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10 September 2017
  When The Wind Blows (Murakami/Briggs, 1986)


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09 September 2017
  TWIN PEAKS THE RETURN: Left With a Few Questions put it mildly. But here are some I made notes on.

by Scott Abbott

As far as the conclusion, I've come to like this suggestion that the two last episodes have to be watched simultaneously to understand, because they loop back into each other. Watch this below and see.
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  LULU In Progress: Chapter 5 p.83-84 - Pencils and a Bit of Inks and More at Patreon

Now that SUZY SPREADWELL #1 is finished and published, it's LULU's turn. Here's some work done already on chapter 5, pencils and inks on one page and fresh pencils on the next, finished tonight. Click each to embiggen. 

(If you need to catch up: LULU Book 1, and Chapter 4 in THIS SICKNESS #8, both can be got at Comixology, Google Play and Amazon.) 

LULU by John Roberson (c)2017 based on the plays of Frank Wedekind

Finished lettered and greyed pages will be available months ahead of publication(I don't even serialize till a whole chapter is "in the can," to avoid lateness or interruption) for a measly pledge at Patreon. But I'll also be publicly posting the pages there in progress at most stages prior to finish. So be sure to follow!

LULU by John Roberson (c)2017 based on the plays of Frank Wedekind

In addition to finished work posted as it's finished, I've also posted downloads of a number of my banned works like STORY OF OH and MARTHA for patrons only(since Amazon won't let you buy it anymore), and a single tiny membership pittance of $5 gives you access to all! And also helps make this and other stuff of mine possible!

LULU by John Roberson (c)2017 based on the plays of Frank Wedekind

LULU by John Roberson (c)2017 based on the plays of Frank Wedekind

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04 September 2017
  The Rabbit Hole of Reboot


Sick to fucking death of it. It ate mainstream comics and trapped both Marvel and DC in a cycle that will never end, and has made its way into TV too. Twin Peaks, the Flash, more.

Why are we attracted to this idea?

It's a reflection of a wish to avoid making choices, to avoid getting truly invested, that everything has an undo. It reinforces a destructive illusion in the backs of all our heads that everything is fine and can be fixed. That there is some still center that is always clean we can return to when a bad choice happens. When we make it.

It's a result of a denial of how horrible things truly are necessary for us to function. And yet the cracks in our sanity are getting bigger. 

The zombies just as ubiquitous in movies and TV, something I'm sick of as well, arise from the same sense you're slowly being consumed and overwhelmed by something.

See how edgier our moods are.

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  TWIN PEAKS: It Feels Like Something Wasted

I'm gonna get blasphemous here.

I call shenanigans on the resolution to the new TWIN PEAKS.

I love Lynch. I am used to Lynch. I am used to abstruse and like it. And if everything had been properly resolved I guess it wouldn't feel like Lynch so there's really no way to win. But do NOT respond to this with a "you just don't get Lynch"--oh yes I fucking do. He's a foundation stone of inspiration for my own work. Nor say "you must be used to Hollywood plotting"--I fucking hate Hollywood plotting. I avoid most mainstream product. I have watched Lynch since I was 12 and the Elephant Man came out. I'm in the cult, of the cult.


If every single character is a plot device, why did we even pretend there was a plot?

Literally this is the case. Whether they were overtly "manufactured for a purpose," or like the Green Glove, whose whole personality was his backstory of why he ended up there with that glove, we are left with this idea that all of reality distorted itself just to protect Cooper in time for him to...

What? To do what? To even fail to do what, and why?

Except when he does movies, this is clearer. We don't have a bunch of dumb TV plot stuff thrown in(which was far worse in the old show) that starts necessitating resolution. 

And there is resolution. But it's mostly of a "done with this now" quality. It's "we're at 17 hours, it's time to kill BadCoop." A lot of the resolutions are so sudden and pat that they make you wonder why you cared about that story till then--and the thing is, you had.

And I won't even go into how little I liked seeing the "go back in time and fix everything" trope show up for the umpteenth time on TV in the last few years, a concept I already got tired of when THE FLASH abused it to death. Then again, none of us like the world we're in; it makes sense we keep returning to that wish. But it has led to plots having no stakes and a feeling you never have to be invested in the end, that nothing really has to touch or change you. And this one most of all.

Was I unsatisfied till now? NO. He had me engaged. And then it's like he throws away everything he engaged me with. What happened with Audrey for instance, was just cruel.

I also think in the end that having Lynch himself as a main character was a detriment. Distracting.

It's like watching someone else play a video game, including when they go away to the bathroom. And sometimes in those long pauses, the characters have been said to seem to hang unnaturally, like avatars, especially Chrysta Bell. Much of the plotting would make sense in a video game context. Levels, things to acquire and unlock, characters getting touched by something and generating evil doubles...the dim reflection of Cooper's face over everything in the 17th episode...


Twin Peaks: Cooper is playing a game

If you have cherry pie, you acquire the gangsters, who will become good.

If you touch the rock at these coordinates you will be fried.

You have ruined your spike.

I could name many more examples that sound like this. But it's just a thought, nothing firm. 

I feel like I did after INLAND EMPIRE, a feeling that Lynch was just coasting and fucking around. And then, later, more of a feeling of looking at something brilliant in scenes, but broken overall. Of course I want Lynch to do what Lynch does. And I want to like this. And perhaps over time I'll see something I'm not now. (Then again, I still don't like INLAND EMPIRE even after giving it more than ten tries) But right now, I see a lovely mess. And a lot of interesting things reduced to meaningless in the end. 16 hours I loved. And a final two hours I'm...admittedly still not sure about. This is a hot take.

So my question is, does Lynch subvert plot, or does he just mask a bunch of elements he can't make cohere with a veneer of ambiguity?

I don't like writing this. I'm sure I'll change my mind as this settles and I watch a few more times.

Except that would mean sitting through the Dougie plot again...

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03 September 2017
  The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post

29 August 2017
  LULU Sketch à la Stefania Casini

Preparation for the next chapter. A practice sketch of Lulu; friend of the project Stefania Casini (below sketch, from Blood for Dracula), model.
Looking at it now, I think I need to do more work on the neck. 

Catch up with Chapter 4 in THIS SICKNESS #8, now available at Amazon, Comixology & Google Play.


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19 August 2017
  Sonic Youth - "Youth Against Fascism" (1992)


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17 August 2017
  Melt Down the Failure and Move On: A Former Southerner on the Confederate Statues

W.E.B. Dubois

I was born in South Carolina, and raised in Charleston. At least one of my ancestors (Col. Roger Moore, and yes, I've heard all the Bond jokes) owned a plantation and slaves, and was a colonel in the Civil War. 

And these things make him a bastard. Who lost as well, thank god. 

The only people in the South who are into this "heritage" thing are rednecks. The same people who didn't own slaves and died for the planters, and to this day are poor because of the descendants of the planters, who are still there. 

They are fools. 
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  Gang of Four (Live) - Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time


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  Thievery Corporation: "Revolution Solution"


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12 August 2017
  Killing Joke - "Eighties"


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11 August 2017
  NEW RELEASE: Suzy Spreadwell #1 Now Available At Google Play! just click to buy it here!

And be sure to check out my shop on Facebook to buy some fine original art(including SUZY pages)!

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10 August 2017
  Horror From the Monster's POV

MY GODDAMN HUSBAND, starring Willem DaFoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg dir. Lars von Trier

INVASION OF THE HUMANS starring Charlton Heston

RECYCLING: A GUIDE TO GOING GREEN starring Charlton Heston

MY GIRLFRIEND starring Terence Stamp

SNOOPY NEIGHBOR dir. Michael Powell

MEAT dir. Steven Spielberg

GODDAMN HIPPIES directed by Wes Craven

BRAINSSS dir. Dan O'Bannon

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07 August 2017
  Suzy Spreadwell: Chapter 2 Concludes at @MartianLit Today! (UPDATED)

Today the final page of SUZY SPREADWELL Chapter Two runs. Read it here and catch up on all the previous pages of chapter 2 here!

SUZY SPREADWELL (c)2017 John L. Roberson

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03 August 2017
  Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening - The Washington Post Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening - The Washington Post

31 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Just Not Right

New Suzy at Martian Lit! Click and read!


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28 July 2017
  They Say People Will Believe Any Inspiring Quote They See in a Meme

Absolutely real Marilyn Monroe quote

Really real Sylvia Plath quote

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  McCain & the Healthcare Vote Implosion

I thought McCain was a bastard to let the vote go forward. But he did say at the time he would not vote in favor of it just the same, and Murkowski and Collins were already known to be firmly against this. Of course they could not resist going straight for it and getting drunk with potential blood, because they don't just want the tax cut; they don't just want to get rid of an entitlement, or just Obama's legacy. 

McCain fucks Trump Over
Their ever-more-open sadism about their intent, Trump included, indicated they actually want to punish Americans for ever accepting an entitlement. Whether lesson-teaching "for their own good," or just simple cruelty, they really did want this to hurt, and could not wait. Other Republicans were lukewarm but happy to let it go forward, so functionally are no less bastards. 
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25 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Flashback

Forgot to post this yesterday due to being an idiot, but a new page of Suzy Spreadwell is up at Martian Lit! Click here to see!

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17 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: It's Not a Sin If You Don't Finish

It's Monday, and there's a new Suzy Spreadwell up at Martian Lit. Click here and see!

Suzy Spreadwell (c)2017 John Linton Roberson.

Also, I'd like to welcome new patrons at my Patreon, who get to see these pages weeks in advance(and much more), for just a $5 pledge! 

Please have a visit there and help support work like this and LULU, and thanks!

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  George Romero RIP: MARTIN (1977)

The man who brought you zombies has died and, ironically, rests in peace. But there was a lot more to his work. Here for instance is what I consider his greatest film, MARTIN. About a fellow who thinks he's a vampire. Is he? Well, the question becomes, does it matter in the end? This is a film where he questions the horror genre itself. Have a look.


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  For Those Who Must Have Their Dr. Who With a Dick

Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who

I see there's a lot of guys on Twitter losing their shit because till now they didn't realize how much they needed their Doctor to have a dick. Aww.

Personally, I'm just disappointed it's not Helen Mirren. But for you basement-dwelling man-babies who fear the living shit out of women, I have a solution! Yes! Here is the thing you really want.
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10 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: Just Keep Your Fingers Where I Can See Them

New Suzy Spreadwell up at Martian Lit. It's a colorful one. Click here to see!


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  TWIN PEAKS: Bill Had So Many Lovely Plans

TWIN PEAKS: Poor Bill Hastings...the Morgans were coming for dinner


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  Deconstructing Comics: Tim & Myself Talk with Steve Pugh About Them Flintstones!

I was on Deconstructing Comics again. Tim & I talked with Steve Pugh about the recently-completed, and much-acclaimed, modernization of the Flintstones by himself and Mark Russell. Have a listen here! 

Also, for pledging listeners of the show at Patreon, Tim & I recorded an awesome bonus overview of the series upon its completion, which came shortly after we recorded the original show.
The Flintstones by Mark Russell & Steve Pugh


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07 July 2017
  In Honor of Putin and Trump's Very Cordial G20 Meeting

Putin and Trump Shaking Hands Happily by Angela Merkel
Photography by Angela Merkel
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03 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: Loopholes

Click here for this week's page at Martian Lit

And if new to this, read the chapter to date here. (and get the previous chapter and much more in THIS SICKNESS #8, now at Comixology and Amazon)

Suzy Spreadwell (c)2017 John Linton Roberson

Happy 4th of July from Suzy Spreadwell!


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30 June 2017
  Donald Trump vs Joe and Mika: Blackmailer In Chief

Beyond just the national shame of the repulsive, trashy, childish spectacle of the dog in the manger that is 71-year-old toddler Donald Trump's preference for personal attacks on all and sundry rather than doing even one bit of his undeserved job, there was this accusation inside Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough's incisive Washington Post response to his idiot tweets.

Donald Trump Blackmailer in Chief

Trump has been trying to blackmail them into being good little lapdogs, and who knows how many other members of the press as well, given the general bullying they regularly inflict upon nearly all the Fourth Estate.

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26 June 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: What the Hell Is Going On

Suzy Spreadwell (c) 2017 John Linton Roberson
Figure it out. Click here.


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21 June 2017
  TWIN PEAKS: Hiring Ike the Hitman

How DID that go down anyway?
Twin Peaks: Ike the Death Dwarf

"Okay, I want this person killed soon and efficiently. What you got?"
"Ike here." 
"Why are you holding his shoulders?" (man lets go)
(Ike) "GRAHHHHH" (runs and jumps for throat)
"Get him off get him off get him OFF"
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20 June 2017
  Castile Case Reveals True Purpose of Dashcams

To get cops off the hook.

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"Eternity with Beelzebub, and all his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me and this pencil." - E. Blackadder, 1791
JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
Questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson


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LULU Book 1(2013) 
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April 2013: LULU Book 1 Interview at Comics Forge

My appearances on the greatest comics podcast there is.

July 2017: The New Mature Flintstones
Discussion with Tim Young and series artist Steve Pugh.

December 2016: Politics in Comics
Discussion with Emmet O'Cuana.

November 2016: Wonder Woman - Earth-One and Before
Discussion with Emmet O'Cuana.

April 2016: Batman v. Superman -  An Assassination

Discussion with Kumar Sivasubramanian and Emmet O'Cuana.

October 2015: Censorship of...Me! (Among Others)
Interview by Tim Young.
Also starring Dale Lazarov & Tim PIlcher.

August 2014:
Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”

Discussion with Tim Young

April 2014: Corporate Comics: Love 'Em, Hate 'Em
Discussion in Sack's Coffee, Berkeley with Tim Young, Deb Aoki, and Jason McNamara.

April 2013:
Lulu”- Staging a classic on paper
Interview by Tim Young.

August 2012: Flex Mentallo
Discussion with Troy Belford.

January 2012: Comics Events
Discussion with Tim Young

May 2011: Theatre and Comics
Interview by Tim Young

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