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19 August 2017
  Sonic Youth - "Youth Against Fascism" (1992)


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17 August 2017
  Melt Down the Failure and Move On: A Former Southerner on the Confederate Statues

W.E.B. Dubois

I was born in South Carolina, and raised in Charleston. At least one of my ancestors (Col. Roger Moore, and yes, I've heard all the Bond jokes) owned a plantation and slaves, and was a colonel in the Civil War. 

And these things make him a bastard. Who lost as well, thank god. 

The only people in the South who are into this "heritage" thing are rednecks. The same people who didn't own slaves and died for the planters, and to this day are poor because of the descendants of the planters, who are still there. 

They are fools. 
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  Gang of Four (Live) - Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time


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  Thievery Corporation: "Revolution Solution"


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12 August 2017
  Killing Joke - "Eighties"


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11 August 2017
  NEW RELEASE: Suzy Spreadwell #1 Now Available At Google Play! just click to buy it here!

And be sure to check out my shop on Facebook to buy some fine original art(including SUZY pages)!

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10 August 2017
  Horror From the Monster's POV

MY GODDAMN HUSBAND, starring Willem DaFoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg dir. Lars von Trier

INVASION OF THE HUMANS starring Charlton Heston

RECYCLING: A GUIDE TO GOING GREEN starring Charlton Heston

MY GIRLFRIEND starring Terence Stamp

SNOOPY NEIGHBOR dir. Michael Powell

MEAT dir. Steven Spielberg

GODDAMN HIPPIES directed by Wes Craven

BRAINSSS dir. Dan O'Bannon

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07 August 2017
  Suzy Spreadwell: Chapter 2 Concludes at @MartianLit Today! (UPDATED)

Today the final page of SUZY SPREADWELL Chapter Two runs. Read it here and catch up on all the previous pages of chapter 2 here!

SUZY SPREADWELL (c)2017 John L. Roberson

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03 August 2017
  Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening - The Washington Post Why the leaked presidential transcripts are so frightening - The Washington Post

31 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Just Not Right

New Suzy at Martian Lit! Click and read!


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28 July 2017
  They Say People Will Believe Any Inspiring Quote They See in a Meme

Absolutely real Marilyn Monroe quote

Really real Sylvia Plath quote

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  McCain & the Healthcare Vote Implosion

I thought McCain was a bastard to let the vote go forward. But he did say at the time he would not vote in favor of it just the same, and Murkowski and Collins were already known to be firmly against this. Of course they could not resist going straight for it and getting drunk with potential blood, because they don't just want the tax cut; they don't just want to get rid of an entitlement, or just Obama's legacy. 

McCain fucks Trump Over
Their ever-more-open sadism about their intent, Trump included, indicated they actually want to punish Americans for ever accepting an entitlement. Whether lesson-teaching "for their own good," or just simple cruelty, they really did want this to hurt, and could not wait. Other Republicans were lukewarm but happy to let it go forward, so functionally are no less bastards. 
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25 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Flashback

Forgot to post this yesterday due to being an idiot, but a new page of Suzy Spreadwell is up at Martian Lit! Click here to see!

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17 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: It's Not a Sin If You Don't Finish

It's Monday, and there's a new Suzy Spreadwell up at Martian Lit. Click here and see!

Suzy Spreadwell (c)2017 John Linton Roberson.

Also, I'd like to welcome new patrons at my Patreon, who get to see these pages weeks in advance(and much more), for just a $5 pledge! 

Please have a visit there and help support work like this and LULU, and thanks!

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  George Romero RIP: MARTIN (1977)

The man who brought you zombies has died and, ironically, rests in peace. But there was a lot more to his work. Here for instance is what I consider his greatest film, MARTIN. About a fellow who thinks he's a vampire. Is he? Well, the question becomes, does it matter in the end? This is a film where he questions the horror genre itself. Have a look.


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  For Those Who Must Have Their Dr. Who With a Dick

Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who

I see there's a lot of guys on Twitter losing their shit because till now they didn't realize how much they needed their Doctor to have a dick. Aww.

Personally, I'm just disappointed it's not Helen Mirren. But for you basement-dwelling man-babies who fear the living shit out of women, I have a solution! Yes! Here is the thing you really want.
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10 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: Just Keep Your Fingers Where I Can See Them

New Suzy Spreadwell up at Martian Lit. It's a colorful one. Click here to see!


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  TWIN PEAKS: Bill Had So Many Lovely Plans

TWIN PEAKS: Poor Bill Hastings...the Morgans were coming for dinner


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  Deconstructing Comics: Tim & Myself Talk with Steve Pugh About Them Flintstones!

I was on Deconstructing Comics again. Tim & I talked with Steve Pugh about the recently-completed, and much-acclaimed, modernization of the Flintstones by himself and Mark Russell. Have a listen here! 

Also, for pledging listeners of the show at Patreon, Tim & I recorded an awesome bonus overview of the series upon its completion, which came shortly after we recorded the original show.
The Flintstones by Mark Russell & Steve Pugh


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07 July 2017
  In Honor of Putin and Trump's Very Cordial G20 Meeting

Putin and Trump Shaking Hands Happily by Angela Merkel
Photography by Angela Merkel
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03 July 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: Loopholes

Click here for this week's page at Martian Lit

And if new to this, read the chapter to date here. (and get the previous chapter and much more in THIS SICKNESS #8, now at Comixology and Amazon)

Suzy Spreadwell (c)2017 John Linton Roberson

Happy 4th of July from Suzy Spreadwell!


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30 June 2017
  Donald Trump vs Joe and Mika: Blackmailer In Chief

Beyond just the national shame of the repulsive, trashy, childish spectacle of the dog in the manger that is 71-year-old toddler Donald Trump's preference for personal attacks on all and sundry rather than doing even one bit of his undeserved job, there was this accusation inside Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough's incisive Washington Post response to his idiot tweets.

Donald Trump Blackmailer in Chief

Trump has been trying to blackmail them into being good little lapdogs, and who knows how many other members of the press as well, given the general bullying they regularly inflict upon nearly all the Fourth Estate.

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26 June 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: What the Hell Is Going On

Suzy Spreadwell (c) 2017 John Linton Roberson
Figure it out. Click here.


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21 June 2017
  TWIN PEAKS: Hiring Ike the Hitman

How DID that go down anyway?
Twin Peaks: Ike the Death Dwarf

"Okay, I want this person killed soon and efficiently. What you got?"
"Ike here." 
"Why are you holding his shoulders?" (man lets go)
(Ike) "GRAHHHHH" (runs and jumps for throat)
"Get him off get him off get him OFF"
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20 June 2017
  Castile Case Reveals True Purpose of Dashcams

To get cops off the hook.

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19 June 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: Whump

Today's SUZY SPREADWELL is a bit more horizontal. Click here if you're some kind of pervert.
Suzy Spreadwell (c)2017 John Linton Roberson


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  TWIN PEAKS: Last Night's Floor-Sweeping Scene

So can we talk about the floor-sweeping scene?
Twin Peaks: Sweeping the floor to Green Onions

This would be an example of what meditation does to Lynch's view of narrative, I think, which seems over time to have more and more in common with John Cage.

Also that Lynch understands TV induces various types of trance states.

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15 June 2017
  My Work Is About to Be Censored Out of Print! Your Help Needed! (UPDATED)

Update: Thanks to what Amazon tells me were a lot more emails than I've had sales, I'm reinstated at Createspace so most of my print catalog is still live

Except that MARTHA (which they'd left up for 7 years) is banned entirely, and Kindle, though they will stock prose dinosaur porn happily, has also erased me. So you should go to Comixology and Google Play for digital instead.

Thank you for your help. Previous post follows.

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  Commission: "Mikki Series" - Three So Far (UPDATED)

A series of glam (mostly) bondage illustrations I'm doing as a private commission. 

Happily I can show you the images with the kind permission of "Mikki,"* the stunning patroness (and sell them as prints/posters; click on images to find out more, and to enlarge), who is the subject of the pictures; I can say no more about it. Enjoy. (updated; newest at top)

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13 June 2017
  Jeff Sessions Testifies: Watch Live

And also follow me on Twitter for live tweets...

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  Alan Moore/Gary Lloyd: "Brought to Light: Shadowplay" (Spoken Word,1998) UPDATED

Alan Moore's 1998 spoken word version of his CIA history "Shadowplay" from Eclipse's BROUGHT TO LIGHT. 
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12 June 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell @MartianLit: In Which Greg Makes a Persuasive Argument

At least Suzy seems to think so.

Check out Monday's newest page right here at Martian Lit!


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  Watch People Lose Their Souls in Real Time: The Trump Cabinet


One by one, like something out of the Stalin era, with absolutely no shame. Watch these lickspittles as Trump takes a bite of their reputations and throws the rest to rot in a corner.


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05 June 2017
  New Suzy Spreadwell at @MartianLit: Reassurances's love and understanding for Suzy is boundless, even through a nose smashed by a tree! 

Click here for the latest...

Also, last night's TWIN PEAKS: Still loved it, but I'm starting to get a bit over the Confused Coop thing. Remember Ben Horne's Civil War? Feeling a bit like that. But I'll stick with it because anything Lynch does is interesting to me. 

But it's pretty damn good.


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  Patti Rocks (David Burton Morris, 1988) starring Twin Peaks' Chris Mulkey & John Jenkins--My Teacher

A favorite from when I was a college student in Chicago. One of my teachers at the DePaul Theatre School(aka the Goodman School of Drama) that very year, John Jenkins (who taught movement) starred in and co-wrote it, along with Chris Mulkey, later Norma's criminal hubby Hank Jennings on TWIN PEAKS--partly on the strength of his performance here. He took us to the opening night, which was awesome. I later had this on VHS and wore it out watching it.

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01 June 2017
  "Let’s consider the possibility that Putin has made a terrible mistake."

This may be an apt image of Putin at the moment.

Putin Pooh
Как раздражает

There are many kinds of bears.

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31 May 2017
  Paris Climate Agreement: The Future Donald Trump Wants
Tomorrow Trump murders your childrens' world.

Why put my response in words? Here instead:

Glad I don't have any children, myself. Sorry if you do, because they will all suffer horribly in the world this will leave them. The GOP certainly doesn't give a damn about the children they want to force into the world.

But that's obvious, so it's a cliche, so it must not matter. Anyway, we're only talking two more generations.


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  GOP Cannot Even Accomplish Evil, Let Alone Governing

Only now does the Republican Party understand what eight years of building a party based entirely on opposition to not only the president, but the government itself and every concept of governing as understood by civilization, will do. 

Only now do they realize they have no one left who knows what they're doing. And that they still have to make the government function, because they have no idea what to replace it with.

Only now does their bluff explode in their faces, but may also do so in ours as well. 

We don't need this incompetent, spiteful, evil party in our way.

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30 May 2017
  Trump's Communications Director Resigns From What Must Be Most Thankless Job on Earth

Rats know when a ship is sinking.

Trump betrays his communications staff every time he opens his mouth; it is clearly impossible for them to build anything like credibility with the media, who are now quite conditioned to spot lies from this administration, as it can always be assumed that's their first resort. 

If someone said to Trump, "Isn't it true you're just not smart enough to have plotted with Russia?" Trump would not only instantly admit everything, he would brag.

If you stay at this White House one moment longer now, your risk of being indicted grows.

Given all this, why wouldn't Trump's staff quit?


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"Eternity with Beelzebub, and all his hellish instruments of death, will be a picnic compared to five minutes with me and this pencil." - E. Blackadder, 1791
JLRoberson Self-Portrait 2005.
Questionable words & pictures from John Linton Roberson



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April 2016: Batman v. Superman -  An Assassination

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October 2015: Censorship of...Me! (Among Others)
Interview by Tim Young.
Also starring Dale Lazarov & Tim PIlcher.

August 2014:
Crumb’s Confounding “Genesis”

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April 2014: Corporate Comics: Love 'Em, Hate 'Em
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April 2013:
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