LULU by John Linton Roberson (c) 2012.
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I Didn't Write That!
27 November 2015
  "Naked" (Mike Leigh, 1993)

Still a brilliant film, still a testament to the power of improvised acting(the script was worked out over a long period via improvisation among the actors), and still, sadly, relevant. Also a case in point of how characters need not be likable to be interesting. Like a Vertigo comic of the time put on screen, really; think Peter Milligan's GIRL. And David Thewlis is brilliant, and underrated, and it saddens me it took HARRY POTTER for people to notice him again.


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  THIS SICKNESS 8- A Taste: "Strange Fruit" (2013, from GRAPHIC CANON Vol. 3)

The new issue of THIS SICKNESS, too long delayed because of, well, various personal crap, should be coming along at the beginning of 2016, in print and hopefully later at Comixology. So far the roster includes the new chapters of LULU, SUZY SPREADWELL (censors permitting), and UNCLE CYRUS, as well as paintings by the great Emily Kaplan--the first time we've done anything together in any way since 1991--and poetry by WORKING FOR THE MAN alumnus Chad Parenteau. And possibly a cover by Molly Kiely...this will be a damn good issue, I think, and thick. Though I'm not sure exactly how thick yet.

And also this, which I have Molly to thank for getting published in the first place, from the Graphic Canon vol. 3 in 2013. This is a wordless rendition of the Billie Holiday song "Strange Fruit." Wordless because the lyrics are still in copyright (and here they are) I've previously posted part of this. Here is the whole thing, and all of it--in color(I can print that now!)--will also be in the comic. Keep watching!

Strange Fruit by John L. Roberson 2013

Strange Fruit by John L. Roberson 2013

Strange Fruit by John L. Roberson 2013

Adaptation (c) 2013 John Linton Roberson  

Here's Nina Simone's version.

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23 November 2015
  New Uncle Cyrus For Today!

Good morning! It's Monday, so that means there's a new Uncle Cyrus page at Martian Lit. Have a look!

And by the way, below also here's a pencil page I just finished for same.

 Did you miss LULU on Friday? You're only excused if like me you got hooked on JESSICA JONES. Click here to correct your error.

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22 November 2015
  Liquid Sky (1982, Slava Tsukerman/Anne Carlisle/Nina Kerova; UPDATED)

Complete, the nearly unavailable science fiction cult film of heroin-saturated New Wave New York, written by and starring the remarkable Anne Carlisle, who appears in both female and male leads. Whatever happened to her anyway?

UPDATE: Well, she wisely quit films before Hollywood had a chance to eat her. In the meantime the original of the film is decaying and she and director Slava Tsukerman are trying to raise funds to restore it. Click here for more on that. It would be a horrible shame if this film were lost, and just once I'd love to see a decent print of it.


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19 November 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 page 73: Not That

And now, this week's LULU! An unpleasant surprise at the door.

LULU by John L.Roberson
Did you see this week's UNCLE CYRUS? (new at MartianLit each Monday) If not, click here.


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  Unfinished Comics: Falling Sky

Another unfinished project from the files. This was actually once a very big project I planned, adapted from a play I wrote (script finished but never staged) in the early 90s. Originally it was this, not Vitriol, that I had planned to do as my first comic back in 1997, but it was too much for me at that stage, so I stuck with something I felt more confident drawing. 

The intent was to go back to this when I was a bit better. In 2005 I did these pages, and then no more. I could go back to this at some point, but I now have more on my plate ahead of it and only so much time as it is.

So for now, enjoy these. Each of these, by the way, exist as fully-inked 11x14 pages on illustration board. The only digital element is the lettering & balloons. If you're so inclined, the art is available for $85 per page postpaid. Click "Contact" to the right to do so. (click images to enlarge)


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16 November 2015
  New Uncle Cyrus For Today

It's Monday, and a new page of UNCLE CYRUS is up at Martian Lit! Click here for that

Also, new LULU also up since this weekend; click here to see that.

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14 November 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 72 - Sometimes I Wish You Were Ugly

So, delayed a day, here's this week's. (click image to enlarge) Also, if you missed the debut of UNCLE CYRUS at MartianLit, check it out here, and come back every Monday for the next page!
LULU by John Linton Roberson
Want to help me make more of this stuff, quicker, and not stick to just what censors will let me print? Why not pledge at my Patreon here. ___________________

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10 November 2015
  The Day Archie Had Enough of Reggie's Shit

"A publicity stunt!" they shouted in such a hurry, as they threw copy all over everything, but everyone knew it was a grisly day in Riverdale they would never speak of again. 

Reggie just went too far when he gave Hot Dog LSD on the night of Archie's big date with Veronica, they agreed, but, but to do THAT...and with a little dull hand saw, while Reggie was still alive, but unable to move anything but his eyes, because of the injection Archie had given him. Still though, he was able to feel everything.

 The worst part was the trouble Archie went to to preserve the sneer. You can see how he had to drape skin over the shattered teeth.


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09 November 2015
  As Threatened, New Uncle Cyrus Premieres Today at Martian Lit

...and click here to see! Come back each Monday for more. And if you need to be reminded of comics' favorite hack, have a look at these ancient tales of his exploits.

Also, if you missed this week's LULU on Friday, click here to fix your embarrassing mistake.


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08 November 2015
  A Bunch of Guillermo DiVito


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06 November 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 71 - Arrangements + Uncle Cyrus Coming to MartianLit! (Updated)

As there's a Friday in this week as well, must be time for the new page of LULU. Click image to enlarge!
LULU by John L. Roberson

Incle Cyrus created by John E Williams & John Linton Roberson Also! On Monday, that new Uncle Cyrus story I've been teasing you with will premiere at MartianLit (where I've appeared a couple of times before) prior to its appearance in print in THIS SICKNESS #8. It'll be running weekly, starting on Monday.

Keep checking back here to find out when it's live! (UPDATE: It is now...)


Lastly, for those that have been wondering how Charlie is, he's much better(and thank you again to those who helped me get him to the vet), and as I would like to have nice things with my cats if I'm going to mention them, and as I'm a bit tired of showing you the little beasts only in emergencies: here. Here is some pleasant catness. Chester and Charlie specifically. (along with his brother & sister, Chester's now about 7 mo. old)  Have a lovely weekend.


Chester again

Marnie, who still doesn't like to be touched

Roscoe with Charlie

Always dignity


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  I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!! - Whatever Happened to Reid Fleming?
David Boswell's REID FLEMING was one of my favorite comics in the 80s. And I was not alone, and among its fans were some pretty major figures like Matt Groening and Ed Asner.

What happened to it, and Boswell?

Watch this and find out. It's not an entirely happy tale. Though I guess we can be thankful it was never a movie back then at least, because I remember that there was talk he'd be played by Jim Belushi. Eeesh.

I Thought I Told You To Shut Up!! from Charlie Tyrell on Vimeo.


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30 October 2015
  LULU Chapter 4 p. 70 - Impulsive Monotony

So, Friday happens again, so: newest latest LULU page. (click image to enlarge

Also, click here to have a look at this Uncle Cyrus pencil page finished last night!


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  X-The Man with X-Ray Eyes (1963, Corman)

Also including a version done for radio(CBS Mystery Theatre).


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  Blood For Dracula (1974, Paul Morrissey) Starring Stefania Casini

AKA Andy Warhol's Dracula, because he paid for it. I've heard this was made with what was left over from Flesh for Frankenstein. If this turned out better because they had less money, it's a good argument for low budgets, because this is the far superior, and funnier, of the two.

This one especially.

I don't know how long before whoever put it up gets removed from Youtube, so enjoy it while you can. It's exactly Stefania's appearance and expressions in this film (and Novecento) that I based my version of Lulu upon.

Udo Kier as Dracula here, I believe, invented Kraftwerk's costumes. He's hilariously whiny in this film, and no one ever looked more elegant throwing up blood while wearing a tux.

Joe Dallesandro as a communist handyman brings class warfare with the aristocrats into the mix. As well as getting his own bit of exploitation in return. A lot of rough and slow spots but the good stuff makes up for it. And look for a cameo by a very sun-ruddy (I'm guessing ski tan) young Roman Polanski.


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"Eternity with Beelzebub, and all his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me and this pencil." - E. Blackadder, 1791
JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
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