been a market for THE OMEN without that coming before. Not from the Bible, even if they themselves are unconscious of this.

THE EXORCIST is an example, like SOUTH PARK, of how you can not realize how reactionary something is and how it seeps into your mind because it’s entertaining.

And besides, as said, it’s overrated.

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29 October 2018
  Censorship Update: Kindle F**ks With Me Again (UPDATED) EVEN FURTHER UPDATE: 10/30/18: They're back. Their system did this automatically, they claim. Now my books are restored at Amazon & Comixology. (which are now the same)

But I still am having a phone discussion with them tomorrow to make sure this doesn't happen again. I don't care whether it was a mistake. I want to make sure this doesn't ever happen again, to me or anyone else. So I'm not going back and restoring all the links I scrubbed last night until this is not longer an issue.

Still don't trust them, though.
FURTHER UPDATE 10/29/18: You'll notice I've scrubbed all the links to Kindle, Amazon and Comixology. But didn't I just win a censorship battle? I did. I even sacrificed one of my books to do it. And I was playing by their rules. Does this give me safety and peace of mind?

No, they're gone again now. And why?

Somehow MARTHA became active again. Not my doing. And then they told me I needed to prove I owned the rights to my own book. Seriously. 

I was very puzzled about this and contacted them about it, and spent a whole day on hold and never got to speak to anyone at all. They promised a callback and that happened before 8 am on a Saturday so of course I wasn't awake to get that. And they do not leave direct phone numbers to call them back.

Two days followed of me trying to talk to someone and an endless chain of reps who had no idea what they were doing . The end of all this?

Due to repeated Content Guideline violations with respect to books you have submitted through your account, specifically the submission of pornography or hardcore material that depicts graphic sexual acts, we are terminating your account and your Agreement effective immediately.
Here is an example of a book that you submitted through your account that falls into this category:
DID(s): 6335358 Martha by Roberson, John (AUTHOR)

As part of the termination process, we will close your KDP account and remove the books you have uploaded through our channels from sale on Amazon. Subject to the Terms and Conditions, you will receive any unpaid royalties you have earned.
Additionally, as per our Terms and Conditions, you are not permitted to open any new KDP accounts.
If you have any questions, please email us at
Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company."

I assume this last line was a joke. By the way, feel free to complain to them at that email. Just click.

This was the original message that started the whole fight before that you see talked about below.

They made it active again for the excuse to ban me again. I didn't lift a finger to do any of this. It also means my books are zapped at Comixology as that's now part of KDP. KDP has no interest in helping small creators succeed--they're trying to drive them out. Certainly they're targeting me. And I have no idea why. I sacrificed MARTHA. I cut that book's throat to save all the others. I wasn't trying to make it an active publication. Ever. This was settled.

So all my work was for nothing and their previous apologies were meaningless. And no creator, ever, should work with KDP. They act entirely in bad faith, their support team is badly trained and is always a nightmare to work with, and they do things to you like this.

KDP killed Createspace, which was a wonderful, creator-centric operation committed to helping small creators put out a professional product and getting it sold. I have no idea what KDP, by contrast, hopes to achieve by kicking creators in the teeth for any excuse, even manufacturing excuses themselves. But even if you play by the rules, if you work with them, they're going to screw you over. They cannot be trusted and they are not a safe home for your work. 

Comics creators: Do not use them. They discriminate against comics by allowing content in prose they won't in comics. They don't care if you follow their policies. They will find any excuse to reduce the numbers of comics creators. They don't care about you, or me.

This is driving me crazy.

I do some comics with R-rated content, they get banned from sale by the loathsome KDP . I post any of my art on Facebook, I get banned. And very quickly. But a NAZI plans MURDER in PUBLIC, and he does not get banned. Is there something intensely awful in America? YES.

If you think this seeming inconsistency of standards is actually an mistaken inconsistency and not deliberate on the part of the tech lords, if you think they only accidentally favor Nazis, you're a fool.

One has to wonder if they even want KDP to handle indie comics, and what their strategy could be here in alienating the very small creators you'd think KDP needs to exist. Perhaps they want it to fail.

Maybe it should.

You can, though, still buy my books in digital at Google Play.

Below: What happened before.
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23 October 2018
  Comics & Art: What I'm Up To #1 (Video) Read more »

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21 October 2018
  VLADRUSHKA and SUZY SPREADWELL Artwork for Sale on Ebay! (UPDATED)

The new Vladrushka story running at the moment is proving to be so popular that I decided to make the original artwork--the first physically-inked(rather than digital) comics art I've done since 2008--available for sale on Ebay! Also the two Suzy Spreadwell paintings I did recently. Bid or buy now before they're gone!

Click on images for individual listings. 

Bid now on VLADRUSHKA Original art (c)2018 John Linton Roberson

Bid now on VLADRUSHKA Original art (c)2018 John Linton Roberson

Bid now on VLADRUSHKA Original art (c)2018 John Linton Roberson

Bid now on VLADRUSHKA Original art (c)2018 John Linton Roberson

Bid now on VLADRUSHKA Original art (c)2018 John Linton Roberson

SUZY SPREADWELL (c)2018 John Linton Roberson.

SUZY SPREADWELL (c)2018 John Linton Roberson.

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20 October 2018
  Even More Newest Page! VLADRUSHKA: "Why No Story?" p. 5

Yet another dang page of this. I'm a little surprised how fast this is going. See the whole page plus the rest of it so far by clicking on the image below!

VLADRUSHKA (c)2018 John  Linton Roberson


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19 October 2018
  Newest Page! VLADRUSHKA: "Why no Story?" Page 4

Newest page! Click image to see larger page and read the rest, and more!

VLADRUSHKA (c)2018 John Linton Roberson


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16 October 2018
  New Vladrushka: "Why No Story?" p. 3

Yes, I'm doing this one a lot faster than normal. But then I chose a simple style for this one.

Click on image to see whole page at Vladrushka's own, now-refurbished site!

Vladrushka (c)2018 John Linton Roberson


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15 October 2018
  Vladrushka: "Why no Story?" Page 2

Second page of the new Vladrushka story I'm doing. 

The story is about censorship. And is the result of my recently being pissed off by its having been visited for the umpteenth time upon me.  

Click to read new page!

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13 October 2018
  New VLADRUSHKA Comic Begins!

And this one's safe for work!
Read more »

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07 October 2018
  New Vladrushka Pin-Up! "Pooling Resources" (NSFW)

Our Siberian siren, having her 15th anniversary this year, wishes you a happy Sunday.
VLADRUSHKA the extrememly famous Siberian porn star /created by by John Linton Roberson
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03 October 2018
  Some Suzy Spreadwell Inspirations: HAXAN, Felicien Rops, and More (Updated)

If you're following Suzy Spreadwell, and you should be if you're a discerning comics reader, you might be wondering, "Where does he get this crap from?" I assure you I am not as insane as may appear to be the case. Or maybe I am. What I'm on about will hopefully become clearer as the plot unfolds in its silly way.

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  THE DEVILS (1971) -Hollywood Bitchslap Review, 1999 (UPDATED)

The only Ken Russell film you ever need to see. That is, if you want to avoid the steaming mounds of shit he's turned out, which tend to distract one with stench and volume from the few perfect roses hidden within. Some have their favorite films by a director; most I know have instead with Russell a LEAST favorite they recall quite well. But oh, what a fantastic film this one is.

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29 September 2018
  The Sleepy Sins of Suzy Spreadwell Print no. 3: A Wanton Lust for Burning Angels

First off: major update to Suzy's site! I've added a page for the paintings, as well as one for all the sketches! Including some rather dirty ones. Mature reading only.
No automatic alt text available.

Another one of these painting/ink things done, no digital except the lettering. (Last one here) These are actually the first pieces I've ever done like this. The closest I got was when I got my first drawing table from my dad when I was a teen, and tried to use colored inks with drawings I soon ruined, because Higgins turned out to be not very waterproof india. (never believe their lies about their tea of an ink) It didn't work out and I gave up. I have to say, this time I actually have fun doing it.

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22 September 2018
  The Sleepy Sins of Suzy Spreadwell no. 2 (print): Pentatheós

Second in a series of prints/posters (here's the first) depicting the religiously risky and somewhat symbolic fantasies of Suzy SpreadwellNo automatic alt text available.

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20 September 2018
  LULU Book 2 Chapter 5 - Read It All for Free Here. Also, Patreon Are Miserable Censorious Bastards

Patreon apparently objects to LULU because they are, I suppose, run by especially sheltered grandmas. They honestly think this is objectionable. This, which comes from a play over a century old. Frank Wedekind must be glad he is still scandalous. It proves again that there is nothing I can spend years making that some brainless tech wormboy can't block from view. Or try to keep me from making any money from, ever.

So you know what? 

Here's the whole fucking thing, because they cannot stop it here. The hell with Patreon. They treat me like trash. I'm too mad to explain more now. 

Enjoy the newest LULU chapter, which I worked hard on for months, and FUCK CENSORS TO DEATH. All censors should choke on their own priggishness.

This at the same time DC gets to publish Batman's naked, swinging dick.
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13 September 2018
  New Artwork: Vladrushka - "Fifteen" (Anniversary Drawing)

Following on the last one, my next piece in India ink (rather than digital), this one is in celebration of the fact I just realized this fall is the fifteenth anniversary of her first publication by Eros Comix./Fantagraphics. (Count the stars behind her)
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06 September 2018
  The Letter Gary Cohn Grabbed With Which Trump Was Going to Sever Ties with South Korea

One of the many incomprehensible, insane decisions the thing we have in the White House instead of a president was going to make, that his staff saved us from. In this case, Gary Cohn grabbed this thing off Trump's desk before it could be signed. And to show you how seriously Trump takes all this, he forgot it existed.
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04 September 2018
  New Artwork: VLADRUSHKA - The Box

I drew myself a new thing and in real ink. It's good old Vladrushka! Who's 15 years old this month. I have not used actual ink in a while. 
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31 August 2018
  Tony Stark Is An Idiot and Threw His Friends Under the Bus

Weren't the Sokovia Accords just Tony's way of covering up the fact that Ultron was all his fault? 
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28 August 2018
  Censored Again. This Time, @Comixology and Soon Createspace (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Read what Desert Peach and Afterdead creator Donna Barr had to say on this matter. Also go to bottom to see another update: the PRINT comics may go soon too.
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26 August 2018
  Why I Can't Mourn John McCain

(Update: Story also now appears, in a slightly different form, at Medium)
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22 August 2018
  Trump Is Not Redefining Truth

Image result for trump lyingI love reading story after story claiming facts no longer exist, that Trump is "redefining truth." 

 If I say to you one day, dogs are cats, you wouldn't say I redefined dogs. You'd ask if I felt OK.
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17 August 2018
  So Many Lies and Lonely Nights Yawned Before Lois Read more »

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15 August 2018
  Most Cartoonists Have Day Jobs

Do you wonder how a writer or cartoonist juggles working on a big project with having a day job? I notice many don't talk about it. But I'll tell you.

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09 July 2018
  Charlotte's Web: the Dark Truth

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06 July 2018
  Michael Flatley's BLACKBIRD: The Leaked Script

Read more »

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  Steve Ditko RIP: "In Search of Steve Ditko" (Jonathan Ross, 2007)

Read more »

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03 July 2018
  Democrats Have to Realize Incivility in Defense of Humanity is No Vice
This is what the Democrats have to relearn. They understood this once, back when they won more regularly. They played dirty. Because it was fucking worth it. Just look at 30s or 40s Democrats. They weren't looking to make nice with the Republicans because they knew the GOP had failed the country.
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24 June 2018
  "This Door Was Only Ever For You" - Kafka's BEFORE THE LAW

From The Trial, here an excerpt from the film by Orson Welles.
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21 June 2018
  The Shock Doctrine (2009)

Can you remember when we didn't have to think about Trump all the time for fear we'll be unprepared for his next crime against humanity? Do you wonder why we're being pushed to exhaustion by all this?

Do you think it's an accident?
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17 June 2018
  SHOAH (Claude Lanzmann, 1985)
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15 June 2018
  Let's Give Dracula A Chance That was every single Bernie supporter who smugly sat out the last election.
Every one of those was a passive voter for Trump. They could live with that outcome. Their consciences, they said, were clear.
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19 May 2018
  44 Years Ago: National Lampoon's Missing White House Tapes (1974)

An absolute classic from the golden age of comedy albums, which in my opinion is a lost art that should be recovered. I like comedy better as just audio, personally.
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21 April 2018
  A Note on Bolsheviks and the Continuity of Power

A thought while reading Vol. 1 of Stephen Kotkin's STALIN:

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20 April 2018
  The Trump Lawsuit Folly: Too Early, Democrats, For God's Sake

I'm sure the announcement the DNC is suing Trump gave many a momentary rush. But my eyes just rolled.

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03 April 2018
  Sinclair Tipped Their Hand

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31 March 2018
  COME AND SEE (Klimov, 1985)
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18 March 2018
  New Sketches, Including New #Vladrushka
For practice today, my first Vladrushka sketch in a long while.

Vladrushka created by John Linton Roberson (c)2018

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25 January 2018
  LULU Is Back!

Your wait is over! The new chapter of LULU is all drawn now, and the greys are in progress. I will be releasing the pages via Patreon as they're done--not necessarily on a weekly basis like at MartianLit, but each, like this, will be free for a week after release. 

More details there. Click on panel to read the first page now!

By the way, I posted quite a lot--well, all--of this in progress as I was going, though I haven't bothered to post that here. So if you're interested, all the posts with the "In Progress" tag. Free except the final inked/lettered ones, before the greys, which are patron-only. But you can see all the stages till the lettering is on it, from pencils to inks.

Of course, to unlock every one of those (and a lot more) only takes a $1 pledge...

Become a Patron!

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04 October 2017
  If You're A Writer or Cartoonist

You make more pages.

No matter what you lose, no matter who comes and goes. You make more pages.

No matter how long it takes you, steadily every day. You make more pages.

Even if nobody cares. Even if nobody bothers to read any of it. Even if none of it seems to matter.

You make more pages.

Because if there are no pages, it never will matter, either.


Become a Patron!

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30 September 2017
  The Word For Trump is "Evil."

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09 September 2017
  TWIN PEAKS THE RETURN: Left With a Few Questions put it mildly. But here are some I made notes on.

by Scott Abbott

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04 September 2017
  The Rabbit Hole of Reboot


Sick to fucking death of it. It ate mainstream comics and trapped both Marvel and DC in a cycle that will never end, and has made its way into TV too. Twin Peaks, the Flash, more.

Why are we attracted to this idea?
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  TWIN PEAKS: It Feels Like Something Wasted

I'm gonna get blasphemous here.

I call shenanigans on the resolution to the new TWIN PEAKS.

I love Lynch. I am used to Lynch. I am used to abstruse and like it. And if everything had been properly resolved I guess it wouldn't feel like Lynch so there's really no way to win. But do NOT respond to this with a "you just don't get Lynch"--oh yes I fucking do. He's a foundation stone of inspiration for my own work. Nor say "you must be used to Hollywood plotting"--I fucking hate Hollywood plotting. I avoid most mainstream product. I have watched Lynch since I was 12 and the Elephant Man came out. I'm in the cult, of the cult.


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03 September 2017
  The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post

29 August 2017
  LULU Sketch à la Stefania Casini

Preparation for the next chapter. A practice sketch of Lulu; friend of the project Stefania Casini (below sketch, from Blood for Dracula), model.
Looking at it now, I think I need to do more work on the neck. 

Catch up with Chapter 4 in THIS SICKNESS #8, now available at Amazon, Comixology & Google Play.


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19 August 2017
  Sonic Youth - "Youth Against Fascism" (1992)


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17 August 2017
  Melt Down the Failure and Move On: A Former Southerner on the Confederate Statues

W.E.B. Dubois

I was born in South Carolina, and raised in Charleston. At least one of my ancestors (Col. Roger Moore, and yes, I've heard all the Bond jokes) owned a plantation and slaves, and was a colonel in the Civil War. 

And these things make him a bastard. Who lost as well, thank god. 

The only people in the South who are into this "heritage" thing are rednecks. The same people who didn't own slaves and died for the planters, and to this day are poor because of the descendants of the planters, who are still there. 

They are fools. 
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12 August 2017
  Killing Joke - "Eighties"


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11 August 2017
  NEW RELEASE: Suzy Spreadwell #1 Now Available At Google Play! just click to buy it here!

And be sure to check out my shop on Facebook to buy some fine original art(including SUZY pages)!

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10 August 2017
  Horror From the Monster's POV

MY GODDAMN HUSBAND, starring Willem DaFoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg dir. Lars von Trier

INVASION OF THE HUMANS starring Charlton Heston

RECYCLING: A GUIDE TO GOING GREEN starring Charlton Heston

MY GIRLFRIEND starring Terence Stamp

SNOOPY NEIGHBOR dir. Michael Powell

MEAT dir. Steven Spielberg

GODDAMN HIPPIES directed by Wes Craven

BRAINSSS dir. Dan O'Bannon

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07 August 2017
  Suzy Spreadwell: Chapter 2 Concludes at @MartianLit Today! (UPDATED)

Today the final page of SUZY SPREADWELL Chapter Two runs. Read it here and catch up on all the previous pages of chapter 2 here!

SUZY SPREADWELL (c)2017 John L. Roberson

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03 August 2017
  Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening - The Washington Post Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening - The Washington Post

31 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Just Not Right

New Suzy at Martian Lit! Click and read!


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28 July 2017
  They Say People Will Believe Any Inspiring Quote They See in a Meme

Absolutely real Marilyn Monroe quote

Really real Sylvia Plath quote

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  McCain & the Healthcare Vote Implosion

I thought McCain was a bastard to let the vote go forward. But he did say at the time he would not vote in favor of it just the same, and Murkowski and Collins were already known to be firmly against this. Of course they could not resist going straight for it and getting drunk with potential blood, because they don't just want the tax cut; they don't just want to get rid of an entitlement, or just Obama's legacy. 

McCain fucks Trump Over
Their ever-more-open sadism about their intent, Trump included, indicated they actually want to punish Americans for ever accepting an entitlement. Whether lesson-teaching "for their own good," or just simple cruelty, they really did want this to hurt, and could not wait. Other Republicans were lukewarm but happy to let it go forward, so functionally are no less bastards. 
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25 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Flashback

Forgot to post this yesterday due to being an idiot, but a new page of Suzy Spreadwell is up at Martian Lit! Click here to see!

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17 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: It's Not a Sin If You Don't Finish

It's Monday, and there's a new Suzy Spreadwell up at Martian Lit. Click here and see!

Suzy Spreadwell (c)2017 John Linton Roberson.

Also, I'd like to welcome new patrons at my Patreon, who get to see these pages weeks in advance(and much more), for just a $5 pledge! 

Please have a visit there and help support work like this and LULU, and thanks!

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  George Romero RIP: MARTIN (1977)

The man who brought you zombies has died and, ironically, rests in peace. But there was a lot more to his work. Here for instance is what I consider his greatest film, MARTIN. About a fellow who thinks he's a vampire. Is he? Well, the question becomes, does it matter in the end? This is a film where he questions the horror genre itself. Have a look.


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JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
Questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson


LULU Book 1 by John Linton Roberson introduction by Martin Pasko


Frank Wedekind's LULU
For Adults Only

STORY OF OH!(2008) Written by Charles Alverson (adults only)




April 2013: LULU Book 1 Interview at Comics Forge

My appearances on the greatest comics podcast there is.

July 2017: The New Mature Flintstones
Discussion with Tim Young and series artist Steve Pugh.

December 2016: Politics in Comics
Discussion with Emmet O'Cuana.

November 2016: Wonder Woman - Earth-One and Before
Discussion with Emmet O'Cuana.

April 2016: Batman v. Superman -  An Assassination

Discussion with Kumar Sivasubramanian and Emmet O'Cuana.

October 2015: Censorship of...Me! (Among Others)
Interview by Tim Young.
Also starring Dale Lazarov & Tim PIlcher.

August 2014:
Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”

Discussion with Tim Young

April 2014: Corporate Comics: Love 'Em, Hate 'Em
Discussion in Sack's Coffee, Berkeley with Tim Young, Deb Aoki, and Jason McNamara.

April 2013:
Lulu”- Staging a classic on paper
Interview by Tim Young.

August 2012: Flex Mentallo
Discussion with Troy Belford.

January 2012: Comics Events
Discussion with Tim Young

May 2011: Theatre and Comics
Interview by Tim Young

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Sept. 2001 at Spark-Online


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